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Usable Vis

Creo 0 Animal 0 Ignem 0
Intellego 0 Aquam 0 Imaginem 0
Muto 0 Auram 0 Mentem 0
Perdo 0 Corpus 0 Terram 0
Rego 1 Herbam 0 Vim 0

Available surplus: 1

Calla's undelivered vis: 2 Intellego, 2 Rego, , 2 Animal, 2 Aquam, 2 Auram, 10 Herbam, 2 Ignem, 2 Mentem, 4 Terram, 5 Vim

Vis Income

Art Income Season Method of Gathering
Aquam 4 Spring Water from the covenant pond
Aquam 4 Spring Bubbles from Golden Fish
Animal 4 Spring Hind Silver Horns
Terram 14 Spring Stalagtites of Lodestone
Animal 4 Summer Cicada Shells
Intellego 9 Summer Pools of Water
Rego 5 Autumn Royal Honey
Imaginem 4 Autumn Ancient Tree Ice Spiderweb
Auram 9 Autumn Air from Carved Face
Herbam 4 Winter Silk from the Silkworm King
Herbam 25 Winter Magic Beech Tree
Ignem 5 Winter Icicles from the Academy
Vim 16 Winter Static from Hair in covenant
Mentem 6 Winter Fermented Honey Almonds

For tracking vis, the first column is used to mark whether a source's harvest has been transferred to the vis stocks.

X: this vis source is not providing any vis. If it is repaired the X will go away. If it remains unharvestable it will ultimately be removed from the vis list.