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Pirates of Drinax

This game is currently on hold.


A game of noble pirates and ruthless rogues on the far edges of the galaxy. This game runs on the Mongoose Traveller system.

The crew of the Banshee have finally defeated Ferrik Redthane, who destroyed the Tigers Pouch some years ago. They have delivered him to Princess Rao, which has caused the representatives of Torpol and Clarke to ally with Drinax for Drinaxian protection from Pirates. They have also found out that Admiral Darokyn, the Pirate King of Theev, is in fact an imperial agent, working to cause havok in the reach so that a formal imperial patrol group can destroy the 'pirate' activities. The pirates have gained possession of (if not ownership of..) a 400 ton Vulture Class Salvage Hauler, and technically a 400 ton Fiery Class Escort, which work as a group under the re-instated Captain Krrsh.

They have also finally gained the respect of Admiral Wrax.


Current Stardate: 1107 - 162 (Year - day of year)

Current Location: Drinax System


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