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Level 20, penetration 7 (1208)

Covenant Details

The covenant has recently set up in a Regio within the town of Chersonesus. The entrance to the regione is between the standing doorway to an ancient Greek academy, now covered and surrounded by a simple low wall and a collection of warehouses, with the gate marked as a Mercer house.

Inside the regione is dominated by a huge marble building, ringed in cypress trees. A number of small farming plots and wooden houses sit dotted inside the ring of trees; outside, the city appears to be that of a thriving Roman town.


Magic Aura (x2)

Healthy Feature (Exceptional local produce) (Minor)

Supernatural Ally (Ghosts) (Major)

Loyal Covenfolk (Minor)

Right (Farming Land) (Minor)

Regio (Minor)

Vivid Aura (Minor)


Fallen Temple (Min)

Urban (Major)

Regio (Major)

Mercer House (Major)

Hedge Tradition Allies (Folk Witch) (Minor)

Oath of Covenant

I swear to stand by my sodales of the Covenant of Hibernia Ostium, and will aid them if they are in danger, unless they ask to be left alone. I will not abandon them when they are in need and if I betray them by breaking this or any other rule, so may I suffer their wrath.

I swear to treat fairly with the chartered magi of this covenant, and not gain financial or magical benefit at their expense.

Pledged unto our names:

Ender Equitus of Tremere,

Calla of Verditius,

Glacchus of Flambeau,

Inquisitorius ex Tytalus,

Haround al-Rashid ex Tytalus,

Rurik Iziaslavich, Magus Ex Miscellanea

Covenant Charter


Any resources that are explicitly gifts to the council and communal vis sources are owned by the council, and used as the council as a body decides. Disputes over communal property will be settled by Certamen if words fail. Other discovered resources are owned by their discoverers.


Each chartered magus shall have a vote on the council, but does not need to be in attendance, though their vote must be cast by a chosen representative.


  • The council will be convened a minimum of once a year, at midwinter, to discuss matters that are needful. Additional councils may be called at any time by making the other magi aware of the requirements for council.
  • No council may be called without all magi being made aware of the council, and with enough time to attend it.
  • The council has quorum if more than half the magi are in attendance.
  • During council, all proposals of importance are to be discussed and determined by Council.
  • One chartered magus will have the position of chairperson, who will bring the meeting to order and ask for proposals from all magi, as well as any pre-set agenda. If there are no volunteers for this position, or more than one volunteer, then proposals to the council are to be made. There will be a temporary chairperson of the oldest chartered magus until a chairperson is admitted.
  • Any magus who fails to attend winter council for seven years without explanation will be presumed dead or in ongoing or final twilight, and their space and goods are reclaimed by the covenant.