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The group of young magi - Rurik, Haroun, Inquisitorius, Ender, Glacchus and Calla - met at Harco after recieving an invitation from House Mercere to found another covenant in the Novgorod tribunal. They met Insatella, the head of House Mercere, and discussed their options for a little while before taking ship to Chersonesus, in Taurica (Crimea). Just before they arrived, they blasted a collection of river pirates and sent the still living ones fleeing.

They arrived at Chersonesus, and quickly investigated the old academy there. They found a regione and bypassed the ghostly instructor, investigating what was within and discovering a statue to Hades and Persephone there. They also found ancient stones on the outskirts of the town that still had magical power. They heard rumour of gladiators that fought on Friday nights, but chose not to investigate for the moment.

They sailed up the Volga, heading to Grand Kitezh.


Eventually reaching Little Kitezh, they spoke with a young man who questioned their desires for entering Grand Kitezh. Satisfied enough, he didn't seem to mind telling them in general where to go, as the only way to get in to Grand Kitezh was to be unwilling to harm the city or anyone in it. They followed the directions and came to a vast marble city through the mists, gleaming with shining bell towers.

Entering the city, they found the city friendly to wizards. Even the blatant gifted were treated as friends by the city folk who were curious about them. They soon met Nikolai, a priest of Velez who introduced the town to them. They were welcome to stay if they were productive members of the town, and did not worship the god of the Romans. They also saw quite a bit of warping upon many of the citizens of Kitezh. They soon found the city had a fey aura.

After staying only a day, they continued up to Novgorod and the covenant of Three Lakes, coming across a whole village of flesh eaters. After a harrowing fight the magi left, recovered the wounds they took and eventually arrived at Three Lakes, but not before Glacchus was stabbed by an angry summer knight, furious at Glacchus presence in summer.

Meeting a small collection of magi due to upcoming Tribunal, the new covenant engaged with the other wizards. Ender was challenged to Certamen by Natassia of Bjornaer, and was successful against her. Georgi of Guernicus was enthusiastic about Inquisitorius' travels, and offered to let him know if he heard about interesting ruins or the lik, and Rurik was humiliated by Basyl ex Merinita. Haroun, disliked by Andre Soitkin of Guernicus, was warned heavily about remaining in Novgorod.

Tribunal itself was short, with only a call to action against the Rhine magi who repeatedly violate the Novgorod borders; the covenant announced itself as a group exploring Tribunal.

The magi traveled on to Oesel and found a great group of Pagan hedge magi on the island who had all been mystically summoned to the place. They had plans of war against the Crusaders who had settled at Riga. The covenant were impressed with the strength of magic, but cautious of too much mundane interference. They boarded the magical ship owned by Marius ex Tytalus and traveled to Svalbard.

Svalbard was potently magical, and the magi found the very moment their feet touched the soil the mystical (and normal) creatures of the place began to react to them. They dealt with the hungry beach troll as best they could and shied from a dragon and a great mustached land fish. They spent only a little while on Svalbard and with all magi there decided which to set up their home. After some discussion they chose their first covenant site, Chersonesus. They boarded with Marius and set sail.


Travelling to Three Lakes to pick up their grogs, the magi then began the great trip south.


The magi entered the hidden academy at Chersonesus and began setting up their new home. They met with the Headmaster of the Academy and negotiated continued access, under the pretense of being students and scholars.


The year of 1201 was relatively quiet as the magi began setting up their laboratories. They watched some ghostly gladiatorial fights and learned a little ancient greek as well as bargaining with the King of Silkworms for Vis.



The Lash

Early in Spring Cearbhull was introduced to Demetrius the Trainer, who possessed him to train beyond human capacities. Luckily, Cearbhull only mostly qualifies as human. Inquisitorius and Haroun both spotted the ghost, and by commanding it to appear Inquisitorius was able to get Demetrious to actually train people, rather than simply force them to work till exhaustion.

Lelya Mercere

Lelya Mercere arrived with a collection of building materials and a bad attitude; almost immediately upon arriving at the covenant she sat down with the magi and informed them of how their covenant was to be run. The magi weren't impressed with Lelya, but chose not to make any major changes immediately. Lelya began building outside the regione - the start of a number of warehouses for Mercere needs.

Captain Baxagos

Lelya informed Ender of Tremere that he must immediately contact the local lord and inform the man of their position as merchants. Ender disguised himself as Basil the Merchant, who waited patiently for hours to see the Captain. Upon finally meeting Basil revealed that he was a merchant who was interested in trading out of Chersonesus; he also had a wife from a powerful family who had started building. He begged Captain Baxagos' permission to do so. After some discussion, and revealing that his wife came from the family Mercere, Captain Baxagos consulted his advisors, who warned him about the dangers of dealing with this family. They eventually agreed, but Basil was accompanied by two of the advisors to spot the site.

Arriving at the site, 'Basil' was harangued by Lelya Mercere, which put a very terrible opinion of the worth of Basil in the eyes of the advisors. Being so offended, Xerox commanded the captain of the guard to beat Lelya for being so uppity.

After the advisors were gone, Ender and Lelya agreed that publicly she should not antagonise the locals by being the obvious leader.


Wolf Pack

Ender was visited by his girlfriend, Angiola, and his mater, the Prima. The Prima cast an Aegis over the covenant as it was without protection, and introduced herself to her apprentices new Sodales. Angiola and Ender spent the summer together, before Angiola travelled back to Transylvania.

Fawthax of Flambeau

Haroun ex Tytalus and the covenant was visited by Fawthax ex Flambeau, who was investigating Haroun on the possibility that Haroun has infernal leanings, or knew about his masters leanings. After meeting and being haranged by a drunken Cearbhull, Fawthax was invited into the covenant. After obviously following Haroun, Fawthax quickly ducked into the laboratory of Haroun and checked it, doing so obviously. Haroun returned to find Fawthax walking out of his laboratory, and the two exchanged words; Haroun summoned his sodales and in anger spat at Fawthax, withdrawing Fawthax' welcome at the covenant.

The Labyrinth

Reading Georgi's letters, Inquisitorius started becoming interested in rumours of ancient sorcerers under the town of Cherson itself. Commanding various ghosts, he eventually found rumour that there was an entrance to the underground through the well. Gathering all of the magi except for Ender, the group investigated the well in the day, found it guarded, and returned at night when the doors were locked.

They went down the dark well and found a tunnel leading under the earth. Crawling through, they came to a frightening face which caused Marco the shield grog to wet himself in fear and flee screaming back to the covenant. They heard dimly the whispers telling them to "Give libations to Hades, at his symbol." They encountered a small alcove with the image of a black greek style helm. They passed it after some investigation and entered the labyrinth proper, a collection of tight tunnels. It was not long before a large metal door sealed with a boom behind them, and their lights were turned off by a spirit with an angry woman's face. They returned carefully to the door and with a combination of freezing it and Cearbhull's might, broke through it. They returned to the covenant, considering their next actions.


Staffing Issues

Lelya Mercere and Ender had another icy disagreement over whether she should join the covenant. Lelya indicated that she was employed by House Mercere to finish a job, not join the covenant, but said she would send a letter to the head of her house. Ender gave her a year.

The Infernal Ruin

Acting on rumours of treasure, the group headed to the ruined village of Vesilev. After rescuing a young woman who was being punished for witchcraft from a nearby fishing village, the group headed up to the ruin.

After some exploration, the group discovered the treasures were trapped within a regio - and learned by questioning their new young ward that the regio could be entered in the dead of night.

Caerbhull, Glaccus, Inquisitorius, Rusankya and Marko entered the regio - only to discover that they could not easily escape without braving the fires of hell itself.

After forcing open the church doors, Marko attempted to push through the fire and died. Inquisitorius flew over the flames, suffering some serious but not life-threatening burns.

Rusankya kept the demons at bay by reciting the Lords Prayer, while Caerbhull and Glaccus slew the demon of the regio with their swords. With its demonic master gone, the fires receded and the group escaped.

Inquisitorious took a number of tomes from the regio - some ancient Mercurian texts and a book of Infernal lore. The gold and jewels were, unfortunately, being carried by Marko when he ran into the fire and were lost.


Knife Fight

Rusankya, the scout, attempted to organize a coup against Lelya Mercere through threats and intimidation, with the knowledge of the magi. The intimidation failed, and Rusankya and Lelya ended up in a brief knife fight which Lelya fled. She returned to the covenant on the next morning and begged assistance from the magi against the violent Rusankya. Bound by their oaths, Rusankya was offered her life if she apologized to Lelya and agreed to serve under her.

Victory for Winter!

Squire Nip of Winter came to the covenant riding upon a wave of fog in deep winter, offering his allegiance to Glacchus of Flambeau. Glacchus agreed to take Squire Nip as an apprentice, and the icy squire promptly began helping 'Sir' Glacchus by freezing his foods. Luckily, Nip requested Glacchus join the Winter Armies as they gathered against the Gold Court of Summer and Light. Agreeing, Glacchus and Rurik fought with faerie knights, an enchantress and a four headed giant to defeat light and allow cold and dark to claim the land.



A mysterious trader of silk

Even as many magi left for other locales, Calla and Haroun encountered a faerie merchant. Entranced by the idea of silks, Calla immediately decided to set sail to Constantinople. Haroun joined her, and the two are off on an adventure to claim the "Entrance" to the merchants street within a year and a day.

They also heard that a Crusade had marched, and was heading to the holy lands.

The two quickly met an interesting Merinita magus who introduced them to the basics of Constantinople, as well as said he could bring Calla to Devil's Lane. Haroun was more interested in meeting the other magi, and so they met the great, if aged, Michael of Jerbiton as well as Darius of House Bjornaer, who spoke about their desire for the covenant to set up within the Thebes tribunal rather than Novgorod, and revealed their antagonism toward Transylvania.

After a few days, Calla and Haroun had a mysterious sequence involving fighting great two-headed demon cats in what appeared later to be a dream. The two grogs, Paulo and Frederico ended up with wounds they couldn't explain and weapons they couldn't remember recieving.

The only thing that Haroun and Calla remembered was a dream with a huge two headed cat calling itself Abrach, and to indicate it was 'coming'.

While unwilling to stay, Calla investigated Devil's Lane itself, avoiding her old grounds. She met Bartholomew the familiar who was head of the council at Devils Lane, and bargained with him to organize a new 'street' in Devils Lane to Chersonesus.

The Journey of Rurik and Ender (And Donny)

At the midwinter meeting the council decided to go and seek approval from the other covenants in Novgorod. Rurik and Ender decided to travel to Leczyca via Transylvania.

They quickly met Kirill and Brana, a boat captain and his wife. The group took Kirill's boat up the Dneister, sailing for several weeks. While Ender got on well with the Kirill, Brana and their two boys, Rurik was under suspicion for the entire trip due to the effects of the gift.

Ender met with Brana, and Ender realised that Brana was a hedge wizard, controlling wind and water. The two engaged in many conversations over the course of the season, and Ender also taught the youngest son Paul how to play chess. Rurik also gave him a book, and began to spell out some letters for the young man.

Within a few weeks of travelling the Dneister, and past the Cuman lands the two came across an almost deserted village, with one house recently renovated and a new farm set. Kirill was wary, but the farmer Brody waved him over. They spoke with Brody the farmer, who invited them back to enjoy a simple meal, to which Ender attended, though Rurik stayed in the boat. They saw Ilsa, Brody's wife, who fled from Ender due to his Cuman appearance. Brody told them Ilsa's story about how a red monster boy had torn apart their village, killing many in a rage. Afterwards, Cuman slavers had picked up any of the remainder. Sad for the farmer, but unable to assist, they moved on.

They came to a larger town and hired a Vlach guide to take them through the Bram pass in the Carpathians. Ender invited Kirill and Brana to speak with them if they ever returned to Cherson.

Travelling the pass, they entered the Transylvanian tribunal. Ender made contact with a Tremere agent who guided them through to Lycaneon, where they met two archmagi, Phillip ex Tremere the shipbuilder and Clement the strategist.

Inquisitorius and Rusankya - Father Oleg and Gorgona.

Preparing for their trip to Pripet Maior, Rusankya bargained with half a dozen ship captains and eventually found one heading to Kiev; a dangerous journey through Cuman lands. They met Father Oleg, a drunken, obese man who insisted on enforcing Inquisitorius be converted of his evil ways.

The ship left port and only two nights later the ship was placed under a strange magical sleep; Inquisitorius and Rusankya managed to wake, however, and saw a great mermaid larger than a mountain underneath their ship. The creature asked for news of her brother's kingdom, to which Inquisitorius did not have great news - this angered Gorgona, and only by grace of a sudden apology and a notable change of tune did Inquisitorius save the ship from destruction, unknown to all but Rusankya.

Their ship continued out of the black sea and up into the rivers for some time.


The Journey of Ender, Rurik and Donny (Continued)

Ender spent the season searching the misty mountain forests for a familiar to suit him, Angiola at his side. The two found a pair of mated Shadow Owls, who could always find each other no matter how far they left.

Rurik spent his days in the depths of Lycaneon, studying from tomes.

Speaking with Phillip, Ender asked him to build a rowboat able to fly. Under certain stipulations regarding finding rare woods, Phillip agreed; he would still need a season to create the boat.

Inquisitorius and Rusankya - The Cumans, The village, the last moment of Michelangelo

Travelling up the rivers, the ship found one of the portages blocked by a Cuman tribe. Captain Oleg bargained with the Cumans and quickly attempted to sell the horrible Inquisitorius and his companion Rusankya as slaves to the Cumans, to which Inquisitorius and Rusankya were less than amused. Sending Oleg to sleep, Inquisitorius cowed the tribe with some simple flame magics and sailed on, now the owner of Captain Olegs ship.

Avoiding Kiev proper, other than sending the sailors to go and offload the cargo, Rusankya and Inquisitorius travelled through until they came to a muddy stilt village inside Pripet Maior itself. They spoke with the villagers about strange goings on and found out that a giant water buffalo had recently come to their village and destroyed houses and had been completely immune to all of their weapons. They found out that a collection of strange scholars had also been there, asking about a group of wizards in the swamp.

The two entered Pripet proper, searching for the covenant; Inquisitorius used his abilities to bargain with spirits and Rusankya kept them alive. Eventually they came to a large, misty lake and Inquisitorius used a small natural spirit to goad Stolitzicha, a great turtle, who surfaced and ate Michelangelo. Backing away, they realised the maga Stolitzicha was likely too far gone to be bargained with.

Eventually searching the skies with flight spells, Inquisitorius and Rusankya found Pripet Maior, with its wooden curved arches and floral displays long since ignored.

Calla and Haroun

Calla and Haroun found themselves sieged in the city of Constantinople. Despite wanting to leave, the two waited for the siege to end and left the city.


The Journey of Ender, Rurik and Donny (Continued)

The two magi spent time in Lycaneon, working on their magical power as they waited for Clement to create a boat for them.

Inquisitorius and Rusankya

Eventually making contact, the two adventurers spent time meeting strange frog people, a sad old hoplite with PTSD, a cunning snake they wouldn't care to trust, a belligerent old otter who was blind and deaf and a buffalo fucker. Inq. and Rusankya agreed to talk to their own council about providing an apprentice per tribunal for four tribunals, as well as assistance with the mundane matters of the covenant.

The magi returned to Kiev on the swamp skimmer, speaking with Lev Denicki who avoided dealing with any mundanes at all, dropping them off days from civilization.


Tears of ice?

On the first day of winter, droplets of ice appeared like tears over the faces of the magi who entered hardened into drops that were vis. The magi were at a loss to explain the vis.

The journey of Ender and Rurik (Continued)

Leaving Lycaneon by jumping into their flying dinghy, the magi and Donny flew through the air to Leczyca. Stopping outside, they were accosted by Alexandrius of Flambeau, Domnall ex Tytalus and Sharax ex Flambeau, who bullied the two magi into revealing their plans and carrying a 'gift' of a gem into Leczyca proper. The Ender and Rurik approached, and Ruprecht de Solange appeared to greet them; Domnall then began throwing boulders at Leczyca, killing a grog instantaneously. A quick fight ensued and Alexandrious detonated his ruby, wounding Ender and Rurik.

Ruprecht de Solange quickly allowed the two magi within Leczyca, and the two were healed by the distant Yannes Kolski ex Criamon, who sent them into twilight with their permission. In the meantime the magi of Leczyca continued their ongoing arguments about how to deal with the invading french magi, and after some hijinks with mistaken identities in the dark the damaged boat was drawn back within the castle.

Ender spoke with Ruprecht who was candid about his frustrations with the cautious and patient Frania ex Tremere, and the two guest magi waited for the magi of Leczyca to finish arguing so they could talk with them; to little avail it seemed. Eventually Ender convinced Ruprecht and Frania to join forces for an attack on the magi outside, with Rurik and Ender supporting the attack of the two Tremere magi, eventually joined by Sanya the Bjornaer.

That evening the magi struck with Rurik being the major distraction, drawing out the hidden bandit magi. Eventually revealing themselves the hostile magi were cut down by the Leczycan party and Rurik, bar Alexandrios of Flambeau who escaped under a curtain of fire.

The magi gained a promise that Leczyca would support their covenant in the upcoming Tribunal, but Stanis Chechenko was particularly miffed at their avoidance of going through the proper channels (i.e. him.).

The Golden Fish?

At a village near to the covenant, Haroun discovered rumours of a magical fish that only the best fisherman could catch. If caught and let go, it gave up bubbles that allowed the bubble breathers to breathe underwater. The villagers said the fish was seen every year, but when it showed was unknown.



Quiet Days

After a discussion of the events of the past year, the magi decided to wait for the season, work on their personal projects and catch up on old times.


To Thousand Caves

Calla, Ender and Rusankya took a quick trip to Three Lakes to drop off Calla and then to Thousand Caves where they met a group of magi. Ender and Rusankya met with a group of pagans and participated in a ceremony which gained them a mysterious benefit to their chosen profession. They met with the head of Thousand Caves and saw much of the research the covenant had been performing which involved experiments on auras and with the local gifted priesthood, some of whom were members of Ex Miscellanea. Ender and Rusankya were treated to warm hospitality and were gifted several potent laboratory texts as gifts for their new covenant.

Fighting the Hordes of Hell

Darius of Bjornaer, once of Thermakopolis and Dante ex Tytalus arrived at the covenant fleeing the horror of the destruction of Constantinople. While Dante simply asked for hospitality, Darius requested aid against the forces of hell, currently besieging the 'only' true descendant of the Emperor of the Greeks, Alexios Comnenus.

Darius spoke briefly about his meeting with Alexios, and floated the idea to the group; a Tribunal of Trebizond, supported by Alexios without breaking the code. Haroun ex Tytalus attempted a coup as chairman and to speak for the covenant but the few magi in attendance did not support him.

Haroun spoke with Dante who agreed that this Tribunal was an interesting idea but he had moved too quickly in trying to give the covenants assistance. Eventually Haroun and Rurik sailed south to Trebizond, spoke with the Emperior Alexios, and defeated one sorcerer and bargained with the other. They spoke with Alexios brother, David, who assured them their rewards would be upheld and returned to the covenant, bloody and sore.


Barge Traders and Wizards

Brana, Kirill, Luka and Baldak Yakovna sailed into Chersonesus to conduct their usual affairs and sell furs from further north. The husband and wife, Kirill and Brana returned from trading to find their two young sons, Luka (12) and Baldak (16) lying in pools of blood after having been stabbed by sailors in a brawl gone wrong. Remembering the covenant they spoke with Ender; with Haroun's magic their sons began recovering from their wounds.

Brana and Kirill worked to gain an apology from the Captain of the ship, which turned out to be Captain Baxagos' personal vessel, but were told to mind their own business and count their lucky stars their sons still lived. Later the following evening the same sailors attempted to sabotage the boat, but were unable to do more than leave it out in the bay.

Annoyed, Kirill, with Brana's magical aid, sabotaged the Captain's vessel, causing the need for serious repairs.

Bargaining with the covenant for their son's recovery, the two merchants promised to be employed by the covenant in return for their son's healing, and were promised a safe port for two seasons a year with the covenant as well as benefits with warehousing and repairs as required.

Determining the Social Order

Captain Baxagos summoned the covenant to his castle and attempted to learn something of the position of the wizards he met, after informing them his liege lord had promised them lands. After discussions where Haroun indicated he cared nothing for the whims of mundanes and was going to leave without the blessing of Captain Baxagos, potentially causing a massive issue for the covenant when Ender challenged Haroun to Certamen and defeated him, forcing Haroun to respect Captain Baxagos.

Eventually Captain Baxagos arranged title and deed to some farms outside the city that produced melons.

Afterwards Haroun spoke to Ender about shoring up Ender's position by the deliberate loss in Certamen.

A Visit from the Guernicus

Pavel ex Guernicus visited the covenant, giving them a root on Ignem to assist their covenant. The covenant was sharp eyed and found out that Pavel had disagreed with Andrei over matters of Hermetic Law and was taking a year holiday from his covenant. A discussion on how Pavel could assist the covenant had Pavel record Ender's case against Alexander of Flambeau for the attack at Leczyca two years before.

Surprise Wedding

Ender and Angiola were wed at Coeris with many of House Tremere attending. Ender and Angiola were gifted many items, and the wizards of the covenant teleported to Coeris and back for the celebrations.

Raid on Constantinople

Donatello the Swordsman, Haroun, Inquisitorius and Rurik attempted a raid on the fallen covenant of Thermakopolis and were horrified at the death and infernal magics in the city. They raided the bathhouse, now a dumping ground for the plagued dead, came across the body of Achilles ex Mercere and his infernal spirit. They defeated some revenants, recovered some magical items and retreated when stone demons brought down the bathhouse on their heads in a titanic battle.


A Strange Wind

An odd wind blew through the city late in winter, forming circular ice spikes through the city. The wizards were confused, as it was Glacchus' casting sigil, and they assumed Glacchus entered a particularly long twilight.


A few days after the strange wind the wizards were summoned by the grog on guard; the city was aflame. When exiting the regione, Rurik was attacked by a blinding flash of light. A combat ensued with a collection of well armed mercenaries and what can assumed to be Alexander of Flambeau; an invisible dash to a sending orb and a vicious collection of mercenaries being shattered into ice was over in moments. The magi assisted the city in dousing the fires and discussed the attacks.



Infiltration and witches

Some of the covenant grogs had noticed collections of women in the local area had been isolating and expelling minor magicians and charlatans. Concerned, the magi sent Rusankya in to find out what was going on. After some weeks of attending womens churches and groups, Rusankya was eventually approached by Amarantha the maid and Sybil, wife to the guildmaster. They spoke to her on many subjects and informed her about how magicians were ungodly and that they were trying to expel wizards from the city.

Eventually joining, Rusankya observed an old potions brewer being intimidated by the group of women. Rusankya maid an offer of support to the woman and soon Agneth the folk witch joined the covenant; a crabby old woman who insisted on protection if they wanted her help. There was also mention of Agneth's hut being burned by a child, whom Agneth believes was enchanted.


Trebizondian Politics

Darius of Bjornaer visited the covenant and spoke more about his Trebizondian Tribunal, and about how it was designed to be a pact of mutual defense and support. While unwilling to support the idea immediately, the group generally agreed to put in place a defensive alliance between their two covenants, and to look to the Grand Tribunal of 1228 as an appropriate time for a new Tribunal.



Ave Caesar!

A magical doublet with unintended side effects caused the grogs to get into a scuffle. While the doublet was fixed, Ender believes Frederico to be a fine leader and Haroun believes him to be useless.


Oreas and Agrius

Zacharias, the son of Captain Baxagos, began noticing odd raids upon villages in the area where humans had been eaten by animals but the destruction was beyond anything wolves or bears could deal with. Zacharias eventually spoke with his father who connected Zack with the covenant. Concerned with magical beasts, the group tracked the attacks and eventually found an eagle owl and a vulture who transformed into horrid bear-men and ate villagers. A terrible battle ensued and the bears were driven off, but at cost to Zack's men and unable to be dealt with permanently by the magi.

Eventually, with Rusankya's help, the group discovered the apparent lair of the two monsters. They found an eagle-owl and a vulture, but after being attacked the two begged mercy, pleading that they had not committed the crimes. The two birds led the party to a third site, with the remains of some odd ritual. While the birds had been freed from their imprisonment, they knew only that the ones who rescued them were "Makhai."


The Damned

The folk witch Agnetha was almost murdered by a charmed guard outside the covenant with both being under some form of mental compulsion. Luckily, Rusankya and her raven noticed the odd situation and came to their rescue; the magi were soon involved. Following the guards ideas, Ender and Inquisitorius found an ancient burial tomb of the romans connected with the old walls. Inquisitorius interrogated the ghost and soon found there was something underneath, a second tomb; he also found a description of the odd woman who often came through, matching the description of Dorothea, a prominent widow in the city.

Amarantha, Sybil and Dorothea met with Rusankya and a disguised Ender in church. After much bickering Rusankya was offered a business proposition by Dorothea.



Travels and Rumours

While the group travelled north to Three Lakes for Tribunal, they heard of some horrifying accounts of raids on the southern villages.



The small Tribunal at Novgorod opened with some minor politicking and re-adjustment of items for the meeting, as well as catching up with old friends and acquaintances not seen for years. A small Redcap fair had a decent selection of items to which the magi of Novgorod were somewhat bemused, not having had a redcap fair before.


1. Andrei Soightkin and Haroun resolved their differences via Haroun arguing against Dante's membership in the Tribunal.

2. Pavel ex Guernicus used Haroun to increase his power, placing himself as Presiding Quaesitor.

3. Lev Denicki and Vlachs spoke with Inquisitorius and were happy at the progress of Hibernia Ostium in regards to assisting Pripet to thrive again. Pripet expects an apprentice and economic assistance within the next 7 years.

4. Malincka and Thousand Caves botched a spell roll, causing their mundane assistants to revert to animal forms.

5. Yakim challenged Ender to Certamen for 'love', on a bet with Natassia, but was unable to attend due to Thousand caves exit from Tribunal.

6. Pavel ex Guernicus apologised to the Tribunal for his conduct prior to Tribunal in charging Andrei Soightkin with endangering the order, but accepted the position of Presiding Quaesitor.

Tribunal Proper:

7. Ender and Rurik were charged with ignoring Certamen results, but due to the nature of inconsistencies in recollection the matter was chosen to not be discussed by Tribunal to find a guilty party.

8. Haroun successfully debated Dante ex Tytalus on the Tribunal floor, causing Dante to be issued with a warning from Tribunal to leave the Novgorod Tribunal within the year.

9. Alexander of Flambeau was voted guilty of unlawfully attacking Ender and Rurik, but begged clemency. He has been punished with a years work for each magus.

10. Hibernia Ostium was officially accepted by the other covenants in the tribunal of Novgorod, and many gifts were given by the other covenants to assist Hibernia.


The magi travelled back to Hibernia Ostium without issue. Arriving halfway through Autumn, the magi attended to small pieces of business for the majority of the season.


Hearing rumors of mysterious attacks in the central heartlands of his father's domain, Zacharias requested the aid of the magi when a monastery was sacked. Arriving, the magi investigated the place and found that some graves had already been dug, but a chance glimpse of a flash of metal had Rurik scouting up upon the higher plateau. Finding a magnificent garden and plain, Rurik began freeing a collection of captured greeks.

Behind, Zacharias was surprised with half his men attempting to bring horses up a narrow pathway. Female warriors in ancient armour attacked, laying waste to his men in a matter of moments. The grogs of Leczyca offered battle to the Amazons, allowing enough time for Zacharias and Haroun to escape. A desperate chase ensued but the potent Amazon cavalry retreated upon a call from their sistren higher up on the cliff who were being attacked by Rurik. A great battle ensued and Rurik, with great difficulty, was laid low.

Captured, Rurik was bound and unable to cast spells.


Tremere Aid

At the end of winter, with an arcane connection to the captured Rurik, Gentus and Bartholomew of Tremere were called to cast some magics upon Rurik to retrieve him if possible. Spying through his eyes, the Tremere made some decisions without the input of Ender. They retrieved Rurik at a minor cost to the covenant.

A Ghostly Vision

After being awoken by her raven, Rusankya found the ghosts of the covenant had materialized and were heading to the amphitheatre. Following, she witnessed the execution of a scythian commander who begged his audience to hear him - that Thucydides was dead, and what was standing in his place was a monster. The ghosts were horrified and determined to examine their texts and consult the temple of Pluto as they believed Thucydides a Vrykolas.



Big Red Giants

Woken by a huge crash, the magi gathered to see a collection of angry giants throwing rocks at the city walls. Riding out to speak with the giants, Rurik and Zack challenged their greatest warrior to a single battle for the fate of the city; Rurik defeated the champion but the horned giants attacked regardless. Many of the wizards were involved with the battle with Rurik reigning supreme and personally slaying the chieftain, Thron. Inquisitus flew over the battlefield casting spells to weaken the warriors and Haroun stood upon the walls casting flames, earing the both of them recognition as wizards and Rurik as a mighty warrior. After the chieftain was defeated the giants fled.


Flesh Eater

Upon discovery of a corpse without organs near the old walls by the local militia the wizards thought it best to investigate. Inquisitorius, Zack, Rurik and Rusankya investigated the corpse and the site of the murder; Inquisitorius' new spell allowed the ghost of the prostitute to be investigated but also showed an image of the ghost to those within eyeshot, causing a mild panic on the streets. Following the directions of the ghost they identified a brown haired, strong man with curly hair and also investigated a large hole that had been dug overnight.

Rusankya followed the creature and found it spending ancient money and living it up. Looking to find more information the group investigated the sewer where the body was found and Inquisitus spoke with the river spirit who gave them directions through the labyrinth under the city. The group discovered an ancient temple of Hades with a sleeping two headed dog. Investigating the dog, Inquisitus second sight noticed a spirit in the shape of a bat - recognized by Rurik as Fuxilax, a minor spirit of sloth.

Leaving the sleeping dog for the moment the group investigated the ruined temple; still beautiful and illuminated by ancient magics. They found and spoke with some ancient protector ghosts who informed the group that the pits of Acheron had opened and the doorway from the realms of the dead and the living were opening. They found a ritual room where a collection of ancient ghosts were attempting to summon Hades; Following the ritual, Inquisitus' own magic completed the ritual and summoned Hades, who told them that his powers were blocked in the lands of the living, and so any powers over the dead he had were not able to be used.

Hades told the group that if his traditional lands were restored his powers over the dead would work and he could close the pits of Acheron.

The group retreated from the temple and returned to Severus, the eater of organs. They attacked and while unable to hurt him did manage to bind him. They threw him into the burning pit in the temple of Hades and Severus burned away.



After the battle with the giants the diabolists finally traced Haroun, now identified as a wizard after his exploits at the battle, to the Red Wheel trading coster. They pieced two and two together; that Rusankya was likely a spy in their midst, and that likely Rusankya knew nothing of their actual deeds. They resolved to have Aster begin making friends with the Red Wheel through business contacts.


New Guard

The new familiar of Inquisitorius, Alessandra the two headed dog, joined the covenant and regularly bounds around the covenant playing with children.



Hibernia Ostium enjoyed a whole season free of danger and intrigue.


Lev Denicki, of Pripet Maior was encountered as a nervous wreck outside the covenant. He was invited inside and calmed, though he didn't stay long he discussed the actions of mundanes near his swamp and collected the gifted girl, Sophia.


The magi were drawn into the fate of Trebizond again, and rescued David Komnenos from imprisonment at the hands of two flambeau magi, destroying the castle in their wake. Brana Yakovna and Kirill took a much larger boat and now sail the Black Sea as merchant adventurers.


Plans... interrupted

The slow plans of the infernalists were interrupted by the fire breathing demon, Thucydides, who demanded they attack churches. The infernalists committed horrible crimes, using illusions to blame it on magi and created mass confusion and riots. When the infernalist plans were revealed they left a blaze of destruction through the city, killing Baxagos wife and fleeing for their lives.The wizards were exonerated of charges but the townsfolk are still suspicious.



Haroun healed the missing hand of David Komnenos.


The Tremere Decennial took place, prompting Ender to come back to Coeris. The Decennial involved some discussion with other Tremere forces; Ender agreed to assist a young Tremere in founding a new covenant near the Black Sea to assist the Trebizond Tribunal project, and the house greenlighted it's support for a new Tribunal. Ender also agreed to assist with some piracy against venetian interests.


Adventuring through the caverns, Inquisitus and Rurik found an empty underground town as well as a skeleton with a magical satchel. It bore letters from the cult of Aika and scrolls in an unknown language. The skeleton was buried in the potters fields near a local church.


Haroun ventured into Leczyca to find out the history of the covenant for his master. Finding little but old, crotchety magi, Haroun agreed to find out and reclaim a vis source of Leczyca's to be given access to their library.


The Cursewood

Haroun and Rusankya, miserably lost on their trip to the vis source for Leczyca stumbled across a strange and magical wood. Entering they found the place intensely difficult and braved animated trees, flooding rivers and winds blowing them onto sharp rocks; wounded and tired they quit the Cursewood.


The Underworld - The tombs of the Dacians and the Old Skeleton

Inquisitorius and Rurik ventured into the catacombs below the city and after weeks of exploration found a small series of chambers with bone pits and a small library of ancient scrolls written in Greek. They also found an ancient skeleton in the catacombs with a pouch containing some ancient lore and a letter from the mysterious T. The skeleton was picked up and buried by Zacharias.


The Cursewood pt. 2

Better able to deal with the perils of the wood, Rusankya, Rurik and Haroun braved the Cursewood again, dealing with foul geysers and exploding vents, strangling reeds, flooding creeks, a boat ride from hell and a serious attempt to murder Rurik's familiar. Eventually overcoming the forest the group found themselves in an ancient clearing and found the remains of Severin of Tytalus and the spirit Wyzanwie. Dealing with the spirit they found it had contained an infernal artifact; the mysterious relic that Rusankya had on her person exploded when near the infernal statue and the evil was dissipated. Despite a still malign influence, Wyzanwie respected those who had overcome it's challenges and welcomes them again into the wood.



The Underworld - Achaea

Florian, Inquisitus and Rurik ventured into the Labyrinth to map it's mysterious depths; they found an odd portal to a land of hills and city states known as Achaea. They met cyclopes and came to the ancient city of Chersonesus where Herakles was king. After Rurik proved his might, Herakles mentioned he may have a number of labours to complete for honour and prestige in his realm.



  • Malincka of Bonisagus was commanded to burn her research.
  • Hibernia Ostium were brought up on charges of interfering with mundanes and dealing with princes. A supervisor chosen from Autumn covenants will oversee their annual council meetings and take account of all goings on to ensure the covenant stays within the law.


The Passing of the Torch

Alcydides changed any of his bretheren scholars to take up his mantle of Headmaster, though to do so required great academic ability. None yet were able to do so.

The arrival of the Grimaldi

Ender met with Giulio and Paulo Grimaldi, Genoan lords with mercantile interest in the Black Sea. A bargain was struck to sell off the warehouses to the Grimaldi.

Later on that season as Captain Baxagos was summoned to Trebizond, Giulio Grimaldi took control of the walls with his troops to defend the city against attackers.


The Siege of Sinope

Ender, Rurik, Brana and Haroun travelled south to aid their ally, Alexios the Emperor of Trebizond. They effectively broke a plot to capture Alexios and killed a number of Sahirs, claiming their bountiful vis.