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Magic Items

Lesser Enchantments

Cloak of Warmth x25

The large, full cloak is decorated with furs and can double as a blanket. Activated by vigorously rubbing the forearms three times, this cloak can be made warm to the touch. There is a slight feeling of being brushed by wool when the cloak is activated. It also services as a perfectly good winter cloak.

(CrIg Base 2 +2 Sun. +1 Uses, for 2x per day. Final level 5.) Expires 1268.

Wand of the Apprentice Found

This hazel wand, when touched to an individual, will find out if the touched individual has the gift.

(CrVi Base 10 +1 Touch, +5 effect frequency level, final level 20. Expires 1274)

The Lantern Lit for Three Score Years and Ten x5

These simple lanterns glow with light equivalent to a torch but consume no fuel. They are permanently glowing, but can be dimmed by using the shutter on the lantern.

(CrIg Base 3 +2 Sun (5) +1 use per day + 3 Environmental Trigger, X70 year duration. (Expires 1273) (Final Level 9)

Magic Shield

Ward vs Metal Weapons (conc, item maintains, 2/day)

Pilum of Fire x10/day

Ward vs Infernal Might 20 (Pen 20) (conc, item maintains, 2/day)

Flying Carpet x3

Large enough to seat 4

Rurik's Magic Shield

Endurance of the Berserker (Touch, Sun, 2/day)

Gift of Bears fort (+5 Soak - modified potency) (touch, sun, 2/day)

Covenant Income

The covenant has two income sources, one typical and one lesser. The prime income is from the melon farms to the south of the city and the second is a share of the profits from the Mercer house.

Mundane Resources

Various moneys giving standard wealth until 1207.

General laborers, servants, coven-folk and animals to support the covenant.