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A Note To Players

The events listed herein may or may not match how you remember the saga going. A lot of this has been assembled from memory, and as such may not be fully accurate.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please raise them on the talk page for this page instead of simply editing the page directly.



Aegyptus of Flambeau and Terminus of Criamon arrived at the covenant of De Lyon Magica after dealing with bandits on the road, finding the Redcap information lacking on how to approach. They found instead of a covenant a coaching house in its place. Speaking with the mundanes they met Pierre the Smith, who was an old member of the covenant who survived the fire by dint of not being in the covenant at the time. He showed the two magi how to enter the covenant proper.

Inside the covenant the two magi found a scene of horror. Burned corpses appeared everywhere, with fire so hot it had melted shadows onto the walls. The main council chamber itself was where the magi appeared to make their final stand. Summoning the ghost of Thomas, he indicated that a great fire creature had attacked the covenant, which he had never seen before.

The two magi quickly explored the covenant, including the temple, the surrounding lands, and the roman buildings surrounding the temple. They decided to re-found the covenant, keeping the name of De Lyon Magica. They began clearing the covenant of the bodies and began to set up labs.


As the magi had not been particularly careful about not revealing themselves, and they still needed to purchase goods through the coaching house, it had come to the attention of a local lord, Du Guyenne, that two powerful wizards who had driven off a hundred odd bandits were staying on lands he claimed as his own. He arrived at the town of Sanguinet and demanded that as they lived on his land, and could not prove themselves freemen, they must accompany him on a later trip to war on a local Lady, Martha (Though they did not know this at the time.)

Upset and unsure what to do, they quickly contacted Magister Pilum of Guernicus to ask his advice. Pilum, being a traditionalist, indicated they should definately not work as court wizards, and indicated they should make a show of magical power. Being that both of the wizards were fairly subtle with magic at the time, they contacted Loquatious of Flambeau, the Master of Aegyptus, who was willing to show off with a burst of power so long as they told people about how great him saving them was. Eating crow, they did so, and when du Guyenne appeared again, Loquatious indicated with vast columns of flame igniting nearby rocks and trees that he should back off and not come back. Du Guyenne's men ran, as did the lord.


At this time Parvula of Mercere and Leo of Verditius both joined the covenant as bright eyed young magi with high hopes and dreams made of thin air.

Another local lord (Dateaux) sent a request for aid to the magi because his daughter had gone missing. The magi went to investigate, and found the girl had been taken by faeries in the nearby wood. The magi secured the girl's release.

While there, Aegyptus met a very young Gifted girl, Chloe.


Late in the season a body drifted up to the village. Covered in cuts and words and odd symbols, the magi are asked to look it over. Going over the body, they find that prayers have been cut into the body, and the prayers are none that they recognise. They investigate the site where the body was found, and find it has recently drifed from the town of Cazeaux.

Coming back to Cazeaux, they find that indeed, a young girl has recently passed away in the village and matches the description of the one who has died. They meet there Father Tancred, the village pastor, and Noilus, his simple minded assistant.

They investigate the body and find that due to where it was buried, it must have rolled into the Lake of Sanguinet, as the cemetary backed a slope that eventually led to the lake. Figuring it was unlikely but possible, they still did not know who did the cuts upon the body. They engaged father Tancred in conversation, but other than being a little odd with his Theology, and with the odd idea that everything in books must be holy he appered fine, though busy as a few more people were also dead.

Late that night they staked out the cemetary. A loud noise was heard and they rushed over to see what was going on. They spotted Noilus, who panicked, tripped on a toad, and smashed his head into a gravestone. Unable to save his life, they brought him to Father Tancred. Saddened by the loss, Father Tancred immediately took the body into the back room. The next day, shrouded, he was buried.

The following night, a powerful creature attacked the church. Oddly able to enter easily, the creature began setting pews and the walls on fire, and caused much injury to Parvula and Aegyptus with its burning claws. With combined spells and blows they drove it off however.

The following day, Father Tancred began a strange chant to protect his church, walking the boundary. Watching him, they quickly asked where he had learned these things. Father Tancred indicated the latest books he had purchased had shown him these holy rites, of Resurrection and Protection. However, he feels he must not have had it right, and he has raised something terrible. Looking through the books, the Magi quickly find they are clearly heretical in nature and designed to lead toward the worship of demons, through cunning use of riddle and Metaphor. That night, when the demon shows again, Father Tancred kneels and begs forgiveness before God for his foolish error, and the Magi prepare to do battle with it one last time. This time, however, Terminus ends the creatures existence with a potent Undoing the Demons Might.

Father Tancred leaves the village, swearing to never engage in Heresy again, and go on pilgramage immediately. The Magi let Sir Dateaux know the situation and return to their covenat, sporting terrible wounds from the demon.


Walking through his laboratory, Terminus weight on a stone shifts it. Confused, as the rest of the stones are in perfect shape, he has a closer look; he finds that the stone has never in fact been mortared into the floor. Turning it over, he notices an animal, a fish, on the stone, and on the floor beneath the hermetic symbol for the humours - Choleric. Curious, he spoke with the other wizards and each of them examined this fact in their own laboratories and found that indeed, there was a loose stone and a symbol for a humour in each of the labs at the top. They test out the stones on different areas, and find that a trickle of magical energy related to the element related to the humour appears to seal the stone in place.

When they get all of the stones in place and sealed, a stairway, previously hidden, opens leading down from the temple itself.

They put their armour on and start looking. They find a small statue of Hermes and passageways blocked by faces waiting on certain triggering conditions. They examined the second level of the covenant, finding the library, meeting biblicus, getting lost in the Labyrinth, finding a few laboratories, and find the summoning room. They also see the Council Table and a strange map in three dimensions that shows in perfect scale the regione that they live in. They even see themselves when they look closer.

They also find the scriptorium, ruined apart from the Scribing Table.


The magi are summoned to their Lord's demense, the aging Lady Martha. She presents to them a problem in that she has three daughters and no sons. Sir Roger, a young and brash knight, and Du Guyenne, the aging lord, both have some claim to her lands, and are exerting their authority over the peasants. She offers to grant them continued use of the covenant without interference if the magi can assist them, and mentions Tholin of Jerbiton as her uncle, who has indicated they may be able to help. Feeling their hands tied by the code, they decide to use a ritual to pay for a mercenary troop to drive off the lords.


It is approximately around this time Chloe is taken as Aegyptus apprentice, to his early dismay.


The Baron du Guyenne, bolstered by French forces, and led by his eldes son Arrilvan, march into Sanguinet and claim that taxes have not been paid correctly for five years; five years worth of labour is due. The Magi are called on to assist. The villagers claim they have already paid their dues to Lady Martha, and cannot pay again.

About half a day later, 10 men led by Sir Eberhardt, Lady Martha's captain, arrive, hearing of Du Guyenne's forces. They are too small to interfere, so simply watch. The magi are disturbed; they do not wish to break the code, but neither do they wish to see a slaughter of villagers.

Sir Roger with another fifty men arrive from the South East. He approaches Sir Eberhardt and indicates that he will assist Sir Eberhardt to drive off the looters, so long as he is granted right of marriage to Martha's youngest daughter, Katerin.

Arkady and the Magi and Sir Roger leave to speak with Lady Martha to get her opinion on the matter. Katerine meets Arkady, and being 15 and in true love, brings him a flower and slightly weird, says 'It will die. But others will replace it, and none of them will morne nor remember.' Arkady is immediately in love.

(The GM works from sketchy memory here..) At this point, Arkady organises himself to be married to Katerin, denying Roger his claim, and possibly dooming the village to Guyenne's men. Arkady takes up a sword and indicates that as he will be married to Katerin, their family comes under his protection, and any violence done to their property will be done to him. The magi indicate assent, having no other choice. Roger assents, but leaves.

Back in the Village, the covenant troops and Sir Eberhardts men are organising how they may protect the village from the larger force when the magi arrive. Arkady indicates Sanguinet is under the protection of the wizards of De Lyon Magica, and he ties himself to House Aubertin through marriage. Arrilvan attempts a raid on the covenant, injuring Leo badly in the process, but his men trapped underneath stone walls and being set on fire, he chooses to retreat after a minor skirmish.



The marriage of Arkady and Lady Katerin is set. The magi travel to Lady Martha's manor house for the week to celebrate the marriage. Martha has invited a large group of people for different reasons, including du Guyenne, his eldest Arrilvan, Sir Roger, Dateaux and Catherine, and many others. One in particular is a scholar who introduces himself as Peregrin of Guernicus. Peregrin indicates that he has his own reasons to be there and Lady Martha is pleasant enough to allow him to stay.

The first day is a wonderful day of games and feasts, and few people have yet arrived.

The second day Sir Roger appears with old documents claiming right of rulership over the land dating back to the 11th century. Sir Roger offers to maintain Martha and her daughter, so long as the third daughter gives up right of rulership, and both swear fealty to him. The wizards examine the documents but cannot tell whether they are genuine or fake, none of them being heralds. With consultation with Lady Martha, they agree to have a neutral herald read over the documents.

Day four: Du Guyenne arrives and shouts the door open with troops behind him. He demands Martha sign over her lands, and if she does not he will sack her lands in the name of the French king. Sir Roger indicates that he requires safe passage, and Du Guyenne denies him. Sir Roger indicates he will work with Martha. Guyenne indicates he will wait till the day of the wedding but no further.

Day six: The riders sent to the heralds return. King Henry III will hear the issue from Sir Roger and Lady Martha, and has indicated that until the time when the hearing is held in the following year, Lady Martha will continue ownership of the land. Du Guyenne does not care. Du Guyenne attempts to attack the Manor, but the wizards again interfere, and Arkady indicates again that De Lyon Magica is tied with House Aubertin. Some magics drive off the troops with little injury, and Du Guyenne retires after swearing he will see them dead.

The wizards begin to sweat for the following tribunal as Peregrin leaves.


The magi are summoned to the court of Henry III, held in Bordeaux, to answer for the crime of ursurping the authority of the rightful lords in regards to the previous matter. On the way to Bordeaux to see the court of Henry III, they are attacked by a dozen men and a magical lion. When they get there, John the Bishop, the aging ex-magus, offers them hospitality. They meet the king and present their case, but an advisor to the king, Calamnus of Jerbiton, is seen and recognised casting performance magics on the advisor during this time, arguing that the magi do not have the right to interfere. He speaks to them and asks them to beg mercy to prevent further issue with the mundane courts. The wizards Certamen him in order to have him change his advice, but he is duelled into unconciousness and thus cannot speak. The King is upset at the use of force on 'his wizard', but recognises this as irrelevant to the problem at hand of who should rule the land. Sir Jean-Claude speaks for Lady Martha, of her wisdom and ability to rule her lands, and proof she can raise fighting men to fight for her. A few other testimonies mean Du Guyenne and Sir Roger lose their case and Lady Martha is justified.

The wizards continue to sweat for the upcoming tribunal.


Villagers began chopping wood in the forest north of the village, where they have not done before. Late one evening a villager is seen running from the forest, a piglet in hand. Not long later a great horde of boars the size of horses run from the woods and charge down the forester, Will, killing him.

Feeling the issue is settled, the villagers go about the funeral. However, at the funeral a huge black boar begins ripping into the funeral procession. While the boars do not go into the village, they drive the villagers back to it.

The wizards, a little confused, begin searching for evidence why the boars would be attacking. They search through the villagers posessions and speak to his Fiance. Chloe, left outside, wanders behind the house and sees a piglet the size of a boar tied in a pen. Feeling she has solved the mystery, she releases the piglet, which begins running away. Catching up, she leapt on it - only to find it could fly, and quickly found its way right back to the forest to the north.

Aegyptus, attempting to find his Filus, spoke with the Black Boar, who thanked his apprentice and returned her, and granted her one service.


Leo, for reasons of his house, indicates his interest in going to Alexandria, a city fabled for magic. Interested in site-seeing, many other wizards and covenant members follow. Isaac the Jew, the moneylender who funds the covenant, is interested in creating a trading expedition. They make several stops through cities. Close to Alexandria they are attacked by a pirate-wizard who controlled water djinn and had a fleet of pirates. After a vast magical battle where Chloe slew her first magical creature, several ships were set on fire, and a half mile of seawater was turned to ice, and the remains of overbalanced ships still sunk, they continued on, but without the wizard Terminus, who had been taken by pirate ship. They tried spells and rituals, but nothing could find their friend. The magi continued and saw the great lighthouse of Alexandria with its great but broken ramp. Landing on the city, they found Christians were not allowed in the city, but only on the outskirts with Jews. They saw strange folks of all sorts of colours and even people with odd slanted eyes selling silk and spices. They saw their first mosque and people praying.

Regardless, Leo snuck into the lighthouse while invisible on his flying chair. He went to the top of the tower while the other wizards stayed at the bottom, and lit his magical lamp with the flame of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Doing so, however, he saw a great spirit holding a trident with a vast beard, and otherwise naked. The spirit, calling itself Poseidon, commanded he make statues and repair the lighthouse before the flames of the gods were returned. While the crafter worked on statues of massive and fine nature, the other wizards enjoyed their time and explored the city. Finally, the soldiers were knocked out, Leo repaired the stairs with his magic and great statues of Poseidon were placed at the correct places in the temple. As that was going on, a powerful spirit summonder, Nicholas II, was roused from his sleep and went to see the lighthouse. Unprepared for battle, he nonetheless swiftly summoned a half dozen spirits. Aneus of Guernicus distracted him by attempting to stab him at the time however, which caused the powerful spirit of lightning to turn on its owner.

Even as the last statue was placed, a great crest of water formed so the entire city could see it, and turned into a statuesque man, who claimed himself Poseidon, and claimed ownership of the city again. Leo was granted the flame of the gods, and the spirit seemed to disappear.

The magi then ran away before the muslims of the city could lynch them.



A number of guards and grogs notice that Peter the Crusader's daughter Tiecia, now cloistered as a Hospitaller nun, appears to regularly walk into the woods, and comes back pale and confused. Questioning her, they find that it appears her dead boyfriend has returned. Like good grogs they figure its way too much for them to deal with and get the magi.

The magi interrogate the returned dead and find his memory sketchy, but his love appears pure. He does not wish to kill anyone, and only be with his beloved Tiecia. Talking theology with the friar in the hospital, he indicates that the soul of the creature has already gone into Gods hands, and this thing left over is just a memory, regardless of how it died. The magi convince the creature to let go its hold on Tiecia, and if it truly loves her then to let her go, and allow their souls to join in the after life. The creature, convinced, though sad, and wishing to see Tiecia one last time, asks for death to be quick for it, and to never allow Lichty Krov further right over the living or dead. The Magi agree, and end its life.


Grand Tribunal. The wizards all leave to this great and impressive gathering of wizards. Many important things are discussed, theories are theorised, and strategies are strategized. Then they come home.

They first meet Accipiter of Guernicus, as Calamnus of Jerbiton claims that Parvula, Aegyptus, Terminus endangered the order of Hermes by causing the King of England to grow unsupportive and suspicious of magi through their earlier actions. They are cautioned and fined a rook of vis for stupidity, and while Calamnus of Jerbiton wishes it to be brought before the full tribunal, Accipiter convinces Calamnus to not try that.

The Black Fir of Durenmar tries to kill them all, as they were the only ones dumb enough to camp underneath it.

Parvula is forceably introduced to Occulus of Bonisagus by the head of House Mercere and given the command to go forth and procreate.


A strange plague of weevils eat all of the stored grain through the castle. Tholin of Jerbiton and Durilda of Merinita arrive at the covenant, meeting Tholin for the first time. Tholin examined the issue and indicates he'll need to do a ritual to undo the plague of weevils that are on everything, and will need friends to pull it off. After some discussion, the PC's pay for the ritual and an old wizard, Matthildis ex Miscellania come to the covenant. They called up a ritual in private, and the weevils died. Unfortunately, all of the animals in the surrounding lands died that night also.

The following day the deaths of the animals are found. Durilda appears to be grieving over the animals. The three wizards indicate there is a great problem going on at this time.

Later that night, Aneas of Guernicus follows Tholin invisibly and crosses into his sanctum. Despite seeming to know that Aneas is within his sanctum, he summons up a spell and speaks with a shadowy figure, who indicates that as Tholin has so far assisted, his family are safe. The wizards confront Tholin about this, but it appears he cannot speak about it, though he surrenders instead, mute. Uncertain how to proceed, the wizards question Durilda, who reveals that she knows Tholin has been blackmailed into organising the plagues, and she is only there to see if she can win Tholins heart. Despite everything, she breaks at the idea of further people being hurt.

Matthildis accidentally finds herself within the grounds of the Hospitallers castle. Despite being well treated, she attacks the castle with a great spell, ripping it to sunders with vines that claw and rend everything. The wizards, seeing this, do what they can to waylay her, including Tholin and Durilda, but she escapes.

Tholin, fearing his family finished due to the plan going wrong, leaves, apologising for his errors and attempting to rescue his family. He is never seen again.



Tribunal is held. There are many games at the tourney, and it is in this tribunal that the covenant are known for slaying a dragon.

Politically speaking, the covenant of Occulus of Bonisagus, Sepentia of Bonisagus and Tremulus of Bonisagus is declared a chapter house of Mistridge due to the potent political power of Mistridge.



The wizards host a group of Peregrinatores including Occulus Bonisagus Trianomae, Sepentia of Bonisagus and Tremulus of Bonisagus. The three peregrinatores have recently lost their covenant home and are seeking a new one where they can set up and rule it themselves. De Lyon Magica let them know about a magical aura they discovered quite some distance away (the future site of Sous le Roche). The wizards thank them for their time.

Sepentia speaks with Chloe filius Aegyptus and fills her head with the amazing wonders of magical research. Sepentia offers Aegyptus a payment of Vis for the child, with the knowledge she can take her at any time. Aegyptus considers it for a while and requests Sepentia foster Chloe for a few seasons to give her experiences. Unwilling to annoy the powerful, if young battle-magus, Sepentia agrees.

A few weeks later, the three wizards return, sans Chloe, having been attacked by bandits and a powerful master of Herbam apparently simultaneously.

De Lyon Magica immediately investigate. They search through the woods and find the ruined baggage caravans, apparently unlooted. They track the bandits down, who tell them of a potent wizard who stops them from praying on travellers. 'Paying the Toll'.

Aegyptus, having an arcane connection to Chloe, casts a few spells and communicates with the wizard known as Severin. Severin promises the girl is unharmed, but appears to bear an enmity with Aegyptus due to his house, and a paranoid idea that Aegyptus will attack him unless he keeps the girl hostage. The wizards however organise a meeting.

They meet deep in the forest expecting trouble, but Severin presents none, though he appears desperate. His Latin is old and not up to the standard of modern Magi, and indicates he is from House Bjornaer, though many of the wizards do not believe him. It is at this that dozens of little cloth and junk faeries begin attacking them all. They deal with the faeries and De Lyon want to know what is going on.

Severin reveals that he has been taken by faeries for three years, by a horrible torturer fairy. Severin asks the year and is obviously shocked, though reveals nothing. Severin requests they help him, and he will pay them vis to do so, if they help him find his familiar and talisman again.

The wizards follow Severin and find his talisman and familiar, though they are plagued with strange cloth faeries the entire time. They also meet Peripatea, who indicates she was the one who helped free Severin from his prison, and promises them a reward if they continue to help him.

They find Severin's old covenant which has a powerful magical spirit which protects it, and they are attacked by the torturer and a dozen odd cloth fairies. They deal with the fae, though not without some terrible injuries to Parvula. However, the torturer, during the fight, had called Severin by name - Severin of Diedne. They confronted Severin about this fact, and he revealed it to be so.

The magi were dutifully concerned about this. Technically an enemy of the order, he had shown nothing but honour and wisdom in their dealings with them. They spoke with him some more and decided that he must become a member of Ex Miscellania, and they would keep his secret.

To avoid any further issues, Severin took a new name, Jevandis ex Miscellania.


A leper named Abraxas comes to the Hospitaller Castle and mentions that there is great violence being undergone in the village of Sanguinet. A small group of Brother-Sergeants go to organise it. When they get to the jewish slaughterhouse, they find a group of confused workers who have said that one of their number, David, has gone mad, and tried to attack them with knives when they came into the warehouse. The Sergeants break down the door and find David, who goes mad with rage and attacks them with knives. Skilled warriors, they waylay him without killing him.

Inside the warehouse there are a half dozen children who have been gutted and hung from the roof, and the star of david has been carved into all of them. The workers outside grow enraged, and attempt to attack the unconcious man, but despite being well outnumbered, the serjeants drive them off with the flats of their swords, indicating that justice should be found properly. The Serjeants bring this to Jean-Claude's attention, who brings it to the attention of the magi. Attempting to find a quick solution, Arkady of Criamon read David's mind. Arkady witnessed that David had fallen asleep at the beach late that night, and when he woke the children - including his own son - were in front of him, confused. Another man entered with a large straw hat, and then, even as he strained his muscles not to, he slaughtered the children and hung them up. When David woke, he found himself staring at the corpse of his son, covered in blood. Arkady hazarded to the other wizards that he may have been possessed, as he certainly did not mean to do as he did.

It is not long until a crowd gathers at the center of the town. Garlon the Thatcher has gathered a crowd around him, and speaks with a convincing tone. He talks about the jew who sins, how they took David into their community, and what he has now done, as well as taking money from starving christians. Jean-Claude rode up and with a great commanding voice commanded all of the village to pray to God, and pray they were not being tempted into the sin of Wrath. Garlon and Jean-Claude debated for a while, but Garlon went back to his house.

Intrigued by a possibility of possessing spirits, the wizards visited the beach late at night. They heard the jingling of bells and 'Ware!' as the Leper, Abraxus, approached them. They were suspicious of him, and asked him many questions about him. Abraxus indicated that he had heard many stories from this beach, and there was a reason that no-one bar those cursed by god could wander it at night; that many years ago, on this beach, there were people of the village who were bound and tied, their heads hit with hammers until their brains came out, and then thrown into the sea. Abraxus then asked them to pray that any wrath in the village would be lessened. Still suspicious, but mollified, the magi thanked Abraxus for his time and left.

The following day there is another panic in the village, and a womans babe has been stolen. Investigating the womans house, they find the servant woman owned by the landlady whose babe has been stolen. Again using his magics, he reads her mind, and finds she saw a man in a straw hat; and recognises him as the thatcher, Garlon, by the odd walk he has.

Investigating Garlons house, the Magi find Garlon is remarkably rich for a thatcher, owning a large house with a number of families renting from him. Investigating his own rooms they find sumptuous and wealthy items, rich robes of purple, and dresses for women. Wondering how he got the money, Aneas of Guernicus hides invisibly and waits for Garlon to come home from thatching. When Garlon unlocks his door, he is warned somehow of Aneas presence and attacks him! However, Aneas is too quick, and quickly subdues him. Garlon informs him that the secret of his power is in the basement he has dug underneath his house.

In the basement, the wizard find a circle of blood with a humanoid figure in it, with the remains of the tiny babies bled corpse nearby. The figure has great pristine wings and an angelic expression. Despite warnings from the magi, the thing tells Garlon to give his soul and he promises he will be free of the bonds. Garlon does so, slave to its desires, and breaks free with great strength, and kicks the circle open and the thing is freed.

Garlon, sure of the creatures ability to save his body, laughs as Jean-Claude beheads him. Garlons soul, still visible, is dragged by the demons claws strait to a firey pit to hell.



At this time, Valvalla of Bjornaer enters the covenant. She finishes her gauntlet from the covenant of Lariander, and with a tear in her eye makes her way to Tribunal, where she is told she will be able to find a new covenant as Lariander is simply full.

Travelling to Narbonne, she meets with Hadil and Oriana as they all deal with a large number of drunk and lecherous sailors. Hadil sings a magical song which summons the sailors away, and Valvalla is interested in their history. They find they can each speak the tongues of animals.

Entering the city of Narbonne together, they find the Mercer house. Here, Valvalla meets Heinrich of Mercere and Aneus of Guernicus. They are discussing Tribunal. Heinrich, always supportive of young magi, asks Valvalla to travel to Tolouse, which is on the way anyway, and speak to them all about possible inquisitorial activity he has heard about. He has heard it is 'under control', but wants a set of fresh eyes on the problem.

Late that night, due to her nocturnal nature, Valvalla overhears Aneas and another discussing the fate of Aneas, and that his set up shall soon take place. Also that Vulpina is safely at Castra Solis, but hidden.

On the way to Tolouse the group of women are passed by a group of fast horses made by mists and with the jingling of bells following them. Getting covered by mud, Valvalla still recognises her sister, Aslina of Merinita.

1 day into the journey the women meet a small group of Franciscans, both men and women. The Franciscans are very cautious, but after questioning them about their beliefs in god Friar Theo, whom it is revealed also speaks with animals, asks them to travel together, as larger groups provide safety and companionship.

They come through the romantic city of Tolouse where troubadours sing outside the city. Artworks and statues are common, though even as they pass through the streets they see Churchmen denouncing the occasional dance in the streets - but the bands of people are lampooning them or even occasionally throwing things. They see odd people in white robes treated with utmost respect however, and meet the Perfectii.

Finding Bellaquin was easy and they barely needed to wander the city at all. It was a walled compound and school, where inside both Perfectii and Priest and Scholar could speak on matters equally.

Valvalla meets the seneschall, Paulus, who indicates strongly that he doesn't want any young magi fouling up his dinner plans, and would it be alright if they all stayed elsewhere. While Valvalla was complicit, Hadil insisted on hospitality, and they were let in.

Valvalla then met Marcellus Lector of Jerbiton at the dinner that night. His large frilly hat, vast and expensive robes, and the latest in bowl cut fashion immediately struck wrong with Valvalla. Valvalla spoke with the magi who bothered to speak to her, but none were willing to discuss any matters with the church. Overhearing conversations however, she overhears Raymond of Tolouse discussing matters with the magi; he indicates he has supported them for so long, and his forces may suffer defeat. To save their way of life, he asks them to give him magical aid.

The Magi deny him. Raymond indicates that he can no longer hold back the Dominicans from questioning them on their matters and should be coming shortly. Raymond then says he will block them if they assist. The magi do not.

It is only the following day when Friar Cabellus arrives at the covenant early in the morning. They carry relics and chant, and are followed by thirty men bearing the arms of the King of France. They call out the mages to see them.

The Friar, Cabellus, hold up three items, a cloak, a dagger and a wand. They call out for mages to identify the items - the magi either cannot or do not. Marcellus attempts to cast a spell, but it appears the Friars are protected. Finally, Cabellus indicates the items he holds were created by magi of their order and were used in the murder of Simon de Montfort, and the magi of their 'sinful ilk' have protected him. At this, a number of Crusaders go to seize the people and magi inside. A few threats are given, but then the spells are begun to be cast. Unfortunately, the protections on the firars are too much and the spells are not effective; the covenants soldiers are killed and the magi taken away.

The magi are held in their own covenant. Moving about in Cat form, Valvalla avoided the guards and swiftly rescued the magi from where they were tied, bound and beaten. The magi escaped, indicating ther debt to Valvalla.

As they all leave, they notice that Bellaquin has been set on fire.

Valvalla then travels to tribunal.


In the early days of Tribunal, Pilum of Guernicus is found guilty of sneakiing into everyone's personal camps and stealing small magical items of Vis. Despite this being a highly out of character situation, Aneas of Guernicus becomes head Guernicus of the Provencal Tribunal of 1239 after a vote of no confidence was passed on Pilum of Guernicus, due to the large amount of evidence pointed in Pilum's direction about deprivation of magical power.

The covenant of De Lyon, friends with Pilum, investigated. There were no obvious sightings of Pilum, but a number of sandal impressions and hair around the crime sites seemed to lead directly to him. A fire-spirit, when questioned, said it saw a fox - but none seemed to think much of it.

Valvalla of Bjornaer at this time met Vulpina of Bjornaer, who she had heard of earlier. Investigating, she found that a Vulpina had a number of small items of magical power in her possession which matched some stolen items. Valvalla confronted Vulpina, and found that Vulpina's mate, Vulpis, appeared to have been captured by some other agency. Vulpina simply recieved letters and fox fur to black mail her into action.

Valvalla waited at this point until the tribunal.

A number of items come up of importance in this tribunal.

The matter of the covenant of Bellaquin being destroyed is raised. Rumours have their library and magical items have been captured by some ruthless crusaders and is being held at Tolouse. The question of who should be responsible for the taking back of the covenants books, including books on the Parma and other secrets. There is much argument, but Parvula of Mercere successfully argues that no punitive actions or tasks should be set by the tribunal to the destroyed covenant of Bellaquin, and any items found should be paid for by House Mercere as a bounty. There is an agreement amongst the tribunal that this seems fitting.

The fate of Pilum of Guernicus is discussed. Pilum appeared distressed and enraged, but whenever he opened his mouth he only confessed his guilt. Valvalla, caught between loyalty to house and the Order, decided that an innocent man should not be punished. Anias of Guernicus appeared to be entirely upset with the situation and wanted an example made of any Guernicus who would break the code - but when the extra information was revealed, he lost a lot of ground. Valvalla argued successfully and Tribunal found reason to question the effects on Pilum. A few Archimagi of the tribunal investigated and found Pilum under a mental compulsion, and released him from it.

A further matter brought up at Tribunal indicated that the mysterious death of Amedei of Verditius at the tribunal of 1232 had happened prior to Simon de Montfort was killed. The posthumous investigation indicated that many of Amedei's items had been used in the killing, but it was not the wizard himself.

Chretiana of Flambeau challenges the covenant to Wizards War for their role in the death of her mother, years ago. Aegyptus does not wish to kill the filia of Ceilwyn of Flambeau, and attempts to avert the war, but he cannot lose face in front of his house and so accepts.


Chretiana of Flambeau declares war on the covenant of De Lyon Magica. She attacks later, injuring some grogs and accidentally Valvallia, not involved in her original challenge. She begins attacking covenfolk at the covenant walls, unwilling to cast in the Aegis while still invisible. She casts a number of spells but causes no major injuries, though she does attack Valvalla, causing a minor injury. She is chased by grogs into the village. While they are befuddled by her spells, she is injured and appears to teleport away.

Seamus the Brewer requests humans from Leo of Verditius. Leo finds the town strumpet and sends her. Seamus thanks Leo, and gives him a gift of a barrel of ale.


Lichty Krov, Parvula's father, attempts to create further issues by raising himself as a faerie god in Sanguinet. Jean-Claude sees a vision of a river of blood stopping the villagers of Sanguinet from reaching heaven, and swept into a great fanged mouth. Jean-Claude begins to investigate, and finds that the villagers are daubing blood and herbs on doorways to protect themselves from the Count of Blood, and that they don't see him as being able to save them. They do believe in the milk and herbs, and the power to keep the Count of Blood away.

Jean-Claude commands that only the power of God will protect his castle, and forbids any from smearing the mixture over his gates.

That night the vampires begin to stalk the streets. The castle is attacked by vampires who scream and appear to fly out of the night and dance on moonbeams, and attempt to rip people off the walls and throw them down. Prior Falk, Jean-Claude and his men utterly crush the faeries who attack, the power of God behind them. They quickly drive away the remains of the vampires in the village.

Under the dark red full moon, Lichty Krov makes his last known appearence. He moves out, 10 feet tall, and commands that the magi bow before him, and he will protect them. He tells them he sees the future, and knows all that occurs; their way of life will be destroyed by the dominion, their ways forgotten, and their power spent. He seeks to bargain; allow him this place, this village and its lands, and allow him to be a dark god, and he will cause magic to grow greatly for them and their order.

The Magi feel little need to trade words with him, knowing his nature, and attack. A great battle is held, and Valvalla is badly wounded as a blade of blood is spitted through her, despite her brave attempt to protect her Sodales. Eventually, wounded and pressed in by relics and magic, the Count of Blood disappears.


Three glorious seasons of normal life ensure.


A letter arrives for Leo of Verditius from his mistress, Virtu of Verditius. The letter mentions that Virtu has heard of his great works on the Automata, and would gladly assist him with furthering the mysteries of his house. He is told to make a greater magical item by the following autumn, something 'Verditius himself would appreciate.' Virtu gives Leo directions to be at Durenmar three weeks before Midwinter.



Early in this season a letter arrived from Aegyptus' old master. Travelling to Normandy, Aegyptus finds his master having attended no councils for a year, and has been recovering from a number of terrible wounds. Investigating and entering his masters Sanctum, he found his old master in a state of great injury. Speaking, Aegyptus found that his master had been investigating Vis sources with his young apprentice when a group of magi laid claim to a valuable Vis source they had been seeking. Aegyptus master, Loquatious, had immediately challenged them over the Vis source to Certamen, which he had lost to his stunned amazement. When he awoke, his young apprentice was speaking with the massive Hugh of Flambeau.

Angered, he had challenged them to Wizards War. When the time came, he intended to do them some damage for daring to anger him; when he came however, despite Hugh's open acceptance and letters of open combat, he was struck with a wand of paralyzation by a my which had pierced his Parma. He saw before him his apprentice, tied and bound, mysteriously out of his protected sanctum even as the dark wizard Tolides cut her throat. Hugh then laid several large blows, doing great damage to him, before he triggered his talisman and retreated to his lab.

At this story, Aegyptus was greatly enraged, both for his masters cruel and dishonorable defeat and the pointless death of Aegyptus younger 'sister'. Angered, he quickly found the small covenant had settled in the Provencal tribunal, and challenged Hugh of Flambeau to single combat, and over the next few successive days the other wizards.

Wishing to witness the battle, and cautious of treachery, many of the wizards of De Lyon Magica came along to witness the battle.

A month later, over a beautiful and clear field, two knights rode out upon their horses and engaged in a battle of epic and tremendous might. Both wizards found their magics cancelled by the others, but Hugh quickly found that he did not have the strength to undo Aegyptus wards. Though great and mighty, and a potent warrior, Hugh of Flambeau was laid low by the mighty Aegyptus.

During this time, Tolides of Flambeau did point a strange wand at Aegyptus and cry out a triggering incantation, but nothing happened.

Seeing their protector undone, the remaining wizards involved began to attack, seeing their only chance in attacking the fatigued and wounded Aegyptus. But they were not expecting the combined power of the wizards of De Lyon Magica, and the wizards retreated. Angered, but waiting on Wizards War, Aegyptus rode into their covenant the following day. Some minor magics attempted to dissuade him, but the wizards, frightened by his power, capitulated. Tolides also died as Aegyptus sword took his head from his shoulders.

With them, Aegyptus found an odd letter indicating a 'gift' to be able to 'Assist them for a future favor', the gift being the wand. As well as this, Aegyptus claimed as his own the entire covenant funds, and to show his mercy, allowed the enemy wizards to flee, to never come to the Provencal or Normandy tribunals again on pain of death.


Chloe's Gauntlet.

Aegyptus, thinking hard for a gauntlet for his young apprentice, sends the young lady off on a Mercere Contract he had half forgotten about at the last tribunal. The contract being to chase down rumours of the magical lion that appeared to attack redcaps.

Setting off at the end of Spring, Chloe quickly found Henri the Carpenter and Eustace the Wizard (Not a Magus) in a nearby town, with a wandering justice also. They merrily hop skip and jump through several villages trying to find the issue of a lion eating people. Eventually, Chloe finds the lion and the town, and is guided by a particularly helpful villager to where the lion lairs. Chloe, able to speak to the lion, speaks to it before anything else. She finds that the magical lion was angered and enraged as a group of wizards had come into its magical place, slaughtered its females and cubs and taken their bodies. It recognised only the red hats. The villager however was the one that told it that all of the evil wizards were ones who wore these red hats, and had sent it these 'evil wizards' to eat, and took away the remains they possessed.

Furious, the young maga and her group stormed back to the village and investigated, finding the helpful village man was not alone, and his entire family were profiting from waylaying travellers with red hats. Chloe, enraged, burned the village man to death for his crimes, though tearful afterwards. But upon the advice of the Wizard, the wandering justice had the family put to death. Sobered by her experience of the world, Chloe returned to Aegyptus, who presented her to Castra Solis. Taking the name Cassandra, she returned to De Lyon Magica for one last season before deciding to go off on adventures; to save the weak and undo the wicked.

Eustace the Wizard, finding again a Hermetic Covenant, was treated well by the wizards, and joined the covenant. The Generous Carpenter, Henri, finding a place where generosity towards the poor is not frowned upon and a Journeyman without a guild accepted, also joined. the wandering justice continued his endless journey for his lord.


His item complete, Leo of Verditius tells the covenant of his desire to travel to the Rhine tribunal. Always interested in visiting new sites, Terminus of Criamon and a half dozen retainers follow along. While the trip there is uneventful if long, the wizards meet Virtu of Verditius, a seamstress. Leo is friendly with his old mentor, but she indicates that the trip may be more dangerous than she expected, as Urgen of Bjornaer has declared Wizards War against her. She does not go into a lot of detail about the situation other than mentioning that a young filius, not yet a mage, known to Urgen had been ruffling about her camp as she was travelling. Seeing a wolf, she killed it without thinking, and did not know it was a Bjornaer magus until Urgen declared war upon her.

Urgen, also in Durenmar, and in bear form, advises Terminus and Leo to not interfere with his Wizards War. Leo however indicates if Urgen the archmagus does interfere with him or with Virtu of Verditius he has a legitimate case of deprivation of magical power.

Travelling together through the cold Black Forest, it is only a week until they come across Urgen himself, who warns them away. Urgen charges towards them, and a number of grogs attack him, who he shreds. He does not use any magic through this fight, strangely. Regardless, with a stroke of luck and a lot of Vis use, Terminus of Criamon somehow manages to pierce Urgen's magical resistance and sends him into twilight for a year. Breathing a sigh of relief, and a little confused at the ease of the attack and the lack of magic from the archmagus, they continue on.

Close to their destination, the group of Magi come across a pile of sleeping ogres blocking the way through to the mystical clearing. As it is Leo's spiritual quest, he distracts them with some earth magic and they hurry past.

Late in the evening before they get to the clearing, Leo is awoken by the sound of hammering in the forest. He moves and investigates, and finds that a man bearing the image of Verditius, excepting his nose is overly large, appears to be working. The two engage in conversation, and the creature indicates that if Leo wishes to follow through, he must sacrifice that which is dear to him. Leo, at that, gives the creature his Automata, a small mechanical bird. The creature thanks him and disappears in a cloud of light, leaving Leo standing alone.

In the clearing the next day there Virtu asks Leo to get his item that he created and follow with her alone. Leo is confused, thinking he had already completed the quest. A few questions later, and they quickly work out that Leo had been tricked by a faerie. Leo being who he is, he tracked his automata a mile away through the forest and caused it to fly back to him. Cursing the faerie for its tricks, they continued.

In the circle where a patch of brown blood and a rusty handaxe still continued, Leo then threw his precious bird into the flames that were hot enough to melt steel. His old mistress began telling stories and poetry of his house, and Leo was siezed by an exctatic trance, and it appeared that it was not his old teacher telling him stories, but a grumpy Verditius himself, unappreciative of even the slightest mistake. His spiritual excersize completed, Leo and the others left.

Death cannot stop true love

The fairy Peripateia introduces herself to Orianna the giant Shepherdess, bearing a message for her; Sir Roger, the ruthless cad, has placed Orianna's true love, Pierre the bard, for his abysmal poetry about her.

Upset at her true love's unfortunate disposition, Orianna requests a number of her friends assist her. They take a days travel to Sir Roger's castle, and find the bard having rotten fruit thrown at him. Orianna is deeply affected, though her love assures her the blow to his pride is worse than his time in the stocks.

The group approach Lord Roger, who is having a feast, and cannot help but invite them in. But something seems to be a little odd, as Sir Roger immediately indicates that he will never let the bard go unless Orianna gives her hand to him in marriage. The group are horrified, and Orianna rejects Lord Roger out of hand, embarrassing him in front of his court. As such, he immediately sends his men to execute the bard in the stocks. A little confused, half a dozen of his men wander over to the stocks. Orianna immediately runs to his protection but is blocked by the men.

At that, a very strange thing happens. An odd man dressed in an executioners mask with an axe.. was suddenly there, bearing Lord Roger's armature, and chops off the head off the unfortunate bard.

Orianna, having seen her true love killed, immediately goes into a berserk fury and kills the men before her and attempts to singlehandedly siege the castle of Sir Roger. The magi calm her however, and they retreat, consoling the sobbing Orianna.

Late in the evening while they are camped, Peripateia returned, and told the magi that what was taken from them could be returned so long as they buried a mandrake root within their gardens. Orianna, horribly upset, demanded that the magi do so immediately, but they were highly suspicious of the entire situation. Peripateia however left them without revealing any further information.

Orianna then petitioned the council, requesting the mandrake root be buried for her true love to be returned. The magi, compassionate, but suspicious, allowed the root to be buried; and by the setting of the sun, Pierre returned, apparently unharmed (And not detectable as a faerie.)

Orianna was overjoyed that her love had been returned to her.



Saintonge War

Sir Dateaux arrives at the covenant with his men. Originally concerned, he informed the covenant that he was simply passing through. He requested that as King Henry had called him and the various retainers to war, that from the past friendships they assist him in some way, possibly by granting 'Powerful magical swords and armor to all of my men.'. Explaining they could not so easily grant this boon, the magi instead promise that his lands will be looked after until he returns. Sir Dateaux thanks them for the aid, and rides north.

A few weeks later the covenant hear news of a band of French soldiers raiding the fields to the north, and are extorting the merchants who travel the roads. They do not come near the town, (Possibly due to the Hospitallers), but freely loot and rape around the area.

Organising an expedition, Sir Jean-Claude explains that he only has 10 fighting men remaining, as a call went out only recently to send off his men to the holy lands. However, the covenant and the Hospitallers join forces and ride out to undo the brigands. The wizards engage in battle, and it is Valvalla of Bjornaer, in the form of a cat, who is suprisingly effective with her new spell, pinning entire groups of men with sharpened wooden sticks and branches through the area. It is not long before the discipline of the grogs, the holy might of the Hospitallers, and the powerful magic of the Magi send the remainder of the Brigands fleeing for their lives. Dusting their hands and feeling satisfied, they go home.

A few weeks later Lady Martha sends them a letter. Her eldest girl has had a son, Halebron, squired to Sir Cornale, who fights for the King of France. Lord Dateaux has bonds of peace and alliance with her, and Sir Cornale has indicated unless he holds his hand in the upcoming battle, that he will execute Halebron the moment he see's Sir Dateaux's colours engage on the field. Lady Martha explains that if Sir Dateaux does not battle, he will lose his good name before the King of England, and if he does, his bond to her and her children will be broken, which will ruin his name also.

Concerned at their friends, and crossing their fingers in the hope of not breaking the code, the magi and Sir Jean-Claude travel off to find Sir Cornale. The French Kings forces aren't trying to hide their numbers, and it isn't particularly difficult to find them; and simply walking into the camp is a breeze, which amuses the magi and depresses Sir Jean-Claude.

They find Sir Cornale and are introduced. They find he is a big man who enjoys large drinks and telling outlandish stories about himself, while a middle aged squire, too poor or of low birth to be introduced to the knighthood, trains the squires outside. Sir Cornale isn't a bad man, and appears quite reasonable, especially when the Magi promise him enough gold to pay the King for his forces to retire. Sir Cornale leaves the battlefield, causing Sir Dateaux no loss of honor, and while the magi don't return with Halebron they do return with the highly competant fighting trainer.

Jevandis ex Miscellania and his bevy of apprentices arrive early in the season for the apprentices to learn 'Modern' magical theories. Jevandis tells them over dinner that the Familias Magnus threatened him while he was travelling through Bordeaux, that unless he swore fealty the consequences would be dire. Feeling safe in his hidden covenant, he ignored them, but warned that they may be an issue in the future.


The covenant of Veneficus Concordiarrii is founded, at the bequest of Aegyptus of Flambeau. Erasmus of Bonisagus and Cassandra of Flambeau both leave De Lyon Magica in order to start the new covenant. De Lyon Magica bequeath all the vis sources near the site of the new covenant to Veneficus Concordiarrii, as the covenant is some distance from De Lyon Magica.

The Magi hear news that King Henry has lost the battle, with many of his retainers fled. Sir Dateaux returns, his forces much weakened, though being one of the few forces who did not flee, with great status and honor amongst the other lords.


Parvula leaves, recieving a letter from Harco, commanding her to return and serve her family. There are some sad farewells, and Parvula offers each of the magi cheap deals of Longevity potions when available to her old friends.



Murder at Attica de Bordeaux. A Tremere magus attempting to consolidate an alliance between Attica de Bordeaux, Sous la Roche and De Lyon Magica is found dead. Furthermore, his spirit has been scattered with the judicious use of Perdo Mentem magics.


Whilst looking for Vis, the wizards find rumours of a ghostly knight that protects travellers on a road through a dangerous swamp to the south. Perking up, Yvonne quickly organises a small team of magi and grogs to investigate the villages in the area. They meet a number of strange and creepy people, and then take shelter at a village one night after a day of magical divinations.

During this time Yvonne's father, Death, had a quick chat to her making certain she was still doing well, didn't yet want to rejoin him, and was taking care of herself. He also asked her to make sure Gervald was not mistreated.

Adam le Breton, Oriana and a fighting grog visit the village on the edge of the swamp to try to find further rumours, only to find themselves being plied with alcohol. Once so plied, the villagers ignored all pretences and attempted to attack the wizards there; being that the bandits that haunted the road were in fact the villagers on the edge of it. After a fight, the villagers were horribly intimidated by the potent magics used, and the wizards came up with a plan; they organised the villagers into a huddled mass and drove them through the road, loudly threatening the villagers with all sorts of evil.

At that. the ghostly knight finally appeared to rescue the (evil) villagers. Quickly finding that the knight, Gervald, fell many years ago but was still not entirely certain he was dead, as he wished to join Charlemagne's host still. The magi convinced the knight that they would take care of the road for him, and he rode through the air to join the silvery ghostly army that appeared far in the distance. They dimly heard Rolands horn before the ghosts disappeared.

Yvonne, also wanting to make sure Gervald's body was laid to rest properly, tracked down his bones and found he had been buried long before, but in remembrance Vis continued to gather at his grave.



Valvallia's housemates, though not clanmates, approach her late one evening. Referring to her as 'Little Sister', Ursus the Bear, the apprentice of Urgen of Bjornaer, attempts to blackmail Valvallia, indicating that unless a number of arcane connections to the wizards in the covenant are gained, specifically Leo of Verditius and Terminus of Criamon, a great level of destruction would follow. Valvallia unwilling to risk the wrath of the bear attempted to gain some arcane connections but was driven from Leo's lab, though she gained some minor connections for Terminus.

A few days later Ursus simply walked out of the forest on a clear afternoon, roared that he was Ursus of Bjornaer, and on behalf of himself and himself only would do the following.

With a single spell Ursus ripped the hospitaller castle from an epic bastion to a mound of tumbling blocks, killing hundreds of Hospitallers, all of the sick and injured within their hospital. They also killed Prior Falk, the pleasant old cleric who was Sir Jean-Claude's advisor and friend.

The wizards were shocked at this action, and attempted to find the bear, but could not. Valvallia maintained her silence, pretending ignorance.

Sir Jean-Claude, filled with rage and sadness over those who had been slaughtered, swore the bear would meet his end.



Tribunal! The young magi get involved in a number of games of skill and chance. Contracts are signed. New members join the covenant.

In the days prior to the Tribunal meeting itself, as usual the Flambeau Tourney is held.

The Flambeau Tourney

Day 1: The merchant stalls are set up and the criers begin their chants. The smell of roasted nuts, spiced meats, and all the wine its possible to drink comes over the various tents, towers, magical demenses and so on newly sprung up on the field below Castra Solis.

Master Heinrich, rapidly aging, asks the new magus, Adam le Breton, to approach De Lyon Magica, and recommends them to treat his application with favor. They interview the young magus, and despite his apprenticeship under Teobaldus of Tytalus, they indicate he is welcome as a protected guest for the meantime.

1. Somehow Wolfgang of Bjornaer seems to have found out about the offer of a portal to be made between Windgraven and De Lyon Magica. Wolfgang warns them against Windgraven's offer, and indicates that they will use it to inundate them and kill them with peace. They also have the power to destroy De Lyon if they wish it, and Wolfgang suggests that they do not deal with Windgraven.

2. Galeron of Windgraven again offers to fund a portal, citing the many benefits this will entail, to the benefit of both covenants. The wizards, cautious, indicate they wish to put off the deal for another seven years, giving them time to think about it.

Day 2: The games begin. The wizards partake in sideshow games for the fun of competing against each other and their sodales. Sepentia creates a unique game where she creates a puzzle made of light, where a time limit exists between her creating the puzzle and someone else solving it.

1. Occulus approaches the wizards of De Lyon Magica and tells them about his new and growing alliance of wizards, the Peacemakers. If anyone wishes to be involved, he asks them to join him for discussions later that evening. At this point, no wizard joined them.

2. Occulus indicates that Grimoald of Tremere's recent death highlighted the need for an alliance between De Lyon, Attica, and Sous le Roche. While the wizards agreed, they did not make any action.

Day 3: The mundane Tourney was joined. Adelaide won the single tournament after an epic battle with Oriana, and the Black Wolves won the melee. A great prize of magical chain was given to the grogs, and a magical sword created by Samuel of Verditius was given to Aegyptus, who often lends it to Adelaide.

Day 4: A Certamen tourney is held. There is much boasting of previous victories, and there is an odd silence from House Flambeau when Aegyptus decides not to enter. A few other wizards enter.

1. Later that evening, Estrilda of Jerbiton asks if De Lyon would like to assume fealty over a new covenant, offering their protection. Unwilling to stretch their forces so thin, and dubious about the benefits, they refuse.

2. Occulus approaches the covenant about a new 7 year agreement between the covenants. The free access to the library has now been repealed, but a pact of physical protection is still in place.

3. Jevandis approaches De Lyon with a similar deal. He requests a mutual protection agreement, both in tribunal and without.

Day 5: A Dimacatio tourney is held, but there are no winners from De Lyon.

1. At a great feast later that night, De Lyon are close enough to hear Incandarius threaten the recently created covenant of Malin Bois with fealty to the Familias or become their enemy. There is much insulting of various wizards, before Incandarius storms away, the issue unresolved.

Day 6: There is a showing and judging of items of power. For the first time in a while, Leo does not win, but Samuels Sword of Perfection is judged the greatest item. Leo is infuriated.

1. The Knights of Garus loudly proclaim their deeds, presenting their squires (apprentices) and new knights (Gauntleted squires who have sword the oath.) Aegyptus is cheered for his presentation of an entire covenant, vis and all, for the Knights of Garus. Garus gifts many of his knights with laboratory texts he has copied out that he feels will suit them, and for a half dozen knights, Aegyptus among them, all are given a magical torc which allows communication and teleport to any of the others, their armor and clothing included.

Their new task is given: To establish good relations with their weaker sodales and offer protection if they are worthy, and so increase the standing of the Knights amongst the order and the other Milites.

2. Occulus of Bonisagus approaches the knights, asking protection for the Peacemakers. It is decided that the knights will protect their weaker sodales.

3. Occulus asks Aegyptus to support him for Masterhood, which Aegyptus does.

Day 7: A church service is held.


Day 1: The charges are laid, and the wizards are brought to discuss matters with the Guernicus if they have not yet done so.

1. After lunch, Terminus of Criamon is acclaimed a Master for his skill with the art of Vim. Virtu, Pilum and Garus acclaim him as such.

Occulus is acclaimed a Master for his skill with Intellego and his service to the Order.

Incandarius is acclaimed a Master for his skill in Combat.

Pilum is acclaimed an Archmage of the Order, for his skill in many arts, specifically Terram, his fine years of service, and his judgement.

New Covenants are announced:

Veneficus Concordiarii is re-founded, now known as the Bastion de Garus. Eustace the Black Knight, Cassandra and Erasmus are the founders.

Pont d'Arienne is founded under Magister Estrilda of Jerbiton.

Malin Bois is founded under Master Valten of Merinita.

Villa Manlia is founded by Archimaga Sarus of Criamon.


The Familias Magnus declare each other Amici, and any who war upon one will face retribution by all.

The Knights Garus announce their protection over the Peacemakers.

Carthus of Tremere, on behalf of House Tremere, mentions that in this room there is a murderer and one who works through blackmail and deceit. Without proof, he is largely ignored.

Day 2: The various cases are brought before the Tribunal.

Windgraven vs. Mistridge

Windgraven take Mistridge to Tribunal for Interfering with Mundanes and Endangering their Sodales. Windgraven indicate that when a friar known for his anti-magical tendancies had come to their covenant, they used their magic to teleport him away. Mistridge, finding this Friar, told him lies about necromancy and evil, and teleported him back.

The Tribunal finds Windgraven guilty of the crimes. Pilum holds before punishments are discussed, for the following case.

Mistridge vs. Windgraven

Mistridge takes Windgraven to Tribunal for Interfering with Mundanes and Endagering their Sodales, for deliberately teleporting the Friar nearby when it is known he is an inquisitor with no favor of magic.

The tribunal is amused, but Pilum is not; he indicates the forty years of indiscretions that the two covenants have engaged in, the time and effort of the investigations, and the wasting of time of the tribunal.

The tribunal requests Pilum spare the death sentence, and he levies that each member of each covenant lose all vis stores and their talismans destroyed. There is a moment of rage, but both covenants submit to the will of the Tribunal.

Anius of Guernicus vs. Caranax of Bjornaer

Aneas had investigated Caranax of Bjornaer and found that demons regularly dealt with this Caranax, and one claimed to be his familiar. Caranax claimed that it was no fault of his, and there is nothing he can do to permanently keep them away.

Quinctillius of Jerbiton then began an argument that he, as a scholar of the divine, had the capacity to clear the Bjornaer's mind of the influence of the demon. Allowed to by Tribunal, the Bjornaer immediately attacked Pilum with magic and was incinerated moments later.

Some magi claimed that Quinctillius had affected the Bjornaer, but he avoided any further issues by asking them to read his mind; it was quickly disputed that if he was under demonic possession, Intellego magic would be useless. The case was put to rest with no further punishments.

Helen of Guernicus vs. Occulus of Bonisagus Trianomae

Helen claimed Occulus has seeded mundane spies through Bordeaux and often used magics to scry through their eyes, and had on two occasions witnessed wizards. Occulus claimed this was by accident, and with the assistance of De Lyon and its allies they swayed the vote so Occulus had no punishments levied.

Armory of Jerbiton vs. Lydie of Criamon

Lydie, in a village near Aix caused a local lord to starve and his peasants to eat. The lord was visited by another, causing great offense, unseating the knight. The lord is unknown to the nearby covenant of Bentalone but interference is obvious.

Lydie was fined a rook of Vis for her actions, with warning that if things grew worse, she would be accountable.

The wizards after this went back to De Lyon Magica with their new guest. On their way back, even as they arrived at the covenant, they met Maeron ex Miscellania who bore a letter from Master Heinrich - and unfortunately was about to be attacked by a mob of hateful villagers. Mainly men.



The End of the World as Terminus Knows It - and he feels fine

Early in spring Terminus is meditating on the nature on reality when he undergoes a spiritual experience. He sees a vision of himself destroying a great animated stone sphynx that is protecting a huge black pyramid. After Terminus enters the pyramid, he ascends the Road to Awe, and chooses to ascend, destroying the world with him.

As he awakens from his vision, he notices four floating transparent crystal pyramids that have appered in his laboratory. Each of the sides has an odd pictograph, which speaks in latin when touched. Terminus finds the pyramids are easy to move about, and shows them to his friends, the other wizards, who stare at the odd things. They touch the sides, attempting to look over the riddles.

I am salty near sand. When I swell countries tremble and when small they pray for me to swell. I and I alone cause wealth, riches, and trade.

The magi think for a while, and answer 'Water'. The pictograph goes dark.

I have destroyed empires, cause men to be strong women beautiful and crops flourish. Against me priests chant failing spells, women use poison and men Glory.

It takes a little while for this one, but eventually the magi state 'Time'.

Wetness lies beneath me, and sometimes above, A shield against death that comes across the battlefield. Stirring, jolting, pushing, seeking to claim its prize, If with skill I am wielded, I will not break before the battle is ended.

The magi think for a long time, and come back to it after looking at the other riddles. Eventually they figure 'A ship'.

What is a square that is also a triangle? I cannot be folded or bent, or I will be ruined, and my inhabitants shall rise again, unhappy at their kingdom.

The magi answer quickly: a Pyramid, given they are looking at it.

Once the riddles are solved, the pyramids form together into a spinning larger crystal pyramid and the pyramid forms more pictograms - Terminus' sigil, a ship, water, time, Terminus sigil inverted, a great pyramid, and two further symbols intertwined; death and birth. Terminus is immediately intrigued, and wishes to know more; he quickly works out there must be a long ship voyage to a place with a great pyramid. Being that he has visited Alexandria before, Terminus has heard of the Pyramids and the sphynx, and quickly sets out on a great voyage. A few wizards follow for sightseeing value more than anything else.

The group travel off, bording a ship at Marseilles, and have a number of odd dreams on their way about strange and nonsensical notions, though Terminus grows more and more worried.

They travel to Cairo, and as they travel down the nile Nicholas II manages to find them somehow. He treats them equitably, and wishes to know more about the 'Order of Hermes'. The PC's and he speak for a while, and Terminus indicates that he will assist Nicholas in joining the Order if he can. Nicholas indicates that Terminus twin appears to have a dark path ahead, and flies away on currents of hair.

Within Cairo they seek some further information after a trip to see the Sphynx and the Pyramids; while the area is magical, there appears to be no dark pyramids about. They hear about a group of scholars who run a madrasah, or islamic school, in Dumyat. They visit Dumyat and meet a group off odd men who bear the effects of the gift, and they are challenged when they enter; the men's outward appearence changes and they grow the heads of herons. The PC's tell them of their quest, and the priests of Thoth pass on their wisdom of the location of the Black Pyramid. They tell a story about how the Temple of Thoth, long lost to time, has never been under the all seeing gaze of Ra. It is said that people have seen it within a great and shifting sandstorm, but those who go in never return.

They speak with the priests for some time, intrigued that their cult has survived for so long. The priests, seeing Terminus' need, pass him a magical lamp which 'Guides the traveller on the Road to Awe.'

The wizards follow the nile further down and visit Hermopolis, a relatively small egyptian town, if surrounded by the old and decaying ruins of an elder age. They follow the words of the villagers and travel into a great sandstorm that has been building for many weeks; animals and grogs shy at the darkly whipping sands, and the wizards quickly find they have to tie themselves together as lightning and wind threaten to blow them all away. Terminus lights the torch, which guides their path; but the Road to Awe is frought with danger.

A few grogs get blown away and the animals scatter, but they find themselves in a peaceful and lush land, the great nile nearby. A great statue of a heron headed man moves its head and stares at them.

"Greetings, Europa's Children. I am Thoth, bringer of writing, the originator of magic, Knowledge itself. Bow before me!"

The various wizards make various bows, though Terminus checks to make sure the aura is magical and not faerie.

The wizards speak with the statue of the god Thoth, and find that Terminus 'Dark Brother' has tricked him into this statue as he looks into all of Thoth's scrolls, spells, and words of power. Thoth warns them that Terminus dark brother is aware of them, and seeks now the spells to end them from afar; and the only place of safety for them is where Death cannot further touch them; the realm of Anubis. Thoth raises his arm and sends them to Anubis realm.

They fall through the sand and when next they can see they look about them. A dark land with dimly pale dust is the site that greets them about other than a great dark pyramid. As they look about they see a number of greenish torches on the pyramid leading to a darkened chamber inside, and a truly massive line leading up to it.

As they move into the temple they see hands trying to drag the PC's into the dust while knife and beetle headed people attempted to kill them. Freaked out but victorious, they continued in, marching past the line of the dead.

They see before them two jackals, Sekhet and Ankhet, who scribe the names of the dead, but refuse to give their names before they pass into the main chamber of the pyramid. The jackals bluster and threaten, but have no power over the living.

In the main chamber they see Anubis on a great throne of dark stone and a set of scales sitting on a table nearby, a feather on one of the sides of the scales. A womans heart is weighed against the feather even as she kneels before Anubis and is found wanting, and from behind them a great crocodile lion bounds from the darkness and devours her without gulping. Anubis pats it before addressing the wizards.

Anubis indicates he will weigh their hearts against a feather, but they intervene before he does so; they speak to him about Thoth's power and Terminus dark brother. Anubis asks them to swear to send Terminus dark brother to him to judge, and he will place them in Thoth's temple. They agree and he sends them away, though it feels like they are falling into the jaws of Ammit.

The temple to Thoth is a great work with many columns on the sides, with much greenery around. Sphinx walk pleasantly about and question each other. When they walk in the temple, they see that between each of the columns is a different area of the world.

Before them they see Thoth, with a great chain about his neck. A dozen dead people lie with their hearts ripped from their chests, and the adulteration appears to be reading a papyrus scroll that he puts down as they enter.

The Adulteration reveals that he is tired of the existence that has been forced upon him, but bears the knowledge of Terminus. He speaks about hypostasis and Twilight, and reveals that in Thoth's temple it is possible to destroy all living things; and because Thoth is immortal and already out of the crushing weight of time, anything done by him may effect the mortal world in an unexpected way; the sudden deaths of all living things has not already happened and will never happen again; Terminus Adulteration would destroy all creatures and end the horrible cycle of pain that is life without requiring people to be gifted to achieve this.

Terminus, horrified and yet amazed at the simplicity of the plan, indicated that untold strife would cause; the Adulteration countered with the idea that in fact all would suddenly just have their strings cut, their immortal spirits freed.

Unable to counter-argue his Dark Twin, Terminus chose Strife over Peace, and he and the other wizards attacked. A great and epic battle occured in Thoth's temple, and the adulteration fled through a portal. Tempted to follow, the magi chose instead to bide their time.

Thoth's chains were released, and Thoth thanked the magi for freeing him from the binding chain of Ra. He gave a number of gifts to the wizards, including a book written in Greek to Leo of Verditius, a protector and companion, one of his Sphynx, to Terminus, and a big chunk of Vis. Thoth then sends them directly home to their own covenant.


Early in Autumn a number of people begin to visit church on a Sunday. Many of the mages go to church also, and are drawn in by a commotion over Peter's house, which is locked tight, and people are confused at why he hasn't come to Church, especially seeing that his own nephew was due for communion. The magi quickly open the doors with magic, and many of the villagers are suddenly struck with paralytic laughter even as the wizards see a scene of devastation; piled corpses of children and the families who live within the house are all in parts. A great sign daubed in blood shows a laughing wolf daubed upon the wall.

As they investigate, they find a dark forest has sprung up overnight, appearing to dark, damp and wet, and filled with toads and foul smells. A number of wizards begin to investigate until the gloomy oppressiveness is almost too much to bear, when a great black wol


Some of the animals of the covenant are given a task by the King of the Animals to rescue some trapped boar. They break into the covenant of Attica de Bordeaux and in the process of rescuing the animals destroy most of that covenant's vis stocks.




With the sound of 'Deus Volt!' ringing in their ears, the French king's crusade started gathering recruits. With ideas of amazement, recovering the holy land from terrible moslems, and the rich magical lands they would be raiding, Yvonne and Aegyptus went on crusade. Anxious to join such an amazing event, a few others also joined along. While not particularly attached to any lords retinue, the wizards quickly made themselves into a small yet useful fighting force. Joining as Confraters under Sir Jean-Claude's command, they left for the Holy Lands.

They travelled quite some distance, meeting an elderly soothsayer about to be burned for using magic, whom Aegyptus had set free.

Arriving at Marseilles, they found all of the boats had been taken by Crusaders of various stripes, and booking passage aboard was next to ludicrous. Finding an odd boat, avoided by most, they found it was owned by a very quiet Verditius magus whom they spoke with not at all on their journey, the magus being distant and uninterested in speaking to them.

They came to Cypress, and Jean-Claude was brought in (once re-garbed in red and white) to speak with a number of other Commanders of the Knights Hospital. Given the relatively rare chance to speak in person, they spoke about the castles he had lost, and a small group of younger, ambitious knights attempted to unseat him as commander of the Castle at Sanguinet due to his failures. Despite everything, the Master of the Hospital weighed each persons words and judged that Sir Jean-Claude deserved an opportunity.

They spoke at length on the 'Evils' that had been done to Sir Jean-Claude, but his steadfast determination and belief that they were god-fearing Christians saved these magi from further attention, being that there were other, more important things to get involved with - such as Crusades. Regardless, a letter demanding reparations in full was written, and Sir Jean-Claude was to give it to the Magi.

At the end of the season, after waiting for many troops, the armies set off, the wizards with them.

(Players all ran different hospitaller commanders.)


Still Crusading

Arriving at Damietta, the crusaders enter a large battle with Egyptian forces, though unknown to them a great and invisible spirit had thrown many of their boats into turmoil, drowning many. The wizards, however, undid the hostile spirit with magics before Aegyptus found the spirit summoner and burned him to ash. There was much blood, cavalry charging about the place, people screaming, and much killing and chasing down fleeing enemies. Jean-Claude and his men covered themselves in glory, but much damage was also done by Wilhelms great hammer and Adelaides vicious sword.

After taking the city, many influential knights had a great meeting where the French King and his advisors discussed their next move. One of the advisors was adamant at moving downwards along the Nile, and take Cairo but when examined closely by the wizards it could be seen a spirit was whispering in his ear and controlling him. Jean-Claude, cautious of the man's political abilities, asked him to pray for them all; unable to comply, the spirit fled.

There were some discussions between the wizards and the Hospitallers, but nothing was further said.

Eventually it was decided to move on Alexandria so they could be easily re-supplied, and while there was resistance from many who wished to march directly on Jerusalem, cooler heads prevailed.

A number of minor skirmishes happened as carpet riding spirit-callers laughed at the wizards a few times as they sent their spirit minions, until Aegyptus summoned one off his magic carpet and broke his nose. A number of wizards were destroyed when moving over the nile.

Finally, marching on Alexandria, a wizard approached them, Villen of Flambeau, who indicated their futher involvement would mean he would sue them. He indicated that Nicholas II was of the order, and of Flambeau; Aegyptus was furious, but cautious.

After some discussion, and Yvonne crying about how terrible the whole matter was, they began the process of going home.


Returning from the Crusade

Due to their position and having to backtrack a long way, the wizards and others chose to leave. Sir Jean-Claude, with dispensation, was asked to leave with them to make sure the message form the Hospitallers was recieved.

On the voyage back, during a game of Hazard, Simon of West Ham found that a demon was influencing them into the sin of loaning money at interest to other christians.. or Greed. Angered, he pressed his holy relic to the demon, who disappeared.

When, months later, they did arrive back at the covenant, Aegyptus personally took the letter from the Knights of the Hospital to Pilum and Garus, leaving it with them. It was only a few days later when they returned.

Much discussion came of the situation; they discussed the destruction of the castle by Ursus of Bjornaer, the reasons for him doing so, and the effects he has had. With little ceremony, Pilum declared a march on Ursus for endangering the Order.

Speaking with Jean-Claude about reparations, Pilum rebuilt a great castle, a true and amazing wonder in but a few moments. A castle much grander and larger than the walled hospital that stood before, there now stands a symbol of truly impressive might, resplendant with banners and flags.


The Hospitallers and the Order of Hermes. The Primi speak.

With Garus discussions, a few months later the Primi gathered at Durenmar, or at least those that would. (Players all played the Primi of various houses.)

The Primi indicated concern about the sudden and disturbing interest that the Knights Hospital had shown in them. It was discussed how they must best act in future given the letter of reparations. The monetary reparations less of a factor, there was one major clause which the Primi discussed; that the Knight Hospital demanded that 'Each of its members be Good Catholics, Honor God, and the Pope, and give up pagan ways that it has taken up.'

The Primi, some not exactly good Catholics themselves, discussed for some time the ramifications of such an event. They discussed forcing attendance of church through Certamen, through updating the Code, and a number of other means.

They finally decided to place a small covenant clearly within view and examination of the Knights Hospital, all good Catholics, for the Knights to witness and understand the Order a little better. The Primi understood it was nothing but a time waster, but hoped it would mollify the Hospitallers fears enough for them to turn their attention away from the Order.

No further action has been made, though it was indicated that the matter would be brought up at Grand Tribunal, when the Code can be changed.



Having knowledge of a gathering of scholars in Carcassone, the wizards travel off and enter the Abbey with permission. While there they find a collection of sinful monks, and something horrible goes on; they do not quite understand, but it is not long before dead monks are found, altars to demons, and a collection of other things went on. The wizards left the abbey after being accused of all sorts of evil, but Friar Theo, their friend, stays to defend them.

Occulus asks the PC's to go to Malin Bois, as they are in need of help.

The wizards travel to Malin Bois, a castle on a hill near a faerie forest. When there they skirmish with the Familias Magnus, who first come in illusionary disguises and tell them to leave, but after revealed indicate their desire to force action from the wizards of Malin Bois. They appear to be attacked by Helen of Guernicus which causes a brief but magically potent fight before both sides retreat, not entirely certain what has occured.

A few wizards speak to each other to resolve the difficulty, and Simon of West Ham is horribly burned and almost killed by Incandarius when he attempts to assassinate the powerful Ignem magus. After this, Aegyptus and the others swear to protect Malin Bois, and the Familias Magnus retreat, unwilling to compromise further hermetic laws at this time.


Bear Hunting Season Part 1

After the events around the castle. the wizards began travelling off to the Rhine tribunal. Meeting little opposition, it still took quite some time before they arrived at Rheinstein, where they met Accipiter of Guernicus for the second time. Accipiter let them know that he suspected Tabitha of Bjornaer, in Trier, to know where the renounced wizard may be. Yvonne also met Tenebrus of Bonisagus, who despite not being a necromancer enjoyed discussing the most in depth parts of necromantic theory.

The wizards travelled off to meet Tabitha of Bjornaer, who was unwilling to speak with them further, especially after a failed attempt at Seduction from Lord Oleos. Valvalla had a word in quiet with the other Cat-maga, and with the weighty information of Ursus being decended from Birna, they continued.

The wizards travelled through a number of villages before finding a small set of magical woods deep in the forest. They were attacked then at first by a mole-magus, who was never further identified and managed to survive the coming bloodbath. A collection of Clan Midsulfis mages then attacked them with Ursus at their lead, and an epic battle involving many wounds, screaming men, a snake spiked to a tree, a bloody bear, and a bunch of incapacitating and heavy wound then came about, though none of the De Lyon party died.

They then found Urgens lair and stole everything that wasn't nailed down, before attempting their slow trip home. A number of wounds started festering on the way back, slowing the journey quite a lot.


Bear Hunting Season Bear Hunting Season Part 2

Sporting a bucket of Vis, a bear head, and a bunch of festering wounds, the hunting party returned to De Lyon Magica.

He's got a big heart. A really, really big heart.

Orianna the Shepherdess is running her flocks over the hills and listening to th poetry of Pierre far from the covenant when she begins to hear loud, crashing noises coming from the woods nearby. She gathers her sheep, and saw something she didn't expect - a giant 20 feet tall striding from the forest. His mouth set in a wide smile, and dressed in skins, he had a large pouch on his huge belt. More than anything else, she was met with his singing, more enthiusiastic than good.

Oh, how I lUV my WIFE! She is so... full..of.. LIFE! She is so Hungreee- And I need to.. uh..

I love my wife....

Hi, ho, hi, ho..

The giant met Oriana and the two spoke for a little while. Feldegast told her that he had a loverly wife, but she is SO hungry! And she doesn't like boars, which is what he usually liked. So he has come a-hunting to find some little sheepies! He thanked her for being so nice about it, and said he'd come back tomorrow.

At that, he patted Oriana on the head and took a half dozen of her sheep, putting them in her pouch. Speechless, Oriana could do nothing but come to the covenant, claiming to the wizards that a giant took her sheep.

Somewhat unconcerned until reminded that the sheep included a Vis source, the wizards waited until the following day to speak with the massive giant. The giant greeted them all cheerily enough, but they tried to convince him that he shouldn't take their sheep, making the simple giant cry at taking their sheep in the process.

Trying to figure out a solution, Yvonne then informed a giant that Du Guyenne's lands had many sheep, and more than he'd miss. The giant was so thankful he hugged Yvonne very carefully, put her down, and ran off to Guyenne's lands.

A few hours later he returned, very upset because they shot arrows at him. Concerned because he was upset at not being able to feed his wife, (whom he only called 'Beautiful'), they followed him stealthily back to his home, a nice warm spot underneath an old bridge. From hiding they saw his beautiful and apparently human wife take the sheep and sing him to sleep after he had eaten a boar. Then, she and three of her sisters changed their forms into horrible trolls! They immediately began devouring all the sheep , even licking the ground for the remains of their blood. The troll wife was pregnant, and they moaned and wailed that the 'Stupid Giant' refused to find her humans to eat. She assured them it wouldn't be long, as the troll in her belly would kill the giant as soon as he was born.

Frightened for the safety of the poor giant, the wizards came out of hiding, showing themselvees to the trollwifes, who awoke Feldegast. The trollwives spoke of how the wizards hated them and wanted to kill them, but Yvonne, still in hiding, cast a spell to make him change his mind. The trollwives began insulting and screaming at him for being such a dolt, and how much they hated him. Crying tears of sadness and anger, Feldegast picked up the three trollwives and threw them as far as he could.

Thanking the wizards for showing him how much his wife was using him, Feldegast cooked some boar for everyone. Even knowing it to be vis, they ate it anyway, not wanting to offend the giant.


Christmas as Cazeaux

All of the wizards and friends of Sir Dateaux recieved an invitation to attend a week of celebration leading up to Christmas. Happy to be invited, quite a few people attended.

After they arrived they were shown to their quarters in Dateaux' castle, and spoke with Catherine whom they had missed. It wasn't long before an aggressive young nobleman, claiming to be the 'rightful claimant' of the Aubertin lands, arrived, and demanded to be made a part of the feast. Dateaux, with a wolfish smile, allowed him entry.

A number of other nobles attended on the three nights before Christmas.

At the party, a stranger entered and asked Dateaux for entry. The stranger was well dressed, and so Dateaux allowed him entry. For allowing him to stay, the stranger, toward the end of the night, played a sad song - one so sad in fact it caused the entire hall to begin weeping. When everyone came back from their tears, feeling tired but relieved, they went to bed.

The following day a hunt took place. However, Guyenne's youngest daughter seemed to have gone missing. None overly concerned, everyone just assumed the girl would turn up and so all the men went hunting, and the women hawking and games playing.

When they returned however, the girl was still missing. A search was put into place, and Oleos began searching the castle.

While Oleos was searching, the stranger again begged entry to the feast that evening. However, Alain, one of Dateaux' minstrels, began playing the sad song. The stranger however, mentioned this was far too early for such a song and began a dance; suddenly, people everywhere were doing wilder and wilder dances, the elderly Lady Martha doing high kicks, until everyone was tired and hungry for their meal. The wizards were interested in the stranger, but could never quite get in contact with him.

At the same time, Oleos found the girl Yvain had never left the womens quarters, and was in the rooms of Sir Roger's consort when seen last. He asked Lady Martha to walk with him through the chambers, and they found the girl had been locked in a large chest. Uncertain of how exactly to let the girl free, he left the girl with Lady Martha, attempting to stay out of any kidnap attempt.

Lady Martha did not return that evening.

The following morning, Lady Martha had left, complaining illness. Oleos rode after her hard, and caught up the relatively slow wagons quickly. Oleos demanded to know why she had taken the girl, and Martha indicated that it was none of his concern; and to be cautious, lest his protectors, the magi, doom him for interfering. She mentioned that Guyenne would attack Dateaux; if he revealed what he knew, she would make it known to the magi, and they would turn him into a frog.

Oleos, fuming, came back to Dateaux' castle, and told no-one of what he knew.

This morning, Guyenne raged at his missing daughter and blamed Dateaux for being a poor host, and for kidnapping his daughter. He promised vengeance upon all concerned, and left. Sir Roger spoke of his willingness to ally for part of the lands of Dateaux, but Dateaux indicated he needed more time to discuss these things with his advisors.

The last evening before Christmas, the bard Alain began playing the same dance music as yesterday. The stranger entered the room dramatically, informed Dateaux that this bard had stolen from him, and demanded Dateaux give over his protection. The wizards spoke with the stranger for a while, and found that the magical songs he had used as gifts to Dateaux' party had been stolen by the Bard. The wizards informed Dateaux that the bard had, in fact, stolen from the Stranger, and Dateaux allowed the stranger his due. The bard, screaming, disappeared in a cloud of musical notes. The stranger played one last song, that of sleep; when everyone awoke, it was Christmas.



Lord Oleos' Ransom

Early in Spring, a bare few days after the Christmas party, Oleos, Sir Bevel, and a half dozen fighting men approached Du Guyenne's encampment where he was busy training his men. Oleos is treated with a minimum of respect but was clear Guyenne was busy getting his men ready to war.

Oleos began a diplomatic overture attempting to cease Guyenne's buildup of forces to take back his daughter. Unfortunately, he let a critical piece of information slip; not only that Dateaux had nothing to do with the kidnap, but that he himself had allowed the Lady Martha to abscond with the girl; he also inadvertantly revealed that he was the who was heavily involved, even when he was not.

Guyenne immediately had Oleos and Bevel captured, and both tortured for what information he had. Guyenne immediately set sights on Aubertin lands.

He did however send a letter to the covenant of wizards indicating that their 'Pet dwarf' had been captured, and he is willing to negotiate for concessions. The letter indicated that if they weren't willing to pay, if they could send it on to his family he would be much obliged.

The wizards met about the situation, but indicated that the cost of 500 pounds of silver was somewhat exorbitant. They also discussed whether they should bother to keep the little noble around; he hadn't done much more than live in the covenant and chat to people. The wizards thought hard but decided they should go to Oleos to make his case first.

A few wizards went to where Guyenne's few hundred men were camping. They spoke with Guyenne, who dearly wished to know whether Oleos was involved with them or not, and whether the wizards would pay his ransom. Choosing to avoid any hostilities, they asked to see Oleos and did so; finding him bruised and beated, with both arms broken, he was a sorry sight. Oleos spoke to them about his plan to undo the misfortune of the Christmas party by returning Guyenne's daughter to him. They also find out that Martha has the girl.

Unwilling to make any hostile action, the wizards thank Guyenne for allowing them into his lands and leave to speak with Aubertin. They find he is attempting to train a levy of peasants with the assistance of his aging Knight, Sir Eberhardt, but Adelaide informs the wizards that Guyenne's hardened soldiers would most likely eat them alive.

They speak with the Lady Martha, who they did not think had the capacity to kidnap anyone. Martha is cautious with them, but reminds them that they live on her sons lands with little interference. She tells them that it is only a matter of time before Guyenne begins his attack; his lands are not enough to support his men after the Saintonge War, and his money reserves are lessening. Her kidnap of Yvain, Guyenne's daughter, is a preventative measure; Guyenne will posture but not attack. Martha also tells the wizards that if her son, Aubertin, yet unmarried, marries the girl with her fathers permission, their houses may be joined.

The wizards contemplate what action they can take. They do not fully believe Martha in that Guyenne will not attack, because they do not believe that Martha or Lord Aubertin will genuinely harm the girl. If they do not believe so, they assume Guyenne also does not believe so. They contemplate many actions, involving destroying Guyenne's men whilst invisible or attempting a host of other aggressive actions, but calmer heads prevail. They speak with the girl, Yvain, about what she desires, and find that she wants to go home to her father; but that she thinks that Aubertin is somewhat handsome, and he has treated her kindly; but she knows it is her father who will choose who she marries.

The wizards, then, come up with a plan. They approach Guyenne about the wedding; they speak of the benefits of the marriage to Guyenne. Guyenne is suspicious, but agrees to consider the marriage if his daughter is returned to him. Feeling their options limited, they do so; however, they cast a spell of Moon duration to affect the girls mind, giving her a positive impression of Aubertin.

The hostage swap is arranged on Aubertin lands, and Guyenne promises to consider the marriage; however, he indicated that he will wait until the girl has reached her teens at least. At that, they rode off.

The wizards breathed a sigh of relief. They had avoided violence between their landlord and an aggressor. They then decided to conjure up a bunch of mystical silver to pay off Oleos and Bevel's ransoms. They put Oleos' family crest on the silver bars, decided it didn't contribute a breach of the code, and ransomed them back.

They let Oleos and Bevel know their debt.


The Gathering of 12 Years.

Valvalla attends her first Gathering as a full hermetic maga. She meets there the other members of Clan Sirnas, including Strong-Back Gorilla, Wise Old Frog, Happy Wolf, Quick-Claws Owl and Crocodile, who address Valvalla as 'Silly little kitten.' Valvalla speaks to each of her clan members and they judge her actions as known to them recently as to whether she is deemed ready for the further secrets of her clan. Urgen of Bjornaer and Clan Midsulf attempt to bully clan Sirnas into backing down over protecting Valvalla, and call for Valvalla's actions in killing the decendant of Birna. Urgen attempts many different political actions, but each are shot down by the astute words of Clan Sirnas. Eventually, Urgen comes near enough to loom over Valvalla, but Clan Sirnas, led by Strong-Back Gorilla, face him down.

Clan Ilfetu judges that nothing Valvalla has done is against the nature of what it means to be of Bjornaer, despite Midsulf' political leanings.

Valvalla impresses Crocodile enough that he teaches her a powerful secret of her house, a magical focus in Warding, though with the vow she must protect the weak.

After this gathering Valvalla is known as 'Kitten.'


Corvus' suggestions

A young Tremere magus seeks entry into the covenant. He requests to speak with a member of the senior council and the Disceptator, Terminus, speaks with the young man. Corvus tells Terminus that he is interested in joining the covenant, as he has heard of their fantastic library. Seeing no reason to refuse the young wizard, Terminus grants him the status as a probationary member.

Corvus approaches many of the key figures in the covenant and asks them what it is they want from the covenant and whether it is being achieved. Each of the mages thinks carefully about what they want, and they tell him. Toward the end of the season, he makes his suggestion to the council at the seasonal meeting; that the current system of rulership be overturned in favor of a more disciplined and ordered system. There is much debating amongst the wizards about this, but eventually it is put into place to test it until Tribunal 1253. Aegyptus is elected Princeps.

Valvalla grumbles and moans, but does not vote against the propositions placed forth.

Darn Apprentices

Leo and Terminus both find their apprentices have gone missing. They search the covenant for them with magic and find no evidence of them to their chagrin. Using more mundane solutions they investigate what the children have gotten up to and find the children have been exploring the chimney system from the Scriptorium. They talk to several grogs and companions on their way around the covenant.

They find in the chimney system that there is a small regione that leads to an ancient temple that seems to be filled with fading ghosts. They meet a stag, and are told a story about the Son of the Sun, a piece of the Sun that fell to the ground, and cannot reach his father.

The Lower Labs

The wizards investigate the chimneys further and find there is an entire section of laboratories that has been closed off. They crawl through some ancient small channels for water and find themselves in a central chamber with an ancient roman water spirit, surrounded by laboratories. They first walk up the stairway and find it is rubble; some magic clears it up and find it leads into the summoning chamber upstairs. The water spirit has told them to not to take anything from the laboratories, but did not attempt to do anything to stop them investigating.

They investigate the laboratories with some caution. The first is an amazing laboratory with moving blackboards and chairs, a roof that mirrors the celestial patterns on the skies, and an endlessly moving giant armillary sphere. They get chased out by some aggressive mops.

The second appeared to be the site of a cultic altar, with skulls placed upon poles glaring down at them and cursing them in strange tongues. The magical protection was withdrawn from a grog and was driven instantaneously insane. They quickly left the creepy room with the bloodstained altar.

The third laboratory had grass growing from the doorway. Inside appeared to be a forest, with the sky clear above (Despite them being clearly underground!). A Doormouse informed them they were trespassing on his mistresses home, and they left.

A fourth laboratory door opened to reveal a wizard who was shocked they hadn't even knocked. He shook his head and informed them they should shut the door. They did so. They attempted again, and the wizard indicated he didn't much enjoy the second intrusion either, and asked them to leave.

Adam le Breton, standing back, saw Aegyptus and Terminus pretending to open a door and have a conversation with nothing. When he attempted to tell them what had happened, they told the younger mage to be quiet while the 'senior magi' were speaking.

Confused at the situation, a number of hints put themselves together from speaking with the water spirit (who claimed to be the sister of the Son of the Sun) and the deer. The flame spirit that harrassed them appeared to routinely appear and attempt to gain entrance to the regione that their chimney now blocked; as well as this, the wizards appeared to handle it quite well for a large amount of years, but something went horribly wrong and they were burned to death. No-one was certain what went wrong, only that it had, and the powerful wizards below were not able to deal with the creature when the tragedy occured.

The wizards, at this, were a little concerned. They also found that the spirit was due to visit its father again in a few years.



A pack of overly familiar wolves run through the covenant, easily able to enter and exit the regio. They cause some mild panic, but they are driven off by a lion roar by Hadil. No wolves or people are hurt in the making of this adventure, but chickens are stolen, slacking guards nipped, and the wizards a little peeved by the unexpected situation.

Adelaide and her Black Wolves wake up the following day and find out the various stories of giant, slavering, demonic wolves that attacked the covenant, killing people left and right!

Adelaide does little to fix anything at this time.

The Silver Mine Isn't Working

Finally bothering to investigate, a half dozen magi visit the silver mine and find that Billy Blinker, William the Winker's son has been turned to stone in the cave. Horrified, the wizards drag his stony form iinto the sunlight, where he regains his human form. He tells of an odd story; the ghosts that normally work the mine have mentioned odd knocking noises in the mine, and one that they remember well; the same thing that killed them a millenia ago! Billy tells them of a glory hole they uncovered; a strange place absolutely filled with piles of silver and gems. After they went in, odd small rocklike creatures began chasing him, and just as he saw the exit he was turned to stone.

The wizards, curious, enter the mine. They hear odd knocking noises through the miine, but soon enough find themselves at a horrible door that tries to eat them. They fall through the cavern and meet the Goblin King, a tall, perfectly polished stone creature that sits on an obsidian throne.

The King informs them that they have tried to steal from him and he is bound his due. Terminus attempts to give the Goblin King an insult and is entombed for a few moments until he teleports to where he was before.

The Goblin King promises to leave them alone if they return his treasure; cautious of faerie bargains, they avoid agreeing or disagreeing to anything. They retreat, thinking over their options.

Given that they owe Guyenne his due for the mine, the wizards quickly determine that simply magically creating silver and put lord Oleos' seal upon it. They assume this will sort out the issue and will hear nothing of it again.

They have yet to create magical silver to do this.



The Witches of Sanguinet

The wizards meet Dominica, a fiery young woman from the nearby Sanguinet who insists on seeing them for her issues. Dominica tells them off an odd white cloth she found under her fiancee's pillow, that when removed, he began to recover from a terrible illness. She asks the wizards to find out what witch would curse her betrothed unto death.

The wizards begin poking about Sanguinet, meeting a few villagers. They quickly find out that Berenger was one of three men who were similarly stricken; they find that one has died already and one is close to death from a fever. People are concerned but not particularly worried about any curses, due to fevers taking people all the time.

The wizards investigate the two men's rooms and find the white curse cloths in their bedding, but it is too late for the second one, though he begs forgiveness for his sins before his death.

Still more curious, they speak with Berengar. Having little luck due to the effects of the gift, a fighting grog tries to speak with Berengar and has some more success. He finds out after a few cups that on Berengar's birthday, he and his two friends were involved in the rape of a village girl, Alesta. Berengar asked them to stop, but Pierre would not be told no, and had a knife drawn on the girl. The other man simply joined in. Berengar pretended to be too drunk to know what he was doing.

The mystery somewhat solved, the wizards investigated further, curious to know of the white curse cloths involved in the affair. They spoke with Alesta's mother, and caused her to reveal to them the hidden location of a trio of midwives who live in the forest. They deal only with women and womens issues. She asked them to help her take revenge on the three, and they had. Jean-Claude was saddened by her wrath, but chose to spare her further by requesting she do good works and charity to make up for her sins.

The wizards investigated the forest and found a young girl who attempted to call up mists and flee from them. Unable to effect them with her magics, the girl spat hatred at the men in the group. They simply left her alone.

At that, the group asked Yvonne to speak with them. Yvonne met with two, the girl and a young woman, and informed them about the Order of Hermes; they quickly found she had the full gift. They organised Helen of Guernicus to inform them of their situation, and promised to leave them be so long as they followed the Code.


During this time Lord Oleos began a program of attempting to gain agents. With his retainers, he organised the housemaid pregnant with Du Guyenne's bastard to owe him her life, paid off the Lady Lauren's son (Of Dateaux' Household) gambling debts and organised Quintin (of Aubertine's household) arms and armor and a knighthood so as to be able to pursue his dream of being a tourney knight.



The Friar's Visit

Friar Albertus, the Bishop in Boots, and Friar Theo visit the covenant after sending a letter indicating they will do so. Despite theoretically on the search for heresy, it appears that Albertus is much more interested in speaking about magical confluenses, astrology, and magical theory. He speaks about his 'Jerbiton Friends' and how they have been such a good help in helping him know about the Order.

The two friars speak with each of the wizards in turn, discussing magic and the divine; there is no question of whether magic is in itself good or evil, only on whether the wizards had employed their magic for moral purposes, and whether they followed the Church' teachings.

Only two people of note stood out as being of note; one, Adam, who was a pagan, and the other, Terminus, who was... philisophically an agnostic. Albertus spoke only with Tuscus, who revealed that Terminus did not believe God was anything other than a powerful spirit, and no more worthy of worship than the spirit of, for instance, a powerful flame. Albertus was quite concerned at this, and asked that Terminus speak with him in Bordeaux regarding these matters, and passing them on to others.

Adam and Albertus had a long argument, and while his beliefs were not changed, Adam found he had not a single philosophical point to rely upon; only his faith in ancient gods as worthy as worship without intellectual backing. A painful position to be in.


The Son of the Sun

After the years spent, the wizards had prepared for the great being of fire that routinely bothered the covenant. Cautious, knowing it to have killed magi before, they were careful to have plans to save the covenfolk, bind the creature with a spell and lead it to the stag within their covenant, hopefully without killing anyone.

When it arrived, roaring through the night, they prepared. Expending much vis and power, forming a wizards communion, they cast a spell - binding a magical being of fire to their will.

Unfortunately, the Son of the Sun was a creature of stories, a faerie entity. Cursing their bad luck, the magi began shepherding the people in the village nearby away even as the great thing got closer.

Brave Maeron, determined to hold the thing back from burning the town into ash, against the warnings of his Sodales, threw himself at the creature with his greatsword ready. His great size was the only thing that saved him from the immense being of fire, but his ruined body was left lying in the burning grass.

Aegyptus and Terminus then set themselves on the creature. While its expelled flames were unable to pierce his protections, Aegyptus was cautious of the creature, and unable to hurt it with his blade. He found himself suprised when the creatures fire seemed to be able to bypass his Parma a few times, but other than a few light wounds the fire did little.

Even while Aegyptus held the creature at bay, Terminus attacked it with a few spells, using enough Vis to sink a battleship to lower the creatures power. Still unable to kill it, they saw it threw itself at the covenant, but now weakened to such a point it could not pass their own Aegis.

Yvonne, thinking quickly, found a burning bush left by the fire creature. Using the very temporary arcane connection, she ran into the covenant, into the summoning circle once used before, and used her ability to summon to bring the creature within the Aegis. Then, fleeing, she let it go; and as they expected, it went down the stairway and into the laboratories downstairs, where it disappeared.



Tribunal 1253.

Part the First: After setting up tents in the afternoon of Tribunal, the wizards went to sleep. Unfortunately, Maeron's tent began issuing a loud snoring sound and the tent began flapping with the movement. Deciding to leave it be, he went outside to sleep under the stars.

During this time, Parvula, Aegyptus, Leo and Terminus are getting as horribly drunk (excepting Terminus) as they can and sharing old

A little later that night Adam le Breton's tent was attacked by a rampaging bull, which he entwined with Herbam. Before he could investigate it much it disappeared.

One of the grogs then noticed that Maeron's tent flap had opened and closed but no-one had entered. Intrigued, the grogs asked Adam and Yvonne to wake up and help, but by the time everyone was organised the invisible person was gone.

Later on, Samuel of Verditius had organised a crier to advertise Leo as a maker of 'Small but useful enchantments' and his willingness to work 'For but a pawn of vis per season.' Magi lined up for this too good to be true offer, and Leo was infuriated. Having his automata pick up the crier, he had them throw it directly at samuels encampment, wounding the crier in the process. Leo, angry and with four large stone automata backing him, intimidated Samuel to taking back his claims, and doing 'whatever he could for these wizards with his meager powers.' Samuel, genuinely frightened of the steaming dwarf, agreed to come to some solution with them all.

Tournament Dimacatio Tournament Winner: Incandarius of Flambeau won 100 pawns of vis. (Had to win 4 bouts) 10 Pawn Entry.

Certamen Tournament Winner: Terminus of Criamon won 100 Pawns of Vis (Had to win 4 bouts.) 10 Pawn Entry.

Games: Unfortunately none of the wizards of De Lyon Magica won any of the sideshows.

Mundane Tournaments: Not entered, the prizes were not impressive enough.

Item Creation: Winner of the Journeymans tourney was Trea of Verditius, who generously chose to use her 'win' to be placed in the masters tourney. With that done, comparing the items, the archmagi declared the amazing Automata of Leo of Verditius to be the winner.

Leo won: A Hat of Illusions

A Sword with Friends

A Shield of Ward against Arrows

Schola: Tremulus of Bonisagus taught 'Advanced Hermetic Scatter Magical Theory: On Principles Relating to the Nature of Auras'. The poor stuttering magus' time was up by the time he got through his own title. Luckily he had handy written notes.

Necronus taught 'Remedial Necromancy for the Unenlightened.' and 'Advanced Corpse Usage, hur hur hur.'

Ceilwyn of Flambeau taught 'Penetration and Realm interaction.'

There was much buying and selling and trading of books and magical items. Many books were purchased by individuals, and a few books were purchased by the covenant.


Occulus of Bonisagus convinced Yvonne ex Misc and Maeron ex Misc to join his political affiliation of the Peacemakers, dedicated to peace, the unity of the order, and the removal of Wizards War from the Code.


Maeron ex Miscellania recieved two letters. One to watch the weasel game and one to assist Malin Bois.

Maeron investigated the weasel game and identified the cheater, but did not speak to any magi from Malin Bois.


Ruborus of Tytalus introduced himself to Maeron, making callous comments about his tongue, laughing at his ineptitude, and all over embarrassing the poor simple Magus, who enjoys a reputation of Womanizer due to no fault of his own, when he accidentally disrobed a pretty young woman while tripping after Ruborus.



Samuel of Verditius, Leo's old rival, was announced as Magister in the Tribunal.

Malin Bois declared themselves as vassals of the Familias Magnus.


Aneus of Guernicus vs. Quinctilius of Jerbiton

Aneus of Guernicus charged Quinctilius of Jerbiton of being a diabolist. He had used truth magics but the truth magics indicated Quinctilius of Jerbiton was in fact innocent, but when used on Aneus indicated that Quinctilius of Jerbiton.

The issue of Diabolism was raised up as foiling Intellego magics, but Quinctillius, with assistance from Yvonne, was not found guilt and let go, as the evidence was not enough to condemn him.

Helen of Guernicus vs. Gulzar of Flambeau, Gulab of Flambeau and Nizamuddin of Flambeau.

They had claimed that they existed outside the tribunal, their covenant not being on the mainland of the Provencal Tribunal. They had been summoned to meet with Helen and had refused, and refused to attend Tribunal.

All three wizards were thereby renounced.

Helen of Guernicus vs. Calligo Conatio of Flambeau

Helen of Guernicus brings a charge of Deprivation of Magical power against Calligo Conatio of Flambeau. When examining his laboratory for her own purposes, he had let a Pilum of Fire fly, and she had ran out of his laboratory. He then let a second go, which she charged him with as he was out of the Sanctum. Despite all attempts to the contrary, Calligo was granted no punishments for his actions. Helen was incensed.

Aneus of Guernicus vs. Thomae of Tytalus

Aneus of Guernicus charged Thomae with Interfering with Mundanes for flying is giant flying castle over the town of Foix. With no-one to defend him and no friends in the Tribunal, he was found guilty, and renounced.

Leo of Verditius vs. Teobaldus of Tytalus

Teobaldus, having contracted Leo to make an item of significant power, then refused to pay. The quasitore then placed a charge of 60 pawns of vis (The item was worth 120), which Teobaldus, reacting badly, refused to pay. Teobaldus then took the matter to further tribunal, and Leo called upon his political allies to back him. Pilum then had a vis fine of 80 pawns payable to Leo, and punished Teobaldus with the destruction of his Talisman. Teobaldus swore noisily, but made no further efforts to resist.

Aneus of Guernicus vs. Aegyptus, Terminus, Leo, Parvula, aided by continuation of their actions by Arkady (absent), Yvonne, Adam, Maeron and Valvalla.

A great argument entailed, being led as much by Urgen of Bjornaer, the old enemy of the elder wizards, as by Aneus of Guernicus. Helen of Guernicus, oddly, stood up for them, indicating their good deeds with their bad. Arguing that they had broken the code through their actions, through funding the building of the Castle Hospitaller, they had brought ruin on their Sodales. The wizards called their allies and made arguments that their actions were not unwise, and only the actions of Ursus created the situation, they were fined two rooks of Vis, a paltry amount for the great changes they had effected upon the Tribunal.

Post Tribunal

Ruborus of Tytalus and Maeron ex Miscellania did Certamen over honor, and Maeron lost. Ruborus laughed, got the chicks, looked cooler, and left.

Urgen of Bjornaer scratched Terminus across the face, gaining his blood, before vanishing.

Upon returning back to the covenant, the wizards found that a good three hundred peasants were attempting to join them because of the great reputation they had for kindness and fairness. Lord Oleos, proving his use to the covenant, organised these peasants to be taken to his lands to work, taking the problem out of the hands of the wizards. They were greatly appreciative.

The Black Ewe that is a vis source for the covenant managed to escape Oriana's grasp during a lightning storm. Running through the village she dodged, ducked, jumped and bounced through on her quest to chase the sheep. However, she elected to save an old woman from being trampled rather than catch the sheep, which went on to cause great property damage. The sheep was then tried for the damage, and the wizards took responsibility for it and paid the damages.


The highlight of Autumn was the post-Tribunal wizard's council, in which the following decisions were made:

  • The three offices are being maintained by the existing office-holders.
  • Further duties were assigned - some requiring the action of each magus.
  • Efforts to isolate the covenant from its mundane affairs will be made.


Leo's accident

Leo of Verditius, while attempting to learn a minor spell, opted to perform laboratory experimentation. This backfired horribly, dumping the entire contents of the Regio (the buildings, people, etc) out into the rest of the world - resulting in labs ending up in odd places throughout Jean-Claude's castle.

In the aftermath the wizards realised that while the Regio was still accessible, the new requirement to shout out a prayer to Hermes was unpalatable given the circumstances. The decision was made by the Council to relocate the covenant to the still-easily-accessible clearing in the forest, fifteen minutes travel away.

The magi called on the services of Erasmus of Bonisagus to move the buildings by way of the spell 'Moving the Misplaced Castle.' Unfortunately, the move resulted in some of the covenant features being destroyed and many damaged.

Dire Weasels

A small colony of giant weasels burrowed out of the newly relocated flowerbeds, scaring the groundskeeper half to death. The wizards - many of them nearby at the time - reacted with shock. Maeron immediately cast Crest of the Earth Wave - wounding the weasels, killing the groundskeeper and destroying the vis-providing flowerbeds. The weasels reacted in fear, lashing out to attempt to escape. In so doing they very nearly slew Tuscus and wounded Donata. Adam le Breton quickly subdued the weasels with a spell that trapped them.




Due to the previous events, Leo of Verditius and Maeron ex Miscellania are held up for censure. Leo, having made an error, and asking his Sodales to remember his many spent seasons for the covenant, is not censured. Maeron, indicating only guilt and sadness, is censured, and demoted to Probationary Member of the covenant.


Lady Martha Aubertin has passed on due to old age.

The Transylvanian Tribunal has won a great victory against the Mongol Hordes, after much bloodshed.

Enter the Magus

Perses of Tytalus, meeting Heinrich of Mercere and Pilum of Guernicus, is told of De lyon Magica. Heinrich informs him that if he did wish to join a covenant that De Lyon Magica owed him a few favours, and sent the young wizard on his way. Arriving at the covenant, Perses simply asked to be a member of the covenant, not using Heinrich's invitation. The wizards were happy to invite him in as a guest, but as they didn't yet know him asked him to simply have cheap rates (1p/Year) on lab use, and at the end of the year they shall re-visit the idea of making him a probationary member.

Wolf Hour

Returning from being a werewolf back to the covenant, Adelaide finds five of her Black Wolf mercenaries are gone, and only Kurt the Whining Warrior has returned. She gathers a group, Hadil, Maeron, the new wizard Perses of Tytalus, and Ebony the Horse went off to investigate the missing grogs. A few hours spent hunting through tracks, they found a hunters camp with odd skins hung inexpertly. Maeron, tracking outside, found a group of skinned men in a pit nearby.

Adelaide, furious, organised the group to wait and do combat unto the people who would attack her grogs. They waited for some time, until twilight came on. The hunters came in the surcoats of House Aubertin and hailed them, but were frightened of the Giant wizard and drew weapons on him; and when Adelaide attacked, combat begun.

Spells botching, arrows flew, and Adelaide was furious that she was pinned. Eventually released, she ordered the hunters to be given weapons so she could kill them in 'fair fights.' Adam le Breton, unwilling to see further bloodshed, begun casting spells upon Adelaide until she had fallen unconcious.

The group then, horrified at the two dead retainers of House Aubertin, wondered at how they could avoid further issues at this time. They involved Yvonne ex Miscellania, and came up with a cunning plan involving setting up a situation of a bear having killed Adelaide's men, sending Adelaide against it (poor bear) and doing a lot of mentem magic to make everyone forget.

The only problem is that no-one is certain at what happened to the two dead men, who were buried deep in the woods.


Stupid Bird

Valvalla and Yvonne recieved letters from a redcap.

Dearest Valvalla,

You are a naughty pussy. You love it when I stroke you between your eyes and run my fingers up underneath your tail. Your dirty beast nature wants to throw itself on me, and only the fact that you are cowardly like a whipped dog stops you. I'm here for you when you want me.


Dearest Yvonne,

I'm going to make you call me Daddy. You'll cry when I spank you like the naughty girl you are.


After recieving these letters, Valvalla attempted to spontaneously shorten the giants 'essential nature', but unfortunately her magic did not penetrate. He was a little confused when she simply came up and jabbed him in the chest however.

A few days later, Yvonne summoned her father and asked him about the letter. Not getting the full gist or listening, he told her it was likely this Maeron liked her, and she should spend more time with him. He was also nice enough to give Yvonne chores; As he was so busy preparing for the following century, he asked Yvonne to organise two ghosts who hadn't yet passed on. Yvonne dutifully had a play date with Maeron where he read a book and she nattered incessantly and made daisy chains. A few days later, Yvonne recieved this letter;

Horrible Yvonne,

You are the worst person in the world and SUPER boring. I hate you and never want to spend any time with you ever again.


Yvonne threw the letter at him in tears.

A few days later, to Maerons growing confusion, the following letters appeared, delivered by amused redcap.

“Dear Maeron,

I ask what I have ever done to insult you so. To insult the tail of my familiar, indicate my sexual proclivities with such tail, and attempt to provoke me into such a childish game is below even a pathetic partially gifted fool such as you. I suggest that whichever hedge magus taught you re-teach you civility before you re-join society. If I see you before this date, I suggest you amend your tone, else I shall defend my honor with fire.

Sepentia of Bonisagus”

“To the ungracious pig Maeron,

I care little for your pointless affectations, and if ever I do so see your ‘Manly’ tumescence, I shall soon hang it upon my wall, and enjoy your high pitch in the boys choir.

Helen of Guernicus”

“To Maeron,

Seeing as we have never met, I am not surprised by the fact that in fact you are dead wrong in your indications of my ‘incessant female nature’ and how ‘I shall be moist for the very sight of you’, and my ‘Resistance shall be overcome with pleasure’.

Indeed, to avoid this future, if I see you again, I shall tear your image from your body and tie it to the moon, and you can chase it about for the rest of eternity.

Archimaga Sarus of Criamon”

“To Maeron,

Your words have enraged me beyond all bounds, especially seen as I barely know you. If you wish to provoke me so as to gain my magical treasures then I welcome the upcoming fight.

I hereby declare War upon you. Prepare yourself well, ‘Giant’, for I will cut you down to size.

Cassandra of Flambeau”


I care nothing for you and never will. If you died and your soul eaten by demons as you scream, I will not raise a single finger to save you.

Saira ex Miscellania.”

Cassandra, being a reckless but not overly vicious young woman, gained an Aegis token from Aegyptus by telling him carefully crafted truths. With the Aegis token she stormed into Maeron's laboratory and began casting spells on him, demanding he apologise to her. Maeron, confused, was not certain whether to run or attack, and his legs were drastically shortened to little stumpy legs. He then barged past Cassandra who was apprehended by Aegyptus, and ran off on stumpy legs. Cassandra showed the note to the others, who let her do what she wanted; she wrote insulting messages on the inside of his laboratory rather than do any permanent damage.

Maeron slowly clued on that it was in fact his animal companion, jealous of the attention that the women give him, that had been organising the written letters. He carefully wrote out a number of letters to every female maga in the tribunal explaining his plight and asking them to forgive the issue.


Talpa Gravelcruncher Misdulfis, furious, has finally found the wizards who killed Ursus. Travel worn, sore and enraged, he waited outside the covenant to attack any who came out. Unable to see well with his normal eyes, his first attack slew two grogs and wounded two more. A great battle ensued when the wizards were brought back; waves of earth, crushing stones, flight, twilight experiences, thousands of cubic paces of earth, waves of mud, flowers, and finally a sleep spell undid the potent terram magus.


Aegyptus of Flambeau was brought before the Council to be considered for censure due to his handing over an Aegis token to someone who had declared Wizard's War on a member of the Council. While the gravity of his error was clearly stated, the Council chose not to censure him for this action.

Nothing else of note happened in Autumn.


Maeron, Perses and Terminus went into the goblin infested mines. They kicked in the door, slew a lot of goblins, killed the goblin king and took the vis.

They were thinking of looting the corpses but the corpses and their equipment turned into gravel and dust.




A meeting was held in early spring where the Peacemakers addressed an aggressive demand by the Familias Magnus to become their overlords. Individually disparate, the Peacemakers chose to ask further questions of the Familias Magnus at how far they would go.

A month later, the Peacemakers recieved declarations of Wizards War. Unwilling to fight against an aggressive force, and too disparate to defend themselves, they chose to hide within the protection of the Knights of Garus. They moved out the people from the covenant and took everything they could.

As a result, the covenant of Sous Le Roche was attacked. The buildings were burned and shattered and the petrified forests were smashed.

Within the covenant lay a letter.

"Let it be known that this is an example of the Power of the Familias Magnus. Be a vassal or Enemy."

The covenant of Sous Le Roche began rebuilding at the end of Spring.



Despite Aegyputus misgivings, the elderly tremere wizard Carthus entered the covenant, and happily began reading some of the tractatus. He informs the wizards that he is more interested in learning about all of the new wizards in the tribunal than anything else in particular.

He begins chatting to wizards, and has a conversation with Perses. He is rebuffed by Maeron, who is still in a funk.



Maeron and Leo investigate the rape and robbing of Caelia the Fair, a redcap. They come to a small village making its trade out of the swamps nearby. Maeron begins investigating the villagers, and slays a few who were involved. It is not long however before Leo orders the deaths of the entire village. Despite Maeron's protests, and attempted actions, the vicious grogs, rampaging lion, and stone automata destroy every living thing and kill every man, woman and child over seven. The remainder they take back to the covenant.

Maeron, horrified at the medieval justice, leaves the covenant to go on Pilgrimage. He meets Carthus overlooking the slaughter of the village.


Yvonne finds the spirit of Fidellus, an invisible ghost dog in a cemetray near Biscarosse. Attempting to gain entry to the village, the multicoloured grogs and blatant gift means the villagers want nothing to do with them. The group investigate the cemetary and meet Fidellus the ghost dog. Yvonne, wanting to let the dog pass on because he misses his master, summons his master from the dead. They speak with Carralix for some time, and the old ghost is having difficulty understanding the lives of his family he barely understands anymore. Yvonne convinces him to move on, hoping that Fidellus will also move on. However, Fidellus does not; he stays. The dog seems happy to follow Yvonne back to the covenant.


Sir Jean-Claude recieves an order he cannot countenance; from his Chapter Master, to drive out all non-Christians from near by, so as to not anger the French king. Unable to comply, as to do so would be to destroy his friends, he gives up his commission and moves to Cyprus. He continues to lead successful charge after charge against the infidels in the Holy Lands, and eventually dies of old age at 160, surrounded by praying nuns.


News: Aidric of Flambeau and Sarus of Criamon engaged in Wizards War, and neither have returned to their covenant.

Flying High

Invited by the Advisor to discuss matters of importance forKing of Birds, Valvalla, Hadil and Adam le Breton are asked to help the King of Birds when the Vulture King (The ex-grand Vizier) appears to have ursurped the King of Birds place by poisoning him with the assistance of three men, apparently friends with Nicholas II. The three have a fantastic adventure stretching from high mountains, cities of birds leaping thousands of feet high, the bottoms of lakes, great spires with magical apples, angry genii Locii, and find a magic pearl that will cure the King of Birds. They mystically enchant the pearl through a process of pure water and goats blood, and bring it back to the King of Birds, who quickly reclaims his throne with his power restored. He tells them that three men, dark of skin, were in fact seeking Hadil and Aegyptus, and live on an island south of Marsailles; and they poisoned him simply to get the information.

Hadil, requested by the King of Birds to be by his side to advise him on matters relating to the World of Men, agrees. While she visits her husband and children on occasion, causing Eustace to mope about the covenant for some time and her children to cry for their mother, her duty is clear; the magical realm of Birds requires her help.

I'm not killing everyone. I'm ending the world. It'll be fine.

Terminus, engaging in invention, appears to disappear for a moment.

In the mundane world, his body begins warping grogs, sleeping with women, getting into fights, and drinking alcohol. The wizards are all concerned and call an emergency meeting about it, and warn him to stop experimenting on the grogs. The adulteration is amused by the situation and tells the covenant in general about several misdemeanours such as Leo selling children to faeries. The group are highly suspicious, but have no power to do anything, and are unwilling to censure Terminus as he makes a relatively convincing case that he is just going through a mid-life crisis.

In the magical realms, however, Terminus himself faces down the ghosts of the mundane world that hold him back from achieving his goals. Each of his friends tries to stop him from reaching the final cavern, and converse with him about why he wants to end the world. None of them understand his philosophy, and he is forced to use magic against them, though harms none of them. He suffers a nasty scratch from Valvalla, but is unharmed.

Beyond the guardians, Ypeth of Criamon, a ghost, greets him. She warns him that he has now transcended the path of the body; only the path of the Spirit remains. She warns him that the more he pursues this, the more likely it is he will breach hypostasis, which is what she could not do. But the cost will be he will become adrift, and the mundane world will become like a shadow to him, growing ever more meaningless.

Willing to make the sacrifice, Ypeth burns away his metaphysical body and replaces it with a more suitable one. Terminus learns the mystery Inscription upon the soul.

When Terminus returns, he finds himself at the council meeting for his own expulsion. Finding Ypeths prophecy true, and his friends upset and blaming him for things he did not do, he barely escapes expulsion by the council arguing that he really has shown a change of attitude, and giving him until the end of the following year to prove he is the same Terminus.

Terminus finds that along with his body being polluted by coitus, Tuscus no longer trusts him; he had apparently beaten the boy into a pulp some time previously.

Terminus went to his lab, upset that his friends and companions could believe he would do such things.


News: The Albigenisian Crusade is declared to be over, as the last minor fort to hold out has surrendered.



Aegyptus of Flambeau and Adelaide le Picard begin their travel south to the Dragon who has been eating legions of virgins (Who would of known there were so many?) and laying waste to entire countries. They meet on their way a travelling redcap, Tytus of Mercere, and a travelling mercenary who claimed to be a knight, Sir Renault. A minor altercation with bandits later, Renault could not believe that Adelaide could be a woman and also a warrior and said things which Adelaide took issue with. While the two battled, Tytus of Mercere and Aegyptus introduced themselves and found they were in fact on the same mission; to rid the realm of the dragon that had (apparently) eaten legions of Redcaps!

The intrepid adventurers quickly came to the village and found a wonderful pastoral scene, entirely lacking in dragon devastation. They interviewed the town idiot for some time as well as a few farmers, and slept overnight where the dragon was known to roost.

Against one wall a great shadow began to flap its wings and demanded as many virgins and treasures as they had on their persons, and to leave immediately. Aegyptus cast a spell creating light and the party of adventurers (With some shield grogs looking on in bemusement) went over the hill, spotting a rather small dragon the size of a dog. It demanded they show it proper respect, to which they began moving in with weapons drawn. Being a coward at heart, it fled and shivered from the top of a nearby stone ledge. They negotiated with it for some time and promised it all the virgins it wanted (It thought virgins were some form of treasure), eventually promising that it could come to the covenant and guard their treasure if it wanted; the dragon stipulated that while people could add to its horde, they could not take things out.

Even while the adventurers were somewhat disappointed by the lack of grandiose and heroic combat, a great dragon the size of two horses together landed, and demanded they move out of the way so it could eat its young. Unwilling, (And perhaps happy to have heroic combat after all..) a great fight entailed and the exhausted and bloody adventuring party prevailed.

They then went home. However, Renault was sponsored by Tytus of Mercere, and his arms and armor (and horse) were purchased, causing a great debt to be owed to Tytus of Mercere.


SO LONELY (Mr. Loneley)

Feldegast the Giant, on the first day of summer, was detected by his greatly enthiusiastic singing. Going out to greet him, Yvonne, Oriana and Adam le Breton sang songs, ate boar, and found out that Feldegast was very lonely and wanted a big wife with lots of big smiles, and if she could cook that would be a bonus. He was so lonely that he told them he was going to go to Sanguinet and have a look around there, and maybe the castle with all the crosses on it also. Adam convinced him to leave it to them to find a bride at least until Spring 1257.

They then immediately called a wizards council.

Such a Lovely Smell

Many of the adventurers, on behest of Yvonne, make the journey from Sanguinet to Venice. They explore Venice and meet a redcap, Vincenzo, and find the house that once Fortunata of Jerbiton owned. They met a ghost, Lucio, an old servant who attempted to make them food and keep them out of Fortunata's room. Yvonne, unwilling but forced, took control of the ghost and forced him to allow them entry into the room. They found there a number of ledgers indicating purchases from different greek islands. Investigating, they found that the purchases were in a particular area. Purchasing a boat, they spent some time talking to the locals, and found one island in particular, known to have many storms around it, that no-one had landed on. Deciding to avoid simply sailing into the perilous seas, the group went home, taking some arcane connections to some nearby islands.


Master Samuel of Verditius gains entry to the covenant by promising he has no wizards war with Leo. He then challenges Leo to Certamen (and automatically wins due to his rank) to take Leo's indentured servant and oldest friend, Jean val Jean, as his own forge companion. Leo attempts to immediately free him, Jean val Jean didn't want to leave and begged Leo to help him. Samuel then controlled Jean's mind. Thinking he would get the forge companion back later, Leo let Samuel go. Samuel then brutally murdered Jean Val Jean in front of the covenant, to the horror of the magi.


The Hesperides

Adam and a group of others journey to Lisbon, in portugal, to investigate the Hesperides. Adam meets there the De Aroho family, and finds Eleuterio, a worried old man. Eleuterio is obviously unconcerned about helping Adam's issues, and is fairly abrasive; he indicates that his eldest son, Cezar, has died, and there is no point in helping them on foolhardy voyages to idiotic places that his own father died on. Investigating the family, Adam and the others find that Eleuterio has a second son, Nataniel.

The group investigate Nataniel and find that he is refusing to marry Nicola, but lives with her brother, Patricio, the head of the family. There are dark rumours about the two men, but nobody accuses anyone. The magi speak with Nataniel and find that he is (oddly) willing to assist, so long as he gets -

1. A ship and company in a place away from Lisbon


2. Patricio can come with him.

THe magi leave, organising the first one, but not (as yet) organising the second.

A rather large wife

Several of the magi including Yvonne investigated three giant ladies to be married to Feldegast. The first lay sleeping in a group of standing stones far to the south and attacked Feldegast when she woke. While the two of them seemed to be intellectual equals, she was hungry enough she demanded that the player characters be their wedding feast. Feldegast didn't agree.

The second wife appeared to be a beautiful (tall) woman guarded by three monstrous brothers. They caused the ogres to sleep and cued Feldegast on how to woo the princess from her tower. However, she mentioned she would be his bride only if he swore to never look at her feet, which he did immediately with a great 'Why?'. She turned into a bird and flew off.

The third wife, Ariete, appeared to be a monstrously tall woman, but one whom lived in Bordeaux. Clearly frightened of those around her, she lived entirely indoors and tried to avoid notice. Despite her falling in love with the new young knight, they organised her to meet Feldegast, wiped her memory of the knight, and the two have struck up a friendship, if not yet a marriage.


A Harmless bit of fun..

Simon of Westham, Erart, Robert Ironsides, Sir Bevel and Adelaide began a night of revelry early in Winter. When a game of 9 mans morris began to get heated and money started being tossed around (and lent.. at interest..) it wasn't long before a full on tavern brawl erupted. After a bit of fighting, a peasant, Berenger, was knifed by Erart and dragged out of the Inn, where he was brutally murdered and dumped in the woods, while the remaining brawlers inside were convinced not to let anyone know about this harmless bit of fun. People yelled and it seemed like things were getting out of control, but eventually Adelaide controlled the riotous villagers and Oleos dragged Bevel away.

The following day the body of Berenger, husband of Dominica, was found, and Dominica demanded justice from the covenant, for either Sir Bevel who beat Berenger down or Erart, who may have killed him when dragging him away. Investigating, the wizards spoke to Robert and Erart who had sketchy memories of the events at best, and spoke to the body of Berenger who had not yet had the last rights spoken over him; Berenger named Erart as the murderer. Still suspicious, the wizards told Oleos to tell the village that they were looking into justice for Berenger and whoever had done this came from the outside. Despite his ability, Oleos was not successful in truly calming the peasants, and they made many signs to ward off evil in the general direction of the covenant.

The Legion Calls!

Eustace the Dark spoke with Maeron about joining a cause larger than himself, one devoted to upholding justice and punishing Evil. They spoke for a time and Eustace warned that if he did follow the path he would not be able to turn back. He told Maeron that Devi le Crieur is a diabolist who turns himself into a wolf and causes much havoc in the villages in the area. He has injured one of the Legion, Caelia the Fair and does so by controlling the mundanes around him. it is a perfect opportunity for Maeron to prove himself to the legion; if he does this thing, Eustace will invite him into the legion.



Leo and Terminus attended the wedding of Betyny and Cale, a minor lord from Carcassonne.

Flower Picking

Two Jerbiton Magi, Denly and Rayner, visited the covenant while they were travelling through Gascony. Only a day after they left, Erart was sent to collect flowers from the small pond near Dateaux' castle. When he went there he saw the two wizards who had picked a number of flowers. Approaching he attempted to greet them with no response. Cautious, he touched one on the shoulder and his fingers went through the illusion moments before a great shadow fell around him and he went completely insane.

Investigating the missing Erart, Adelaide found the man screaming and incoherent with paranoia near the lake with the flowers, which had been burned to a fine ash. The wizards investigated and with a lot of effort Terminus found the sigil of the one who had burned the flowers was white hot flames - Incandarius. Terminus reported this to Gladia of Guernicus, who indicated she would take on his issue with Incandarius and pass it on to the current presiding Quaesitor, Odo, as Pilum was.. absent.

The Tournament

Oleos, Simon of Westham, Sir Bevel, Adelaide pretending to be a man, Sir Renault and Donata came to visit a Tournament held by Lord Aubertin. They met there and spoke with Halebron Aubertin, who attempted to convince Oleos to assist him to have Aubertin have a horrible accident for ownership of the lands surrounding Sanguinet. While Oleos pretended to do so, he spread rumours that Tarquin the Brutal, son of Sir Roger, was going to kill Aubertin.

While all this is going on there were multiple attempts to ruin Sir Renaults day, with his horse lamed and armor damaged. He was also caught with a half naked Unae, who had been recently promised to Sir Bevel in marriage.

Oleos organised a swap of his hostage, the bastard child of Du Guyenne, for Sir Bevel to marry Unae. Sir Roger also promised some minor lands to the south of the covenant if he could unseat Du Guyenne.

There was much biffing and Simon of Westham won the day to absolutely no applause.

In the joust, Sir Sirion, the very pious knight they had met earlier, had his spear splinter and deliver a horrible wound to Sir Tarquin before any further issues arose. Shocked at the events, Donata attempted to heal Tarquin, and assisted to some degree, and Sir Roger indicated if he lived he would be in her debt.

Lisbon... continued

Adam le Breton teleported down, spoke with Patricio and Nataniel, and found Patricio refusing to leave his family and business. Asking Nataniel if it would be fine if he could visit at any time, he began preparations for enchanting a ring of teleportation.


Diedne Novus

Jevandis, Valvalla, Jon, Saira, Thomas, and Henna met. Jevandis told them all he had found out that they were the decendents of Diedne magi who had survived the Schism war. He spoke of reforming his house, of undoing the lies that had been told about his house, and rejoining the Order. He outlined a plan to investigate the Schism war, and to swear a vow; to create a new House Diedne, to bring it back into the order however long it would take. Bar Jon they swore to do no harm to each other by word or deed. They spoke on taking as many apprentices as they could to repopulate their house also.


Aegyptus and Valvalla both took the final two apprentices, Aegyptus the older boy, Valvalla with some beady eye from Jevandis.


Free as birds, the magi gossip, talk about hermetic theory, smoke pipes and relax for a season.


The Darkness Comes

Early in Winter, a great grey cloud grew to cover the village of Sanguinet and began blowing into the covenant of De Lyon Magica. Investigating, they found the villagers and Paul the Pious had begun burning their worldly possessions, convinced that Judgement Day had come. Terminus calmed the priest but not without the crowds driving him out.

The wizards were confused and concerned for some time, and began investigating the ash. Terminus gathered some ash and attempted to find the source and found himself dumped far away in the deep ocean past a crust of dead fish and ash and returned shivering and stinking. The wizards attempted some spells to stop the ash but none were effective in the long term.

Yvonne, Terminus, Maeron and Adam went to the site of the old covenant and to see if they could summon the spirit responsible. Within the summoning circle a great cloud of rapidly spinning ash appeared, and the wizards found they could not communicate with it, though Akatep indicated it was 'Tainted'.

Maeron then attacked the creature, knocking away Yvonne's concentration and releasing the creature from the spell. Furious, it began using powerful air magics, choking black ash, blowing waves of wind and lightning bolts to destroy everything near it. A great magical battle followed with beams of fire, the earth rising, counter-spells, and teleportations, but the wizards soon found they had nothing to affect the incorporeal creature. It began to be a race to see how fast they could retreat; the mighty Maeron did his best to distract the creature and was hit four times by lightning, finally succumbing to death on the final one, and Terminus dragged Maeron's remains to the covenant even as the spirit began to settle down.

The wizards, saddened, spoke with Maeron's spirit one last time before burying him. They spoke in detail for some time and eventually decided to begin a farm in the old regione, but make no further actions to stop the clouds of ash affecting them directly as it would be Interfering with Mundanes.


Odo of Guernicus informed them that whomever cast the spells on their vis source was not Incandarius of Flambeau.


There's just something about being given gifts by faeries...

Malina of Merinita visited Valvalla and gave her a perfect red apple. A few days later, they were attacked by thorn faeries.


Fortunata's Island

Meeting up with grogs sent earlier, Yvonne ex Misc, Terminus and co were attacked by a powerful spirit of Storms as they sailed towards the island. They drove back powerful wind, waves potent enough to crush their ship utterly, and finally a tornado. Barely, through preparation and luck, Terminus used his magic to guide the boat moving so fast as to be skimming over the water toward a rocky beach on the island, where they landed.

They climbed a cliff, seeing strange spirits that tempted them to follow odd paths, and finally crossed a bridge made of illusions. They met there Monocaudus, an odd black and white patched man who moved with an odd gait, who asked them to free him and kill the evil 'mistress' who enslaved him and killed his mother. He swore to guide them through the island.

They found at the top a beautiful and rich roman villa, and Monocaudus told them he had to leave as he could not approach. They examined the villa, and Oleon, a grog, began acting very strangely. Yvonne summoned a spirit who was initially helpful, and then began issuing dire warnings.

They saw a few more mysterious spirits with odd noises including what appeared to be images from the past, and with Jean's tapping found a hollow space underneath the old storage rooms. With Terminus help they broke into the old lab and met Lucida, a sad and lost spirit who seemed to forget that her friend, Fortunata, had passed on. They spoke for a while and Lucida warned them against Monocaudus.

Outside, later, Monocaudus began making noises about freeing him, screaming and wailing that they betrayed and lied to him. The wizards were at first hesitant, but asked Lucida to command Monocaudus and reveal the truth; that he had torn off the arm of Fortunata's daughter who he had raised from a child when he attempted to rape her. Despite the wizards commanding them not to, the grogs ran in and attacked Monocaudus, killing him.

They spent some time on the island getting to know the vis sources and other resources, and going through the library of the old maga.

The Trials of Masterhood

Leo began journeying around the tribunal asking wizards for sponsorship for him to be a master.

Leo asked Master Occulus who informed him he would have to build an item decided later. Leo also joined the Peacemakers faction.

Leo spoke with Master Wolfgang, who attempted to get Leo to steal a vis source from Windgraven. Leo thanked him and left.


Adam le Breton set sail on his expedition to find the Canary Islands, using the positions of the stars as well as the skill of the ship's captain in an attempt to locate these fabled isles. Just before leaving, he briefly met Pio of Verditius.


Master Master

Leo of Verditius set out to speak with a group of different magi to support him as Magister as the upcoming Tribunal.

Leo first met Magister Occulus of Bonisagus who requested of him alliance in the Peacemakers and a future favor. Leo agreed.

Leo met with Wolfgang of Bjornaer who indicated that if Leo snuck into Windgraven and stole a source of vis owned by them he would assist Leo.

Leo next met Magister Heinrich, who thought it would be best if Leo was supported by gifted magi rather than himself - and he was worried he wouldn't even make it to the following Tribunal.

Leo spoke to Archimagus Garus then, who spoke with him some time about the reasons for using power. Leo, honest, told Garus that he desired power only for its own sake, and in a vague way to protect others. Garus was unsatisfied with his answer, and indicated if Leo ever found a cause to believe in he would support him as a master, but dismissed him as he was.

Leo then left and spoke with Pilum, who asked him to look into the covenant of Bentalone. Bentalone was a covenant that had begun casually interfering with Mundanes to such a degree that they regularly mindwiped the people, experimented upon them when desired, and flouted their behaviours at all times. Leo investigated for a while and then suggested to Pilum that they should be charged to fix these crimes, and to move their covenant, else they would begin affecting their Sodales. Pilum, seeing that Leo took a stand, offered his sponsorship.

Leo finally spoke with Necronus and was challenged by Galeron to Certamen, with Leo's picks of arts choices to demonstrate his power. Despite almost losing in the second round, Amazingly, the potent Magister lost control of the Certamen magics in a botch and lost the fight. Cursing, he still granted sponsorship.

The Hesperides

Adam, Terminus and Kurt began investigating the Hesperides. They first defeated a spirit of water who attempted to drive them away and outsped it with a combination of spells. They investigated the highly magical islands and found a primitive people whom they met. On the first island they found many of the people completely ignored the Gift, and were amused by the islanders casual granting of Vis. Adam communicated telepathically with the Queen of the island who assumed they had come to be kings also. She informed them of what they knew. Adam then sailed around the islands until they came to Junonia where the corpses of horrid monsters roll up on the shore after being bashed by the razor sharp rocks.

They were met by a group of angry islanders in wooden masks who attempted to drive them out before a 'king' and 'queen' overruled them. Unable to communicate, they were uncertain how to continue, but found there was likely a regione near a large monolith. They met a spirit of light who told them if they sacrificed the hearts of the king and queen it would get their knowledge and pass it on. They found many of the villagers seemed to worship this odd light spirit.

Unable to communicate, they decided to go home and come back with more ability to communicate.


The Cough

With Adam's circle of crop growth, the village of Sanguinet managed to maintain some of its income, though unfortunately prices for viable food were so expensive as to be nigh impossible to purchase. Sanguinet began to flounder having to rely on its own meager food crops rather than the money it made from wine.

Through Winter, the elderly and the young began dying. The wizards called an emergency council and were terribly disturbed that this was going on. The council decided to create a space free of ash that the sick could use to recover, and sent Oleos and Adam to inform them. Abelard, the new Knight-Commander, told them he had been told by his priests that God would save them if they prayed, and offered the hospital to any member of the Covenant who required it. Unable to get the commander or any of the sick, the two left to the village.

There they saw a number of healthy people appearing to have a fine time of things as well as the sick and ill. They went from house to house and invited some to come to their ash-free area, and some came, but Paul the Pious had informed them that Judgement Day was nigh, and they must stay true to their faith in these times.

A few days later Simon of Westham and a few of the Covenfolk investigated some odd, partying noises through the ash. They attempted to follow the people but a powerful wind blew up blinding them for a moment. Investigating the area they found yarrow stalks had been plucked from the ground nearby.

Later, they found their covenant food stores were lowering and set a trap. They caught Rolf who carried a human hand that somehow let him bypass walls and their Aegis. Interrogating him they heard rumor of a spirit named Paganas who promised them food and well being if they worshipped him.

The magi investigated and confronted Paganus who appeared as a nude, greek figure with a laurel crown and named himself Bacchus servant. The magi spoke with him and Paganus promised not to interfere with the covenant again. The magi felt unwholesome in that place but backed away as soon as they could.

Valvalla attempted to drink some of Paganus wine, and found it smelled of blood - when she left the strange place where he lived. Paganus also ate small round bread cakes and spat it onto the ground.

The magi gave their extra food stores to the village, but kept out of the affair from there.




Sir Blanche, Sir Dateaux' son, cut off a peasants ear in a dammed stream. The two lords agreed to meet. Oleos began speaking to the two lords and the meeting will begin again on the next game.


A dozen ogres appeared at the edge of town, demanding apples. They childishly threw tantrums and screamed when they weren't given the apple they wanted until Adelaide and Renault undid them with their valour.

Problem Child

Gyrion the Dragon took centre stage as he declared the Library his own personal treasure, causing Valvalla and the rest of the magi to grow rather annoyed that Perses couldn't control his familiar. A stern talking to, a few control spells and an angry wizards council later, the dragon was removed from the library though not before toasting Yvonne's door.


Adam, Yvonne, Terminus and Adelaide teleported themselves to Junonia, the island which had the monolith. They did battle with a magical creature of light so as to gain the king and queens permission to go to the magical realm. In an incredible feat, Adam burned the light creature with a truly impressive shower of burning flame, killing it.

They then went through the ritual late at night to pass onto the final regione. They saw there a twilight sea of stars that were washed up by a black sea, with a great orchard and a temple to Hera. They met there Ladon, the Hydra, who indicated many things, like he had met Trianoma. Adam then charted the West Pole, giving him a frame of reference.

Ladon returned the clothes that Terminus had somehow left there in the past.

Adam, Terminus and Adelaide then got onto a boat and sailed into the Twilight sea, finding themselves soon lost amongst scintillating spheres.

They found themselves floating through strange realms that they percieved only through their understanding of the Forms of magic. They travelled through the spirit of cities, had odd shadowy things curiously pry into their affairs, and wander through realms where star dragons battled across the skies.

With Terminus guiding them, the group found its way into the realms of Corpus and into the place that represented Adam - a wizards laboratory. They experimented there for a while and spirits began harrassing them, causing Adam no end of discomfort. However, in the laboratory itself nothing could inherently be changed.

They spent what seemed like not too long away, but in fact spent the better part of a year away.


Angela of Jerbiton and Geruax of Tytalus visited the covenant. Much drinking, fighting, certamen, and apparently overly generous gifts of Vis ensued.



Terminus, Adam and Adelaide return from their experience... much stranger for their experience.


Tribunal. Games were won, old friendships kindled, schola run and learned from, and much fun was had from all.

Adam voted new Princeps. Aegyptus new Defensor. Yvonne Librarian.

After tribunal, the group of wizards leaving the meeting hall of Castra solis were greeted as they stepped out of the gates of Castra Solis by an old, ragged man with white and red hair. He prophecied that

"BEWARE! My prediction is thus, Wizards of Hermes! Your grand tribunal shall be covered in blood by seven years hence! And none of those who sit now shall sit undisturbed. Great are the calamities that come before you all! Beware! Beware, or the great Order itself shall split and fracture!"

At that, the skies began to turn red and boil like water, and ethereal fires began raining down. The Aegis over Castra Solis and every magus' Parma was suddenly obliterated, exposing all of the wizards to the effects of the gift. Even before the parma ritual could be completed again, the magi heard a scream from back in the meeting hall.

Inside, the Archimagus Pilum was dead, his neck and stomach cut open. Saddened and angry, the effects of the gift inhibiting them greatly, little was achieved bar yelling and accusations until Odo of Guernicus came in and began examining the body. Yvonne gained some of the blood of Pilum, but teleported away, the combined effects of the gift frightening her.

Odo cast Whispers of the Black Gate upon Pilum, who informed him he only saw 'Shadows.'

Odo found a piece of a dagger lodged in Pilums spine, and teleported some of the members to where the dagger was located. The group, Wolfgang and Galeron quickly found themselves in Galeron's lab, where a bloody dagger and a letter indicated that the Guernicus was in on the whole affair. Wolfgang and Galeron quickly began an argument and spells began to fly, causing people to be thrown out of rooms, dance, sneeze and otherwise causing yet more strife.

Downstairs in the antechamber, Wolfgang accused Galeron of killing Pilum as payback for the punishment meted out in collusion with Occulus, the master of Intellego magics. Odo attempted to calm them, and cast magics on Galeron to cause the truth, but Wolfgang denied Galeron's covenant member from having credibility, indicating he is also in on it, and left the building.

Adam le Breton returned to Castra Solis, as did Aegyptus, and found the Knights of Garus adversely affected by the gift and about to engage in battle with each other. Luckily the battle turned into fisticuffs, and Adam began teleporting them away, but was punched repeatedly by Garus for trying.

The magi of De Lyon then had a further meeting and resolved to find this Dimitrios the Diviner, and to do what they can to stymie any wizards wars that may erupt out of it.

They went to visit Sous le Roche, and warned Occulus that he might be in danger, before going to the pre-wizard war meeting between Mistridge and Windgraven.

At the meeting, Clarell of Criamon attempted to sue for peace with Wolfgang, and was shot by an arrow that appeared from nowhere. Galeron, assuming it to be mistridge, attacked, heavily woundiing a number of Mistridge's magi. Mistridge then brought out a number of wands and paralysed a number of Windgravens members, and Urban killed Avicia of Merinita in a flurry of balls of Abysmal Flame. Terminus, thinking quickly, placed Clarell in twilight, stopping her moments from death, and Adam rushed to aid her. Galeron, noting his losing position, teleported much of Windgraven away, and himself shortly after.

Adam saved Clarells life, even as Galeron bound her wounds moments from dead, temporarily saving her. Adam cast his ritual healing magics and saved her life, after tracking down Windgravens location by crossing south of france in half an hour.

Occulus of Bonisagus then came to De Lyon asking protection of them and the Knights of Garus, indicating that Archimage Aidric had declared wizards war on him. He was quickly given a greek holiday on Fortunata's island by De Lyon.

The following month had the Familias Magnus and their vassal covenant ally with Mistridge, and the peacemakers as a whole ally with Windgraven, and the Knights Garus rode to each covenant redeclaring their protection of any of the peacemakers.

Windgraven sent two legions of walking dead at Mistridge, causing much loss of mundane life, but the wizards were unaffected other than Athelesia of Jerbiton, who was kidnapped and held for Ransom. Another battle was held at Windgravens walls, and a mysterious figure broke their Aegis, but did not otherwise participate, and none were killed.


The following month had the Familias Magnus and their vassal covenant ally with Mistridge, and the peacemakers as a whole ally with Windgraven, and the Knights Garus rode to each covenant redeclaring their protection of any of the peacemakers. Odo of Guernicus sends out a letter, declaring that in line with Tribunal judgement, Mistridge and any who ally with them are marched. Later, Helen of Guernicus does the same thing, except vice versa.

A few minor raids occur, and the Familias Magnus attempt to raid Veneficus Concordiarii, but the major event is when the dragon riding Garus summoned his Knights as witness, when Archmage Aidric attempted to mobilise Grogs to assist Mistridge, Garus objected. The two archmages battled and Garus won, but heavily injured, indicated he is giving up his position as Primus.

Another round of Wizards Wars are declared, but Avicenna of Guernicus and the Council of Archimagi send letters indicating complete and utter destruction of any who continue to war until the end of 1261. Eternus promises to visit each covenant to find out and iron out problems where he can.


Heinrich passes away in his sleep, but Elena, his apprentice, asks De Lyon to look into it, claiming Heinrich was talking about 'shadows' before his death. Adam and Yvonne investigate, and have Galeron summon his spirit. Heinrich was poisoned, and Galeron had an attempt made on his life. The group realise that the representatives to Grand Tribunal seem to be targeted. The spirit of Heinrich claims that the assassin was Tremulus of Bonisagus!

Tytus of Mercere visits Sous le Roche, and finds the place empty bar Occulus body. When he returns, Sepentia and Fulgrim are hiding nearby. The three of them return with a collection of grogs from Sous le Roche. The magi investigate the body of Occulus and find it was poisoned with 'tears of the poppy', some form of numbing agent from the holy lands. They investigate an arcane connection for Tremulus passed over by Sepentia, expecting to find a dead body, but find instead a laboratory 30 miles from their covenant. Inside, they find tremulous, not dead, and very hostile. A combination of quick magics and arms quickly knock out the wizard, and his lab is investigated to find that he is indeed a master of poisons. Terminus, suspicious, checks the body for magics and finds a number of complex spells masking the auras of magic over the sleeping body of Tremulus, and undoes them with applications of Winds of Mundane Silence.

The illusion undone, the wizard Aneus of Guernicus is revealed to have been the mysterious killer the entire time. For what reason none are sure, but Valvalla tells the other wizards of twenty years ago when she first joined the covenant she overheard a conversation about framing Pilum and taking control of Tribunal. They also find a number of ebony wands that match the make of the wands that have been dispersed around the tribunal for so many years, though no notes or anything else revealing is found.

They deliver Aneus unconscious to Avicenna of Guernicus, the current chief quaesitore of the Tribunal. She thanks them for finding this wizard who has killed Occulus, and rewards them for dealing with this insane magus. She takes Aneus from them and indicates she will take him to Magvillius for trial and holding until Tribunal. She also indicates to Aegyptus that if she is supported to be the representative for Grand Tribunal, she shall bring up this conspiracy that has haunted the Provencal tribunal for so many years.

In the Flambeau debate, the new Prima of House Flambeau is elected, Archimaga Perpetua of Flambeau, who turns into a great phoenix to celebrate and flies around Castra Solis.

In the winter meeting, it was decided that Titus of Mercere would investigate the Theban Tribunal, and De Lyon gave Fulgrim of Bonisagus blessing to investigate the Theban tribunal to form a chapter house of De Lyon Magica on Fortunata's island.



Early Spring, a tourney is held at Sir Dateaux' castle. The old man greets and welcomes his old friends and the start of the feast begins. As dusk comes a lovely maiden, Lady Leisel, who requests any bold knight to succor her in her time of need, as three evil giants have driven her from her lands. Sir Blanche, Sir Dwayne's son, Sir Renault, Sir Bevel, Adelaide le Picart, Leo, Yvonne, Donata, and Ebony the warhorse bravely ride off to help the maiden. Lady Leisel lavishes her affections on different people, and it appears that the group may split as Sir Renault, head over heels in love with Sir Blanche, is annoyed with the Lady, Sir Oleos attempting to gain Sir Renaults alliegience to be able to inherit the land promised by Lady Liesel. They undo three giants in brave combat, past perilous chasms, and finally destroy a giant immune to the blows of man. While no-one can inherit the land as no individual killed all three giants, Adelaide slew two and Leo of Verditius one. Lady Liesel claimed that she would rule the lands, but knighted Adelaide le Picart as a knight of her realm and granted Leo a boon of Vis.

Sir Renault and Sir Blanche, furious that they had neither gained land, titles, or anything at all, muttered all the way home. Oleos was granted a special boon and welcome in the Wooded Lands by Lady Leisel for his charm, however.



Eternus of Tytalus came to the covenant and spoke with the magi regarding the following Grand Tribunal in 1267. Eternus spoke regarding high level politics, and requested that they consider supporting him to represent them at Grand Tribunal, where he would attempt to raise the issue and pass the idea that Grand Tribunal can change First Tribunal, and hence the Code of Hermes.


Pierre the bard, Orianna the Shepherdess, Damien the Bloody Stupid, Yvonne, Oleos and Renault left to see the nearby market fair at Belin-Beliet. They came across the funeral of Baldwin, Lord Aubertin's entertainer. They quickly found out that Baldwin had suffered horrible wounds in his house, apparently bashed to death with his own instruments, and the girl Olivia disappeared. They also hear that Baldwin was the second entertainer who had been killed; Paul the wandering balladeer had perished falling down a hill earlier in the week. As the fair started they found the expected songs froM Horace the layman not occuring, and investigated to find the man so that Pierre could begin playing. They found poor Horace dead in a hut that whistled oddly.

Investigating, they found that the poor man had bashed his head on the church after arguing with the priest. Oleos investigated the blacksmith, who had argued with Baldwin, and found him innocent of wrongdoing. The group then attempted to find Olivia, and found her not too far from the village in an old hermits hut bereft of her wits. Yvonne graciously cured the girl of her insanity, and the girl revealed that a slight piper had played to her father before everything went funny.

That evening, Gustav the soldier, a singer of soldiers tales and drinking songs went to relieve himself outside the drinking house. He came back in bleeding from ears and eyes, and went running into the forest. Mostly drunk, the group followed as best as possible to find the poor man impaled on his own sword. Oleos found that there were three pipers in the town, Gustav (now dead), a shepherd, and Bartholomew.

The group investigated the shepherd boy and found him playing his pipes and the sheep moving to the tune, his ears pointed and eyes golden. He claimed innocence of the deaths and appeared but a simple shepherd boy. The group then investigated Bartholomew and found an odd aura emanated from his bag and a particular hatred for flutes made by a local carpenter. The mages came in then, Aegyptus, Adam and Yvonne. After a problem in the town with the priest and Terminus continuing to cast strange magics, they followed Bartholomew as he left to the fields. Even as Bart began playing and entrancing the shepherd boy the group attacked Bart. Adam and Ebony became obsessed with the flute, but a wrestle and quick move from Aegyptus and Terminus grabbed the flute from Bart. They placed Bart in their prison.

Reporting this to Aubertin, Bart was summarily executed. Terminus investigated the pipes to find them nothing but cruelty and madness, so he crushed them into splinters.


Simon of Westham came across a coven of demon worshippers and cut them down. He met there a demon, Ba'atzenel, who engaged in conversation with Simon. Ba'atzenel told Simon that there were three other demons in the area, and fifteen people would die unless he slew them. Simon did not believe the demon and drove it away with his holy relic. Simon informed the covenant and they began some desultory investigations.

The following day the daughter of the innkeeper was found drowned in the swamp, and the day after a boy clubbed to death. Simon called upon Ba'atzenel's name and asked him where the other demons were. Ba'atzenel informed Simon of Phrygian the Iron Handed, a demon of the swamp, Haedenael the Demon Bat, and Fenis the stone demon that reeked of urine. Simon, Aegyptus, Kurt, Adam and Pio bravely went to combat the horrid demons and engaged, suffering terrible wounds - but none so badly as Simon. Bravely continuing despite life threatening wounds in a bid to save the innocent, Simon was knocked cold by Fenis. and then his throat cut by the (until then) invisible Ba'atzenel, who fled soon after.

The demon Ba'atzenel and Fenis remain alive in the area.



Desmond, Adam's assistant, has a number of odd magical effects that follow him around, causing mishap and injury through the covenant. They investigate, but the insolent teen doesn't assist Adam overmuch, and the two have another argument.


Theobaldus of Tytalus, representing Attica de Bordeaux, discusses a regular and good natured fight between De Lyon Magica and Attica over the resources they contest, showing naked power rather than subtle assassinations and political favoritism. He indicates that their closeness and factionalism is heading toward an event that will destroy one, the other, or both covenants, much as Mistridge and Windgraven. The magi discuss this new idea and agree, expecting betrayal.


A spirit of the forest requests their aid, as a new village has recently been build and a church placed. The magi consider deeply whether to drive away the villagers and give up a powerful source of vis to avoid annoying the mundanes and the divine.



Adam, interested in a new laboratory, requests Leo to cast a ritual and create a tower, which he does. Given the somewhat limited space in the meadow, the tower is built in front of Valvalla's laboratory. Yvonne grows angry at Adam for doing this without discussing it with the council.




Perses, having word from hunters he has sent out, hears about the location of a powerful Dragon. He organises a party to scout and find out more information from the area. When the group get there, they find the local villagers decimated of men and the women hobbled and pregnant. Investigating further they meet an odd woman at the top of a platform of logs, who tells them to leave. When they grow angry, she turns into a dragon and flies off. They give chase to a nearby castle, where a larger black dragon lies draped over a ruined keep.

From inside the castle boils a collection of monsttously warped humans, with two heads or dragon features. They give battle to the group. Perses attempts to get a closer look at whatever the large dragon is protecting, but is noticed and captured. Oriana and Axe fight bravely, and Titus plays sniper, but the group are defeated after the noble and epic death of Axe, surrounded by the corpses of his enemies, and Oriana defeated by Jormunda the dragon lady.

Titus sneaks in and rescues Perses, and steals away. Oriana has a leg broken by the dragoness and is dropped in one of the nearby villages. A team return to rescue and heal the defeated party, and they retreat for the moment.



Leo, Renault, Aegyptus, Valvalla, Perses and Adel One Eye engage with the forces of Attica de Bordeaux. Attempting a brave manouver, Leo is surrounded and his Automata heavily damaged early on, forcing his retreat. Renault destroyed a unit of infantry single handedly, Aegyptus and Incandarius faced each other in a stalemate, Valvalla rescued some trapped and surrounded grogs, Perses ripped apart some grogs causing Aslina of Merinita to flee, and Adel One Eye was destroyed by Corvus and a group of soldiers. Attica de Bordeaux quit the field, having lost many of their powerful and potent grogs, and De Leon won the day.


Pio claims Eustace to assist him, but Perses objects as he needs assistance as well. They Certamen and Perses wins, just before Adam challenges him to Certamen for Eustace.



A horrible collection of mouths came to the covenant and began demanding 'The Apple'. When the aggressive grogs attacked, it swallowed Adelaide, but was brought low. The mages discussed this, and Valvalla revealed the apple given to her from her sister. Adam and Valvalla visited Ladon, but he indicated the apples didn't belong to him. A faerie regione appeared, and a wooden Lord of Bitter Things used the last of its power to ask them to replant the apple. They bypassed the deadly thorns, the Blind Sniffer, and the Wooden Steps to plant the apple. The queen Jadis stepped out of the blasted apple tree as it regrew, Jadis rewarded them for their bravery and commanded them to wait for the coming queen. The Lord of Bitter Things thanked them for reawakening her most terrible and glorious majesty.


Renault, Aegyptus, Perses and some grogs visited the castle of the Dragon again. There was a blizzard of an intense nature coving the nearby lands with snow. Walking through the intense cold, they found a great hole had been done under the castle. Climbing down miles into the earth, they found a number of broken chain links with runes. They found a dab of blue blood as well, and the crushed body of Jormunda.


Leo, having finished his spider Automata, teleported to Verdi. He requested access to their library, which was granted. Meeting samuel there, Samuel spoke with all of the magi of Verdi, discussing whether to limit Leo's access to the lore of Verdi.

Samuel had Leo explain himself, and Leo indicated that he sought to place his intelligence in an Automaton. Samuel indicated that unprotected by the code, such a creature would be a source of the secret mysteries of the house to any who could bind and control it. Cautious, the magi of Verdi discussed this amongst themselves for a while, and agreed to let Leo have access to the mystery knowledge so long as Leo swore to remain at Verdi after he bound himself into an Automata.


The Council to decide the fate of the forest

At the Winter council, Aegyptus brings up his encounter with the forest spirit, and the issue of new towns growing through the forest. The council discuss and gradually decide that it is in their interest to limit the creation of towns, and they will go out of their way to harrass and cause disruption to new efforts, in the hopes of maintaining the magical aura as well as gain the allegiance of the spirit of the forest. While no particular ideas are set, a vague discussion to form a sub-committee is made.




Yvonne's father requested Yvonne go and save Arla, near the village of St. Girons. A team of grogs were sent out to the village and got into a brawl with some sailors when the sailors began trying to throw the grogs weapons overboard. When they finally reached the town a few weeks later they met Farmer Yarp. They asked around for Arla and found that there were a fair few Arla's in the village, mainly because there was a story about a young girl named Arla who had saved the villagers a long time ago.

The group investigated the story and found that the village had been relocated from a few miles away after a major disaster. The group investigated the site and met a friendly old ghostly innkeep named Tailor. After discussing things with Tailor, they found he was a ghost after he disappeared soon after ghostly farmers came in. They investigated the old winery where Tailor lived and found a decrepid but empty shack the following day, as well as an ancient and abandoned monastary.

Donata destroys Verdi

The ground shook and crumbled and a magical jungle with trees many hundreds of feet high exploded where Verdi once was. Donata filius Leo requested Leo pass her gauntlet despite her failed item, and took responsibility in place of Leo of Verditius. She was declared Orbus, and unless she devoted her life to refounding Verdi, would be hunted and killed. Leo left his distraught but still alive apprentice at Verdi with enough resources to get started on her new tasks, and considered how to find the lost treasures of Verdi.


Gathering of 12 Years

The clans of Bjornaer gathered to discuss the business of their house as well as the mysteries of their subtle magics. After meeting and greeting, Michael underwent the Ritual of 12 years and found his outer heartbeast, a Gyrfalcon. Clan Sirnas decided that it would be problematical for Valvalla to continue training him, and Noctuae Velox took the boy as an apprentice.

Urgen of Bjornaer then brought before the clans the issue that Crintera's magical auras were fading, their spirits disappearing, and their sacred ground being stolen by the King of Denmark when the Christians came to the island. They had requested permission from House Guernicus and been denied the right to drive the King of Denmark from the island. Regardless, with the weakening of their mystical aura, the House decided that something must be done. They elected a war leader from Gorilla and Ursus, and Gorilla was found to be a better war leader due to not having a terrible reputation with the Order.

Storms, trees, animals and nature drove the King of Denmark's men from the island, and within the month the divine aura had lessened.




But DAD!

Pio's father arrived at the covenant in a puff of colourful smoke. He told Pio that the Confraternity of Irene the Lesser had allowed him to sow his wild oats and were now pulling him back into the fold. Without so much of a please, Pio was ordered to find a shine of Vulcan and with his father as Mystagogue, learn how to create items of quality. Pio made his way back after his adventures in Lemnos, with the weight of responsibility and also a task from Hephaestus - Build a temple to him.


The Flying Castle

Aegyptus and the Lions Teeth squad left the covenant to find the flying castle. They investigated for some time before finding rumours that the castle had been lost over the Pyrenees. They came to the town of San Sebastian, and spoke with the villagers who warned them of the dogs that haunted the northern passes. They bravely continued through, fighting off the dogs that hounded them before arriving some time later past the perilous peaks. They found the flying castle crashed into the side of a mountain.

Venturing forward, they were soon attacked by a swarm of powerful griffins. Attempting to defend themselves, they began to flee, their ranks broke and Marc was torn to pieces by the enraged hunting pack. Aegyptus cast a ward against the creatures and ventured back in under a veil of invisibility. Despite all that was against him, the hunting birds and otherwise, the brave Aegyptus stole one of the Griffin eggs and the group made their way back to the Covenant to plan and prepare.


The Lions Claw grogs ventured out to collect vis. and ran across a group of northern French, as well as a maga who summonned fog upon them. Defeating the grogs and driving them off, the archer Dexter killed the maga with a well placed arrow. They took the body back to the covenant, to the wizards consternation. They decided to take the body to the Guernicus and find out anything from there. They found and spoke with Avicenna, who spoke with the corpse, who revealed she was not a member of the Order of Hermes, but was a young member of the Witches who live near Sanguinet.


The war with Attica de Bordeaux took place, but this time De Lyon Magica clearly succeeded after a number of epic battles with Perses driving off the entire mundane forces and Valvalla incapacitating a suprised Theobaldus, and Aegyptus gaining an arcane connection for Incandarius. Items of note were the spirits of rage summoned by Theobaldus and the genies summoned by Jamil.


Ghosts in Sand

Yvonne began searching for the mysterious ghost who could contact any of the dead she had heard about years ago. She spoke to Tenebrus, who was a little cautious with her, and Yvonne chose not to be teleported after he brought out a black sack to put her head iin. Yvonne began searching for things herself after speaking to her father, Death, who told her that there were a number of ancient peoplews who were good with death magics in Egypt.

Yvonne, Terminus, Renault and the Lions Tooth squad investigated ruins with a guide for a season, and came across an ancient city filled with images of times long past. They unwittingly caused a massive sandstorm by summoning water, and couldn't appear to leave as Osirus had cursed the city so none could leave. They opened a portal after praying to St. Anthony and followed Osirius into the land of the Dead and met Ma'at, Anubis and Ammet, the threefold gods of death. Ma'at asked the first to weigh their heart against a feather, and Diego had his heart ripped out and was found wanting, his body consumed by Ammet. Thoth, owing Terminus a favour, intervened and allowed them exit.


The Peddler

A gentleman drove a wagon to the covenant village and began selling various potions to cure shortness, baldness and the like. Adelaide spoke with the man regarding her curse of Lycanthropy after much hijinks and broken potions from Eustace. She struck a bargain with the fellow and drank the potion which appeared to stop her curse of Lycanthropy.

The following morning Adelaide had transformed into a wolf-woman and the covenant trapped her with some combat. After finding out what had gone on, Perses, Aegyptus, Leo and Eustace the scribe tracked down the odd pedlar for whom trees moved out of the way of his cart. Eustace spoke to him and the peddler agreed to attempt to give him his gift back. Aegyptus forced Adelaide to sleep through the bargain and the peddler left.

Soon after, Eustace revealed his gift had finally returned to him and decided to leave the covenant, finishing his apprenticeship with Avicenna.

Adelaide still maintains the form of a wolf, and the covenant organised to find her some way to speak to the rest of the grogs to be able to lead the covenant still.


New Buildings



Lumen ex Jerbiton was introduced to the covenant, and chose to stay at De Lyon as a guest.

Ancient and Polite Gods

Yvonne, Terminus and a squad of grogs began searching the lands near Jerusalem. They found an ancient temple built on a strage teardrop shaped piece of sandstone apparently unrelated to the rest of the terrain nearby. They began searching the nearby caves and Yzabe briefly saw the ghost of Diego. They entered the caves after finding the way in and came to a land dominated by a great Ziggurat. As they walked to the Ziggurat the land around became darker until perfect darkness came when they crossed the doorway. Inside they saw a number of ancient carvings on the walls of a queen of a great kingdom.

They met a young man, Ninzal, who was asleep on the great throne. He spoke with them and seemed entirely lost in time. He claimed to be the son of the goddess Ereshkigal, the sister of Ishtar and goddess of the dead. After some conversation, Ninzal left, followed by Yvonne and the others.

Charge of the Lyon Brigade

Aegyptus, Lumen, Valvalla, Titus and Alanette went to reclaim the flying castle from the griffons. Much terror, screaming, blood and pain followed, with the group leaving quickly, covered in blood - having lost Titus and Alanette to rampaging griffons, Aegyptus heavily wounded and the guest of the covenant Lumen killed. Valvalla and Ebony managed to bring what they could, but the bodies of Titus and Lumen were lost.



Yvonne, Renault, Terminus and the squad of grogs engage in a number of hijinks including running through markets, being chased by Djinni on carpets, dressing up to be in a harem (Except the transvestite, who had to be a guard), and so forth. They eventually found a lead, that a mysterious old hermit in the wilderness near the sea of Galilee may know paths to the dead.

Investigating, they found the old man had in fact been turned into a ghost and forced to become a guardian, warning away any who came near to En-Dor. Sending the ghost on its way by destroying its essence after compelling information from it, they searched around for the entrance amongst the cliffs. Eventually finding the entrance which seemed to miraculously appear they ran across yet more ghosts which tried to frighten them away. Finally, they came to a peaceful valley which had a great skull face with water pouring from it through the middle of the valley with a number of building built around. A female necromancer with a small army of Legionaries. Caught, they spoke with Abelaria of Tytalus who commanded them to either consent to their memories being erased or die. Yvonne, speaking with Abelaria, who mentioned that Yvonne had a friend who had said positive things for her invited her to witness the power of what they had achieved.

Yvonne was then bound, an arcane connection taken, and shown the Witch of En=Dor who could speak to those in heaven or hell. Yvonne was then told that she must 'See the very edge of death before coming again to this place, if her will was to learn the secrets of the dead!'. Yvonne was then brutally beaten, the grogs and everyone had their memories wiped and found themselves outside En-Dor. Crushed and hurting, they decided to go home.

A New Wizard Appears

Out of the rain came a drenched and shivering scholar and girl looking for Durenmar. Horribly lost, Archimedes ex Miscellania asked to stay at the covenant for a while.



The Covenant destroyed... a second time.

Archimedes, in a basic series of experiments, ripped apart the aura and deposited all the wizards and their buildings in the non-magical glade, or several dozen feet underground for those things in the cave. There was much confusion and angry recriminations.

Crushing Defeat

Unable to access their now underground finances, De Lyon was beaten soundly by Attica de Bordeaux, who fielded many more men than De Lyon did. Theobaldus defeated Valvalla, Terminus defeated Corvus, but other than bravery and valour unfortunately De Lyon quit the day.


Grand Tribunal

The heads of the order and Tribunal representatives met. They discussed many issues, but the main one of importance is the actions of House Bjornaer who as a house decided to interfere with Mundanes on a heavy level by driving the King of Denmark from the island on which Crintera sits. They were decided to be greatly in error. With fears of another Schism war, Bjornaer have had their right to vote at tribunal and declare wizards war stripped from them for the period of 33 years.

A small and inconsequential matter of Grand Tribunal being able to over-rule First Tribunal also was voted on and came to pass through the actions of Eternus and Perpetua.


The magus Archimedes, after destroying the regio of the covenant, decided to stay and assist by becoming an indebted member of the covenant.

Archimedes swore to assist the other wizards to avoid being hauled before tribunal for deprivation of magical power.




Endings and Legacies


Games, scholarly disputes, and reputations were earned through various parts of bragging, arguing, or politicking.

Corvus Tremundi was noted for exceptional Certamen.

Aneus Guernicus was taken from tribunal after being judged and executed, Tribunal not waiting for his death.

Valvalla was acclaimed as Master.

Sparrow of Bjornaer flew in and spoke to the Guernicus in the tribunal. Elena of Mercere mentioned to her that space was available at De Lyon Magica, Valvalla welcomed the young maga and invited her to stay as a guest in the covenant.


The Funeral of Dateaux

Upon returning to the covenant a messenger brought the covenant sad news; Sir Dateaux had been grieviously injured in a hunting accident. The magi rushed to the castle and spoke with Sir Dateaux, who as a last request asked that they look out for his family. Aegyptus swore to look after his family, though the covenant did not.

The group also met Marius of Jerbiton, Dateaux' grandson. Dateaux asked they allow him to meet and their 'magical orders meet.' They quickly allowed the young magus to guest at the covenant.

The magi attended the funeral of Dateaux the following day, wished the family well, and left to the covenant.


Helpful Children

Archimedes daughter and a group of covenant children went to help the magi, looking to find vis. Archimedes, suprised his daughter wasn't in visual range began to panic and organised a group to find his children.

A quick hunt through the woods located a cave previously unaccessable by the covenant. They climbed the hill to go inside whereupon a small angry dog confronted Cesar, who kicked it to death. The children came out horribly upset their dog had been killed.

The group discovered an ancient pool built up with bricks with symbols of the Order of Hermes on the walls. It wasn't long after they had begun to look around that Cesar was attacked by boiling water from the pool. Using his second sight, Archimedes noted that there were groups of small spirits who were angry with Cesar. Investigating further they found a much larger spirit about the size of a man in a circle. Using magic to understand its emotions, the two magi chose to free the airy spirit.

Teenage Boys

Falco, Aegyptus apprentice began attempting to show off to a group of attractive girls surrounding Marius of Jerbiton by showing his knife throwing skills. The women were uninterested and wished to leave, but the sociable Jerbiton magus did his best to help out the young apprentice with the ladies - gaining himself a friend.

K-pop stars and 8 year old girls

Marius of Jerbiton was invited to be a probationary member of the covenant by the female members. The men were somewhat suprised but didn't object. Sparrow of Bjornaer, despite joining earlier, was not invited until much later.

Family Ties

After finding out the covenant of De Lyon had been stumped by an issue of protecting the forest from the divine aura, Marius chose to prove himself to the covenant. He approached his family first and began discussions just as his uncle turned into a werewolf. Sir Renault, Sir Dwayne, Marius and Sir Blanche valiently protected the christmas guests from the wolf. Marius used his magic to calm the wolf.

Marius and Sir Dwayne struck an agreement to build a larger church where the logging villagers would be able to get to it if the shrines were taken away.

Marius then spoke with the D'Aubertin family about the situation. Aubertin was not completely convinced the shrines needed to be removed but requested that the covenant be able to do a favor for him in the future to be able to do so. Halebron, Aubertin's brother then informed the clergy of the situation, mentioning plots of the devil in an attempt to discredit his brother. A number of local members gathered to discuss what the covenant were attempting and decided to send a priest to the covenant who could report on the covenant.

Finally Marius spoke with the Metrosse family, coming across an argument between Sir Roger and Sir Sirion about Sirion joining the church. Marius manipulated Sirion out of the room and promised Roger that he would get Sirion barred from the clergy if Roger took down the shrines in his villages. After speaking with the Bishop of Bordeaux, Marius achieved this - gaining himsel fan enemy in Sir Sirion in the process.



New Friends

Paolo of Venice, Michel the Red, and the new priest met in the town of Sanguinet. Following the strait road to the covenant despite the young priest determined to take them in different directions, they found the covenant and introduced themselves looking for employment. Michel the Red found himself employed by Doctor Paolo.


Akousmatic Electus Caribulia of Jerbiton introduced herself to Archimedes and the covenant. Wearing loud colours and dozens of pentacles, she openly informed everyone that she was a part of the Fratenity of Samos. Working with Archimedes, she taught him of the cult and had him write a tractatus on maths. Swearing to follow the principles of Pythagoras, Archimedes learned Hermetic Numerology.

War with Bordeaux

Aegyptus, Marrius, Leo and Terminus went to war with Incandarius, Hyperius, Corvus and Samuel. The battle was long and hard but in the end a truce was called, with the war in 1270 having De Lyon place up a vis source. Other than a single shield grog, no-one was killed.

The Tournament at Belin-Beliet

Yvonne, Marius and Michel the Red visited Lord Aubertin when he held a tournament. Lady Unae was over the top in her recommendations and gushing adulation of Sir Renault, causing Sir Bevel to grow angry and grab his wife. Unae begged Renault to assist her and the challenge to a duel was issued. Much coversation happened between different people attempting to stop the duel. Halebron, Aegyptus' brother, realised that if Bevel died then Unae would be unmarried, which he wished to capitulate on. He decided to find an assassin and heard of the reputation of Michel the Red, who he attempted to pay to assassinate Bevel.

Michel took the opportunity to murder Halebron. Marrius, the new priest and Yvonne then spoke with Halebron's ghost who informed them that Michel had killed him for no reason at all. Yvonne used magic to enquire into Michel's mind and found him a murderous Avatar of justice.

Finally, Bevel apologised to Renault for the previous nights insults but fought anyway as he didn't want to be seen as a coward. Renault soundly thrashed Bevel without overly injuring him.


Missing Eagles

The grogs sent to collect the vis source of the giant eagles came back with horrible news; the eagles had died, and the tower completely cleared of their eggs. Basic investigations did not yield any information.

The Dark Evil Necromancer Tea Party

Tenebrus attempted to be mysterious and powerful but he and Yvonne sat down for a discussion on necromancy regardless. Yvonne was told to find the 'City of the Traders in Purple where the Sixth Legion lies.'

A brief stop at Latvia

The magical spirit informed Marrius that he had been successful, and took them to a forest far away where elk seemed to fade into the mist near to a waterfall that plunged deep into the earth. The discarded horns of the elk yielded lesser enchanted vis.

Unfortunately the magic spirit did not think to take them back, leaving them in the Novgorod tribunal.


The Great Tree of Valvalla

Valvalla completed her great construction, a truly massive tree. It grew to dominate the covenant, leaving most of the covenant in the shade of the massive tree. Great cherries formed in truly prodigious numbers.



Clan Business

Wolfgang of Bjornaer arrived at the covenant. Under the pretence of trading with the covenant, he spoke to Sparrow of Clan Wilkis, and requested that Sparrow on behalf of her clan, speak to Rannulfus of Bjornaer - who seemed to have begun to go strange and attack mundanes. Concerned entirely for the repercussions to his house, Wolfgang promised some reward to the young Sparrow for sorting it out.

A few discreet enquiries quickly put together an entourage of 30 souls to travel to Spera Potentas, including the remarkably reclusive Leo. After meeting some of the magi, they tracked Rannulfus to a cave in the rough shape of a bird surrounded by wolves. Rannulfus seemed to be quite strange and a battle ensued. Despite growing surprisingly near to death, Sparrow escaped by the skin of her beak.

A dark, pitch black bird escaped from Rannulfus' mouth and captured Sparrow, reading her mind. It simply said "Wilkis...new prey." before disappearing into the sky. The bodies of the dead wolves turned into humans.

Necromancer Business

Yvonne went to Arles and encountered the group of necromancers from the cult of the worm. Bram, the man clad in the faces of dead children, Typhes, the apparent clergyman with a bleeding cross on his vestments, Gregory with a drawn rictus face and skeletal hands, Mortis Rex, followed by his own skeleton, and Tenebrus followed by the whining of dead spirits. They summoned the spirit of Daria, priestess of Trivia, who swore to witness the oath.

Each of the powerful necromancers witnessed Yvonne swear the oath to serve the cult and began a powerful enchantment that culminated in further awakening Yvonne's second sight.

Shortly afterwards Yvonne re-summoned the spirit of Daria and they began to converse. Finding Daria both intelligent and amusing, Yvonne brought the urn Daria was bound to back to the covenant and investigated it. They then destroyed the urn and Daria did not leave, being curious about her new friend.

The two engaged in minor pranks throughout the covenant for a season before going to a temple of Trivia in rome, saying a number of prayers to Hecate who blessed their new BFF status. Daria, amused by the girl, and Yvonne, impressed with the intelligence of the spirit, joined in the familiar bond.




Ralf Pygott's team decided to raise their status in the covenant. Much plotting and intriguing was had between Ralf and his men and Yzabe and her men, with stolen chickens, arrests, being beaten up by horses, fistfights, intimidation and bullying, a set up, brutal rape and murder, capped off with the summoning of a demon. Yzabe and her squad were saved entirely due to Paulo's error in information, and Cesar was sliced open by Michelle the Red. A demon, apparently made of rippling and silky blood, swore to hunt Michelle until the ends of the earth. Marcellin was sacrificed to raise the demon.



Sir Dwayne brought a fine young lady, Isabella of Spain, to Marrius - and indicated that it was time for Marrius to marry. Marrius was not particularly enamored of the idea and used a great deal of Mentem magics to dissuade poor Sir Dwayne.

It was eventually agreed that Malina of Merinita would be an appropriate wife, and Sir Dwayne left to speak with her father.

Heart of the Son

A jackdaw arrived at the covenant, covered in blood and in its beak were the bloody feathers of Hadil. "She's been kidnapped! Please, Sir Aegyptus, help us rescue our Princess!"

Nizamuddin, Mortis Rex, Petronius of Merinita, Chretiana of Flambeau, Niccon of Flambeau, Rogelia of Bonisagus, Anthea of Tytalus and Nicodemus of Verditius gathered on an island south of Marseilles. Nizamuddin did not anticipate the sheer bloody minded betrayal that was soon to come, with his trusted second Anthea turning half of his group against him and the other half being out only for themselves. Aegyptus of Flambeau broke through the Aegis protecting them and began battle, but many of the spirits arrayed against him could not see through his invisibility. With his noble steed, Ebony dodging the majority of attacks against him Aegyptus slew Nizamuddin within moments, basically causing a collapse of the enemy group. Petronius began attacking the other wizards and many fled.

Niccon left to his home covenant, his goal to ressurect his wife still unable to be completed. Petronius left, back to the service of his father. Chretiana fled having never revealed herself. Rogelia broke Nizamuddins bottle of summoned Djinn, taking her to Alexandria. Anthea followed Aegyptus and now sits in Castra Solis, unable to consider what to do with the rest of her life now Nizamuddin is dead. Nicodemus attempted to flee but was caught by Aegyptus, but let go.

Niccon, Anthea, Rogelia, Petronius, Chretiana and Nicodemus have recieved summons to the Provencal Tribunal to answer for their attempt against the life of Aegyptus of Flambeau.


Father Caylus was heard discussing magic, and how the covenfolk should live in harmony with God, the Magi, and everything. All power and intention has been given by God, as has the intentions of Man. When Father Ethan questioned him on it the two began a civilised debate, and Father Caylus graciously gave ground.

On exiting the church however, Father Ethan was bitten by a snake and fell down. Father Caylus took care of him before telling Sir Adelmar that Father Ethan may be possessed. Meanwhile, a mysterious golden light briefly guided Doctor Paulo to the side of Father Ethan, and the good Doctor began rendering what aid he could. Father Caylus insisted upon praying with incence in the room before Dr. Paulo threw out the incense.

Outside, the sergeant at arms spotted and slew a snake that was slithering upon the roof above him.

Father Ethan began recovering from the poison, to hear Father Caylus telling the grogs in the village that magic is a natural impulse, granted by God, as evidenced by the wizards.

Dr. Metron Schultz, at your service.

Dr. Metron spoke with Archimedes about arranging employment with the Library at De Lyon Magica. He was honest and revealed that he was indeed a member of the Learned Magicians, and a wizard of small skill. Archimedes discussed this with the covenant, and while the covenant were happy to allow Dr. Metron to stay at the covenant, he could not have unlimited access to their library - employed or not. Archimedes moved all books related to the Parma into his laboratory.


Verdi, Finally.

Master Leo transported himself to Verdi, met with an uncomfortable welcome with his former apprentice, Donata. He began exploring the jungle covered ruins of Verdi, amazingly and luckily coming across Hephaestus, the god of Smiths. Hephaestus informed Leo that to make himself become like an Automata he must follow an ancient quest.

1. Find an undersea volcano, and inside make a temple to Hephaestus.

2. Within the temple, he must plunge his face into the molten lava. (Blind, Disfigured, Incapacitating Wound) and heal from it.

3. He must create an Automata body he wishes to inhabit and fill it to capacity.

4. He must then cut out his own heart, so that his hearts blood spills across the Automata.

Within a few seasons, Leo had found a run down Lion Automata as well as a perfectly active automata of a puppy. He grew increasingly lucky and found a hole that lead to one of the major libraries of Verdi.


Marriage part 2

Malina and Marrius were engaged to be wed, the entire tribunal invited, and only the screams of her sister diminished the marital bliss that was to be. Alas, Marrius grew cold feet and found a merchants daughter to marry instead of Malina, who had some previous problems within the covenant. Malina appeared sad and broke the wedding ring that she was to wear, saying it would last as a symbol of broken bonds.



Helping a Madam


Visit from the King

The King of France visited De Lyon Magica to see the incredible, 120 meter tall tree. He stayed for a few days, ignored Marius' request for land and left. The wizards allowed him as many cherries as he could eat and as much cherry wine as he could drink.



The New Monastery.


Confraternity of Irene the Lesser

Pio's father arrived at the covenant with a rather long list of extreme things to do to appease the Confraternity and increase his power over Imaginem. Pio appeared a little taken aback at the intensity of what was requested of him, which included gaining the tail feathers of a Griffin, magical stones to create paints from Transylvania, the skin of a pure white calf, the creation of a magical painting whilst in darkness and its public display.




It isn't Easy being me

Odo of Guernicus arrived and investigated Terminus for strange actions against Spera Potentas. Figuring that his adulteration was involved, Terminus, Aegyptus and Archimedes left to investigate. They met at Spera Potentas groups of hideously twisted grogs, with half of the magi apparently sent into twilight.

Terminus left to the cave of twisting shadow for more advice, and by the time he returned the others had tracked down his adulteration in the old sewers near Spera Potentas. The apparent adulteration indicated that in fact it was the original Terminus, and he was the one split from it. None agreed, but the creature had a strange link to the magical realm it could not control. Terminus went to touch the adulteration and Archimedes, for little apparent reason, clung on.

The two journeyed through the magical realm for some time before finding the area that represented Terminus' conciousness, which looked to be a giant crystal. Terminus and his double went inside with Archimedes and saw the inner parts of the giant crystal were shattered. The two chose to walk to what appeared to be a small pool made of stars, and began to disintegrate. Archimedes attempted to save his friend, Terminus, but Terminus cast a spell upon Archimedes to stop him from interfering.

Archimedes found himself lost in the magical realm before eventually coming near to the De Lyon Magica covenant regione. He met there Thomas the White, who led him back into reality for his rightful place on the council chambers, near the fire.

Terminus spent some time looking for Archimedes but gave up, instead searching for Adam le Breton - who was suprised to see his old friend Terminus but had long since moved past caring about mortal things. Terminus left and came back to the cave of twisting shadows.

Ypeth, the Criamon ghost, spoke to him and told him that if he wished to bridge hypostasis he must give up his fascination with the mundane world, and become cold and closed off to it.





  • Aegyptus went up against Galeron in Certamen, and was soundly trounced.
  • Pio of Verditius won the journeyman item-making contest
  • Yvonne & Corvus were named Magister
  • Althea of Jerbiton and Petronius of Merinita were marched for the high crime of conspiring with an enemy of the order.
  • Nicon of Flambeau and Nicodemus of Verditius were sentenced to five years of service for the crime of conspiring with an enemy of the order.


  • Aegyptus was named Primus of Flambeau and announced his intent to leave De Lyon Magica
  • The officers were voted in for the next tribunal period:
- Yvonne : Princeps
- Terminus: Defensor
- Pio: Librarius
- Marius: Legatus

The Mistress of Beasts

Minna filia Cassandra ex Flambeau joined the covenant as a guest on recommendation from Aegyptus. At the post tribunal meeting, Aegyptus declared his resignation from the covenant charter. He may or may not have given gifts to all his friends.

(Gifts waiting on finding character sheet with all of Aeygptus stuff on it.)

The Books Are Safe

On decision from the Council, Pio the Librarius becan re-organising the library into a 'black' and 'white' library. It did not take long before Pio found all of the dangerous books - Hermetic Theory and Parma Magica - were simply no longer in the library. He took the matter to Yvonne in a panic before demanding the books from Archimedes who refused, saying "The books are safe boy. Now be about your business."

An emergency Council later, Pio was not backed by the covenant, and told to 'deal with it' by Yvonne. Setting a wonderful precedent for future roles, Pio was forced to use Certamen rather than the decision of the council to complete his task. As a probationary member, Archimedes automatically lost the Certamen without having to engage in the duel.



William the Winker, ex-Seneschal of the covenant and now Covenant busybody spoke with Minna ex Flambeau. Mentioning to her that assisting the covenant with searching out a Vis Source would be vastly improving her chances of gaining membership with the covenant. As such, William indicated he could organise a party to assist her to find a vis source.

Archimedes was simultaneously organising his own team of adventurers and found them already requisitioned by Willy. After a little while, Leo and his automata, Archimedes, Dexter the hunter, Minna of Flambeau, Paulo the Doctor and Michele the Red went adventuring in the hopes of finding a vis source.

After months of searching, the group heard tale of a great tree riddles with bee hives, with bees as large and apples. Investigating, they found nearing the hive send a cloud of thousands upon thousands of giant bees at them. Everyone was beginning to flee before Minna created a ward around them all, and they watched for a moment as the thousands of giant bees were repelled by the ward. Amazingly, she then controlled the entire swarm of bees, sending them back to sleep. They then sent in Michele the Red to carefully and quietly take the Kings Honey without further waking the swarm before retreating.



Luc ex Merinita was taken to the covenant by his father, the King of the Wolves of Blood and Snow. He was commanded to bring winter to this place, to listen to them howl, to see them cling together in fear.

A letter to Marius from Malina asking him to look favorably on Luc also assisted with Luc's introduction to the covenant, but he was not made a member as of the Winter Council as he did not ask to become one.


Pio recieved a great commission from House Tremere, and on orders from his Father began considering how it could be done.


At the winter meeting of 1274, Billy the Blinker raised a minor matter of correcting his records; a name had been scraped from the covenant records and replaced. When he examined the parchment, he found the original name of Severin of Diedne had been replaced with Jervandos ex Miscellanea. His father knew nothing.

Upon investigation of Leo, the covenant found out that Severin of Diedne had once been stuck in a faerie Regione for over 300 years. Upon finding his secret, Aegyptus, Parvula, Terminus, Leo and Cassandra (As an apprentice at the time) had decided to spare Severin's life rather than kill him as an enemy of the order.

Great controversy ripped through the council and Aegyptus was called in to answer. After much discussion, they found that revealing their secret would likely end in the Marching of those wizards involved and the death of Jervandos and his line, but the council were leaning to follow the Code of Hermes on not allowing Jervandos to live. Without coming to conclusion the wizards left to their own devices.

Yvonne gave Aegyptus three seperate arcane connections and asked him to hand them to those, including himself, that were involved. Aegyptus wiped Yvonne's memory and headed out.

Marius then informed Helen of Guernicus, no longer a Quaesitor in Good Standing, about the entire affair and named every wizard involved. Helen thanked Marius for his honest and began to look into it. She was unable to find Jervandos covenant, but Marius allowed her entry there. Other than a script in a language neither of them could understand, the covenant was abandoned and ruined. Jervandos had left.

Aegyptus then spoke with Jervandos who asked Aegyptus to stall the others for a month. (Not knowing Marius had already informed Helen.) The two organised a false insult which resulted in a great wizard war in front of Castra Solis. Before dying to Aegyptus blade, Jervandos asked Aegyptus to protect his apprentices. Aegyptus swore to it.

Helen attempted to investigate Aegyptus, but his political and magical power persuaded her to leave him alone.

Minna of Flambeau recieved a letter from her teacher, Cassandra; asking her to look into Helen of Guernicus and find out whoever had passed on the information to which Helen was privy, and exactly how much she was privy too.


Yvonne took a quick jaunt to her old stomping grounds, the Lands of Death. Her father informed her about a problem he'd been having with Urban of Flambeau, and asked her to look into it for him; the wards around Mistridge were very difficult for him to penetrate, and Urban's time has long since passed.




Marius, Sir Dwayne, Lord Aubertine, Sir Gillard, Sir Sirion and Lord Grey all came to Bordeaux to swear fealty to the King of England, Edward Longshanks. Sir Sirion spoke with Lord Grey and informed him about Marius being a heretic and a witch; Lord Grey spoke with Sir Dwayne who defended his son and informed Grey to stop bandying about lies like an old woman.

Pierre the Magnificent found service with Sir Gillard who wished a magical advisor.

At the court, Sir Sirion attempted to stop Lord Aubertin from swearing because he allowed witches and heretics on his land. Marius of Dateaux defended himself and his Sodales, as well as showing the hedge wizard Pierre as a minor magician compared to himself. After introducing himself and giving welcome to the King from the Order of Hermes, the swearing in was completed.

After the court, Sir Gillard, greedy for the Aubertin lands spoke with Sir Sirion. He told Sirion he would aid Sirion in cleansing the land of witches.


Paulo and Marius found through their contacts that Sir Gillard and Sir Sirion had hired Brabantine mercenaries, and had spoken about invading the Aubertin lands. Marius spoke with the council about how to continue, but the council were unwilling to lend aid to him or his family without being directly involved. Sir Gillard and Sir Sirion were then approached by Father Cadmus, who gave them information that the wizards had been involved in summoning infernal serpents; he had left because the wizards were in league with the serpents. Lord Grey, a hunter of demons was convinced.

The three lords then approached Sir Adelmar of the Knights Hospitaller. Not an ally or enemy of the covenant, he nonetheless indicated he would do nothing to assist them as he found Father Cadmus to be a liar and highly suspicious. Lord Grey agreed with Sir Adelmar, and Sir Gillard and Sir Sirion then met with Sir Dwayne and Lord Aubertin, unwilling to wage a battle against an equal force.

The four met in an abbey with Marius there as well, but Sir Gillard refused to speak with Marius present, saying that Marius must leave. Sir Dwayne was furious and insisted his son be allowed to stay, insults were traded and a duel was launched.

The older Sir Dwayne, once a champion of the tourney circuit but now weighted down with age managed to get in a blow, stabbing Sir Gillard in the chest. Sir Dwayne forced Sir Gillard to swear to leave the covenant and Aubertin lands alone if Gillard wished mercy. Gillard complied.



Fortis Orci, Urgen Midsulfis, Equina Illfetu, Castiel Wilkis, Wolfgang Maruhs, Pica Arelie, Valvalla Sirnas and Sparrow Wilkis were some of the members of the Gathering. Noting that over ten members of the House have simply disappeared, presumed dead, House Bjornaer had a great discussion about how to move forward. After discussing different options including leaving the Order itself in favor of making a new order with hedge magi to the north, the house as a whole agreed to definately NOT do anything like that.

Two members, Urgen Midsulfis and Equina Illfetu discussed exactly what may occur if one of them went to teach these northern magi the Parma.


A messenger arrived at the covenant with an urgent request from Lord Aubertin, the wizards landlord. A mysterious mage had arrived in the inn and killed many people. Upon arrival they found the inn had been bespelled. Passing his Parma to the other magi, they entered and called out. They met there John Smote, an odd tytalean magus with a reputation for murdering his master. They had a long chat with him and found he was wandering through, looking to settle. Marius of Jerbiton told John of Odo of Guernicus as well as the old Sanctuare covenant grounds.

They had a lovely dinner.



Yvonne ex Miscellanea used Michelle the Red to steal arcane connections to every single member of the covenant. Barring one unlucky servant, Michelle was highly successful in his endeavor. Yvonne used the connections to completely remove the memory of Jervandos ex Miscellanea being Severin of Diedne.



Caribulia of Jerbiton and Erasmus of Bonisagus both simultaneously expected Archimedes to prove his dedication to the cult with much service. Having given Erasmus some documents (and a touch more aid), Archimedes promised Caribulia his time to serve the cult.


A collection of Wolves of Blood and Snow appeared to serve their prince, Luc. Together they found an old member of the village who was straying from the town itself. They harried the man, bringing about cold winds, convincing him to take his clothes off, drawing him deep into the forest and blinding him with darkness before Luc caused chill and frost upon the old man. They left him then.

A few days later Old Lying Pete's frostbitten body was found and reported to the covenant, a frostbitten body being rather unusual in the 10 degree wintertime of southern France. Luc was told to investigate and took the body, giving it to the wolves. Sating themselves they then ran into the forest, noticed by practically the entire covenant.


A collection of Clerics, including the Bishop Guy de Sully met with Father Joseph who raised the idea of the Order of Hermes being made a holy order and part of the church. All were generally in favor of the idea except Sir Paul the Knight Templar who saw magic as unholy and evil. Perhaps the Knights Templar will be a foil to further plans.


Minna read through her old correspondences and came across one mentioning finding out who 'betrayed' Jervandos ex miscellanea, and therefore has put Cassandra and Jon into much danger. What the hell are they talking about? Didn't Jervandos and Aegyptus fight it out over some minor altercation?



  • Three Brave Knights

Three young 'Knights', Geoffrey, Claude and Bernard arrived at the covenant looking for the blessing of 'The Wizard'. After discussing with them their plans (To slay monsters and be seen as great knights, so as to be able to be taken into the mesnie of a powerful lord), the magi figured they might as well organise the entire thing so neither the local fauna nor the knights themselves got hurt.

Distracting the knights for a few days, the wizards organised a suitable cave, turned common bugs into giant glowing centipedes, created evil walking trees, thunderstorms, an apparently ancient necromancer and searched through their own treasure to supply loot for the brave questing knights. When the young men were about to break and flee from the great monsters they provided a ray of light to give them hope, and made sure their monsters weren't too able; the centipedes and undead were defeated.

Crowing about their minor victory, the knights were anxious to set out and present their adventure to the king, sure he would place them in the vanguard of his armies in the wars against the Welsh. Feeling somewhat dubious about the knights abilities to live in genuine combat, the magi used some magic to make the knights wish to stay on a season and train with their best trainers. Eventually the father of the 'knights' arrived in a fury and dragged them home; no knights were they, but squires not yet passed their knights training. The father, on behalf of his young sons, guaranteed all of them owed the covenant of magi a debt.

  • Marius and Family

Marius discussed with the covenant any possible help they could lend to his family. While the covenant were unwilling to hand over their powerful swords or armor, they did pass over two of the Twigs of Teleportation, to be broken only in the direst of need - to Sir Dwayne and Sir Blanche.

Marius also passed over his rings of healing, and visited his family as they went to Wales.

Don't Call me Daughter

Ferrustirpes ex Flambeau, Archimedes wife who had been trapped in a Fairy regione since Maria's death arrived at the covenant and spoke with Archimedes. She was interested in reconnecting with her daughter and while the two were somewhat distant with eeach other, they spoke tentatively on the trip.

They travelled to the Aubertin lands and spoke with Lord Aubertin. They found there Bernard Aubertin, the lords eldest son, singing somewhat naughty love ballads to Maria. A tense scene occurred between Ferrustirpes and Maria, and Aubertin insisted on bernard returning to De Lyon with Maria; he was interested in marrying Bernard to Maria but the two didn't hit it off.

Returning to the covenant, Horace the Assistant Auram scribe and his wife schemed to have Tallien, their son, who was a long time friend of Maria get married before any engagement between Aubertin and Maria occured. They tried to organise a fight, having Tallien be in Maria's room and Bernard arrive to see his soon-to-be-betrothed in the same room and get the wrong idea, hopefully leaving.

However, after the scheme the two boys looked longingly into each others eyes and found themselves in True Love. The somewhat miffed Maria swore to hate boys forever as her betrothed and best friend fell in love with each other and came to her father. Archimedes meanwhile was going to Maria's room and caught the two boys in the act, so when his daughter came to him he mentioned that her not being liked by them was probably 'about right, really...', leaving the now upset Maria to go to her mother where they bonded over hating men together.

The two boys had an amusing scene where they had the odd idea that Father Ethan would marry them, and so the following morning a great wedding was arranged with people making assumptions all over the place about the emergency wedding. Two of Aubertin's men came to drag Bernard back home, so Bernard ran around, stole a horse from the covenant, accidentally trampled Archimedes who pushed his daughter out of the way of the incoming horse, picked up his true love Tallien and rode off into the sunset.


  • Vis Theft

On count of the war chest, Pio found that five pawns of vis were missing. Every wizard quickly checked their own stocks; in fact, all of the wizards were missing Vis. Terminus used magic to investigate; it appeared Rannulfus of Bjornaer's magic was used to open the chest. How he stole everyone's vis was difficult to determine, however. Each of them blamed Thomas the Archmage, who claimed he was innocent of the crime; he even vomited up vis to replace their losses.

  • Cultists!

Aime, Christophe, Etienne and Madelaine, magically gifted (not Gifted) cultists of the Spirit of the Hunt were given a vision; to drive the Sparrow from flight. The two women, Aime the mother and Madeline the daughter pretended to have been attacked by bandits. Adelaine sent her scouts out, and they quickly came across Christophe and Etienne who pretended to be the wife and friend of the women. The two mugged Adelaide, and with great difficulty overcame her, having a spirit bird claw out of Etienne's mouth and into Adelaide, possessing her.

The group hatched a plan with Adelaide's assistance; to capture Sparrows apprentice and have Sparrow chase after her, out of the Aegis. Adelaide took Laura the apprentice outside and pretended she had gone missing in the woods.

At this, the scouts returned, reporting no bandits. Dexter the Hunter heard Adelaide's claim to have killed a bandit, but found no evidence of this whatsoever. He reported this to Sylventra, the oldest maga in the covenant.

Sylventra located and teleported to the girl, turning her into a mouse and returning to the covenant, but not before the spirit bird attempted and failed to possess Sylventra.

Their plan failed, Aime found the apprentice was returned; and had all of her memory and was still alive. Attempting to cover for her failed plan, she summoned a dozen mundane cats to attempt to eat the mouse apprentice; Thomas the Archmage's territorial dispute with them raised the interest of the magi and Sylventra, Minna and Sparrow together foiled the feline's assassination plan.

Their plan failed, the four turned into animals and left the covenant, planning to return later. For a last curse, the spirit bird inside Adelaide attempted to strangle her to death; Paulo's emergency medical proceedure involving a hook saved Adelaide's life, pulling a live bird from her throat. The bird, when taken from the body, disappeared.

  • We're all going on a Summer Holiday

Terminus and Yvonne saw all the great sites of death around Rhinestein. Terminus took Yvonne to roman burial grounds, where the Styx touches the land, and so forth.


  • Pio's History Lesson

Pio spent half a year learning from different magi about their ideas about the history of the Order. Coming to Galeron, Pio told him what he was doing; learning from different magi to get their houses take on the History of the Order.

Galeron bluntly informed Pio that Pio wasn't supposed to make such a piece; he was supposed to make a piece glorifying the Order, and House Tremere's role in it. He told Pio that Pio was being paid to create a work of art according to Galeron's specifications, and he had spent years without starting a single piece.

Galeron told Pio to get started or he will remove payment for the project. Pio agreed, but how will he deal with the evil all artists deal with?


  • Tidings of War

Throughout the year, the magi had heard of something going on; the Knights of Garus and House Flambeau secret meetings. As of Autumn, an announcement was made; Urgen of House Bjornaer had spent years copying the secrets of the Parma Magica and had passed it on to northern Hedge Mages known as the Order of Odin. They had declared war against the Order for the crimes against his former house, and would destroy the paltry Order of Hermes with a thousand magi.

Warlike magi of every type began to gather in the Rhine Tribunal, getting ready for War in spring.


  • An Army of Artists

Pio's letters gained an entire army of artists keen to show their skill to him, in the creation of his great Museum. Pio hadn't realised the sheer amount of artists who showed up, however, or the scoundrels claiming to be artists for free food.

Feeding over a hundred mouths was frowned on by the other wizards; not because Pio had done it, but because he had done it without warning any of the others. As such, he was censured yet again, his position of Librarius taken from him and Archimedes voted in his place.




The magi who were interested in heading north to punish the marched magi gathered in Durenmar. Over a hundred magi gathered, with many old Flambeau Miles and Tremere groups gathering to assist, as well as scatterings from the other houses.

Aegyptus of Flambeau explained the plan; House Mercere had already set up a group of outposts through Norway and Scandinavia. Each of the groups were to go to the outpost and explore the local area as per instructions from the Mercere. While Aegyptus headed the invasion, Phillipus Niger remained in Durenmar to facilitate the overall strategy.


The magi marched north and boarded a ship from the covenant of Wadenzee. They personally had been sent very far north into Norway, one of the outskirts. As they approached, a great storm came from a brooding mountain over the land, stretching as far as they could see. Their ship was battered by deluges of rain, lightning, hail and wind; only a combination of good casting and wards allowed them to even survive, but their ship was destroyed, almost drowing Helmut of Guernicus in the process, and putting Sylventra in some danger. Eventually they made it to land.

Teleporting to and fro, they resupplied themselves from the covenant after their hunters couldn't find a great deal to eat.


Coming to the village of Herdia after a few days, the group waited on the outskirts for a moment. Castiel, the horned man, went into the village looking for their Mercere contact, Sven. He and Helmut quickly raised the attention of the local lord and his armed goons, but their failure to be able to communicate soon had them in much confusion. After Sven the Redcap met with Helmut and ushered him out of the village, Sylventra went to collect Castiel, who was still attempting to communicate by repeating the same word over and over.


The magi came to Sven's disguised hideout, a charcoal burners shack over a mile from the village. A small hideout had been created under the shack and covered with illusions. Sven informed them that there were some hedge wizards in the area, which may have some links to some more potent wizards within Bergen, a city to the south.

The magi immediately started investigating the hedge magi, and found that there was a village herbalist that might know more. Yvonne inhabited a corpse body and sent it and Sven to see the Herbalist. They met Gudmund, an older man, and spoke to him about knowing other wizards. Gudmund didn't reveal anything then, and Yvonne asked him to demonstrate some magic. Gudmund agreed and began to take Yvonne's pulse; finding her dead, he sent both of them away.

Yvonne left, but Sven turned invisible and followed Gudmund, and watched Gudmund spend a few hours attempting to gain an audience with Olaf who didn't want to talk with him.

Sven returned to the wizards, but not before he ran across Kaia Olafsdottir; she warned him that there may be a Dauding or Draugur amongst the southerners who he was seen speaking with. She also used Entrancement on Sven to gain an Arcane connection.

The Magi sent Sven to collect an Arcane Connection to the herbalist. By the time Sven returned however, he found the older herbalist and what appeared to be his son scrubbing their hut furiously. He came closer, attempting to steal an arcane connection, but the two noticed him with Second Sight. Throwing a few boulders with magic at the hut, he fled rather than face the two.

The magi decided to return in force to finalise the situation, but by the time they arrived the herbalists had burned down their own hut.


Luc and Sylventra tracked the two hedge witches to a small dinghy, and followed them over the river. Sylventra found the older folk witch in a hideout with a regular collection of bubbling cauldrons and so on. She spoke to him as a cat and eventually found out that he was a member of a group of wizards. He knew little; only that some of their most powerful members had been taught a great new magic by the southern wizards. Not aggressive, he told Valvalla that the southern magi were not wanted; the Order magi had joined with the groups of wizards here. He told them that the northern wizards would not tolerate conquerors who forced them to swear oaths. Unwilling to push the herbalist further, Valvalla left. He also briefly mentioned the Mage on the Mountain, whom was the most powerful wizard in the area.


The magi travelled to the great mountain range, asking around about the Mage on the Mountain. They found out he is dangerous, and the villagers nearby often travelled to an ice cave where they left food and clothing for the mage.

The magi found the cave and traveled over the icy lake, and when they came inside a great thunderous cloud appeared, claiming its might and power. The magi, though not cowed, were respectful to the storm; Yvonne noted that the storm itself was in fact a storm spirit using its powers. After negotiating for a while, they spoke with the Storm mage himself, Ulf. They spoke on what had occured, and found out Equina of Bjornaer had passed on the magics of protection to him, in return for using his powerful storm magics on the invading ships. She had told Ulf that conquerers and vis thieves had come to force all of those gifted to swear allegiance to them and break all other ties, and to kill the 'little wizards' wherever they were.

After speaking for some time, they convinced Ulf to swear the code and cease further hostile action unless in Wizards War. To give him some protection, they cast an Aegis around his mountain. Having met the Man in the Mountain and found out that Equina had been nearby, they followed their last leads to Bergen, where it appeared a group of hedge wizards called the 'Raudskinna' had joined together. This Raudskinna, they found out from Ulf, was a group of small powers who protected their villages; while not a part of it personally, he had been treated well by them previously.


On their way to Bergen, the group were ambushed by five giants over thirty feet tall, wielding poleaxes in one hand. The giants were quickly defeated, but the wizard who led them changed shape and ran. Exactly who they were was uncertain; the wizards counted themselves lucky they'd spotted the ambush before it happened.



Corona ex Tremere saw her two Tremere brothers killed in a massive storm, their ship attacked not just by a massive storm but by huge leviathans out of the deep. Concerned for the newly gauntleted maga, the weather wizard turned his focus from the storm for a moment, teleporting Corona to land; his brief focus on the young maga cost him his life as a mast broke and fell on him. Corona's last look at her Tremere bretheren was of their ship being eaten by a massive leviathan.

Angered and grieved by the sacrifice of her brothers, Corona attempted to complete her mission by continuing to Bergen.


The group of mages, being Terminus, Sylventra, Castiel, the newly met Corona and Yvonne investigated Bergen for a few days even when Sven the Redcap went off by himself. Magi found out that lindwurms had been riled and attacked fishermen in the fjords lately, and a great giant had destroyed the apothecary shop that was the Mercere hideout in Bergen.

Terminus used the arcane connections left at the apothecary to teleport to the location of the redcap; he quickly found himself deep underwater in darkness with pressure enough that may have killed him with time. Attempting to teleport out was difficult, and something viciously attacked him before he managed to get out.

Sven returned with a note from the local hedge mages; they pretended to not wish to join in with the outcast hermetics and wished to negotiate on a lake out of view of the city. The hermetic magi suspected a trap but went anyway; they cast some disguise illusions and placed some corpse bodies on the boat as well as two magi.

Coming to the circular lake from the south, the magi spotted the hedge magi who waited for them. When their boat came into the lake proper their magics were suddenly beset; their illusions and the corpse bodies simply vanished. Suspecting a counter ambush, the hedge magi noticed the fake out and quickly got to land, where they prepared to attack; a battle occured with giant pieces of scenery thrown, walking trees, a boiling lake, shadowy lindwurms weaving out of the water, some twilight effects, and Yvonne being saved by Pascal and Dexter in turn, leaving Dexter's wife and daughters fatherless. Sylventra was placed into twilight by Terminus to save her life, and he managed to avoid a rock the size of a building thrown at the ship they were standing on. He teleported nearby and almost died to the vicious attacks of the old, one eyed rune mage and Oxke ex Merinita, a huge magus who attempted to punch Terminus to death.

Desperately avoiding them, the magi who could teleported away leaving Corona and Sylventra. Corona ran, casting fire behind her; causing enough of a smokescreen she outran the hedge magi and managed to escape. Sylventra was underwater, but Castiels last spell caused a walking tree to go underwater and retrieve her. It came back to the surface and Sylventra teleported home.

The Warped Pilgrimage

Ignacio, a hawk headed man and a collection of odd warped and mutated people came to the covenant wielding pilgrims staves. The group were a collection of magically warped grogs from various covenants who were travelling to St. James de Compostella's church, far far away to pray for a miracle. They begged for supplies, and asked if any wished to join them.

Quite a few grogs attempted to join them including Kurt and Adelaide.

Journeying off, the pilgrimage came to a town just before the pyrenees and went to a tavern which appeared to have quite a few taverns there. They met there a pilgrim who proclaimed himself endlessly worthy of being able to go on Pilgrimage due to the visions God had given him. He asked them why they dared to think God wanted them to go on Pilgrimage. The warped grogs spoke truly and for different reasons; but Adelaide spoke clearly that she was a sinner, and wasn't worthy - but she prayed that God in his greatness would forgive her the sins she had during her pilgrimage.


The Warped Pilgrimage

Travelling over the Pyrenees the pilgrims lost many people; the difficulty of the journey weighed on them all. A freak storm caused them to lose several weeks and cut badly into their supplies; many on the pilgrimage were talking of abandoning it and many did.

The group came to a down in Aragon where the villagers were starving. Some of the others were talking about aiding the villagers, and Adelaide was first willing to abandon them to complete the pilgrimage, but found out that bandits were nearby. The group spoke with the bandits and found the bandits were Almogavars, basically mercenaries, who had raided the village on account of a local lord and claimed a good few wagons of food as payment. Angered, Valvalla gave into wrath and attacked the callous mercenary leader, who with his men rode away.

Wary of the villagers, the pilgrims took some of the women and children to a hidden cave. When they returned to the village, they found all the men were mostly gone other than one or two corpses.

Adelaide and the warped pilgrims travelled west, having lost most of their food and dealing with starvation. They found that their food was beginning to disappear, and rumours had it the quartermaster was stealing the food. Adelaide investigated and believed the man was not lying, and ceased the complaints of the others, and had patience and stalwartly bore through the starvation.

The Bacchanalia

Corona, Sparrow and Minna went drinking in the pub when they were approached by a young man named Dion, who appeared to take them away to an ancient greek party. He offered them power and pleasure in equal measure if they became his Maenads.

Soon enough the covenant was covered in partying men and women speaking greek, the covenant it appeared taking on a hugely wild revel. Amphoras of wine appeared everywhere, and fireworks, conga lines of animals and half animal/half human creatures cavorted with the now physical spirits of the dead. Those not affected by the wild revel originally, bar Terminus, simply had a few cups of Faerie wine and got involved in the whole deal.

In the morning everyone woke up, often sans clothes, in strange places with odd people, a horrible hangover, and barely remembered antics.


The Hunt for the Dragon

Minna, Sparrow, Corona and Pio with a handful of grogs ambushed the 'dragon' stealing their Vis, even as Kratos ex Tytalus appeared out of nowhere and began battling the dragon. The great green wyvern, a two legged dragon with wings, ignored the first of their attacks; especially when Pio's effects neutralized several of Corona's attacks. Magical botches, badly thought through earthquake effects and a host of other errors made the dragon the least of their problems; it injured two of the grogs and did little else, though Minna managed to calm it long enough to injure it badly and drag it back to the covenant.

An emergency council was then made and threats of wizards war took place, before calmer minds prevailed and Pio apologised and offered to destroy his item, remaking it so it wouldn't affect his allies.

Journey to Croton

Archimedes travelled east to visit the small town in southern Italy where Pythagoras stood. He defeated bandits and pirates, but a local wizard on a waterspout threatened to sink him; he sacrificed his vis and tokens of wealth instead.

He met a guide who attempted to get him to reveal secrets of the cult, but Archimedes only bombastically discussed maths until the guide got tired. He was watched during a vigil to make sure he attended the correct rites, and entered a time lost regione where the ghosts of the Pythagoreans discussed maths.

Caribulia told him about the political needs of the cult, and about what may be required of him in the future; if he wished to walk away he could, but any further required much investment. Archimedes chose to invest in the cult, and spent the season learning Hermetic Geometry.

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrims eventually came to the last town before Compostella, and found that it was plagued and they couldn't enter. With 20 miles to travel, sick, weary, fatigued almost to death, they prayed to god to allow them to continue and finally reached the midnight mass at St. James de Compostella where they saw one of the greatest masses they had ever seen.

After the mass they approached the host and prayed for the spirits of the villagers before Rowena died at the altar. An old doorman approached each of them, bar the food thief, and told them something private to them. For Adelaide, he simply said that "God loves all his creatures, no matter what they look like."

Adelaide was given a seashell, which whenever she felt it she felt the warmth of Gods love for her. (And gained the Relic virtue.)



The Cadalwight

Early spring, many of the covenant children disappeared. Searching through, the wizards found a series of caves in their own covenant accessible only by children, or at least apparently children figures. They encountered walls with children sewn onto them, a waterfall of bitter tears, and endless crying for their parents to save them.

After much discussion, the wizards found the Cadalwight who was ripping Maria's sinews from her body to make her precious artworks. The cadalwight was an ancient looking, decrepid yellow creature with huge dextrous hands and long legs, all wrinkles and spite and huge eyes. It swore that the children had insulted it, and as only fair, it took the villages children in compensation for being insulted so badly.

Angered, Corona incinerated the faerie, though the wizards were not certain it had been defeated; at the least, they were still left with walls of sewn children and Maria, Archimedes daughter, without sinews.

A Plague of Revenants!

After a laboratory botch, a mass of revenants numbering in the thousands raided the covenant and the nearby towns. Moving quickly, the magi secured the town of grogs. Archimedes used powerful magic using his new mysteries to create a giant circle around the town and area, ridding the entire land of thousands of corpses.

There was much saving of innocents and leafblowing of slow revenants as well.

Upon speaking with Adelmar, Marius dissembled about responsibility but Adelmar saw right through the charade. Eventually Archimedes admitted his mistake, and Adelmar was beyond shocked that a simple mistake ended the lives of hundreds of people. He dismissed the the magi, and revoked his vote from supporting Father Joseph's plan, and sent letters to local clergy about the sheer danger of having magi anywhere near normal people.

The Knight and the Artist

A young man came to the covenant seeking employment, having told the guards he was a knight. Upon testing him, Adelaide knocked him senseless. As to exactly his fate, it has yet to be determined.

An artist came to the covenant and after showing that he was in fact a genuine artist and not a man with a stick, Pio gladly took him on as help.


Over a Barrel

Yvonne visited Mistridge, only to find it haunted by ghosts and many of its magi missing. Yvonne spoke with Pastor who had been invited to stay and was waiting outside. Eventually Yvonne got inside after an odd version of Urban allowed her entry. After following a were-light through the mystical chambers, she came across her cult mystagogue, Abileria. Yvonne wished to know what was going on but Abileria was not compliant, insisting only that Yvonne complete her duty to find two 'recruits' before telling her any more, and threatened Yvonne that if she did not live up to her commitment to the cult, she would be put down.

Yvonne was drastically upset, and summoned her father, Death, who advised her that Abileria neither had control over him as she indicated, nor did she specify what type of recruits. Death also spoke to her about the potential for avoiding the mind-reading effects that Abileria apparently had used on her would be a good start.


Upon travelling to Bayonne to set up his playhouse, Marius encountered a stunning woman named Phoebe Fotopaulos, a lady who was being roughed up by some thugs. Using his incredible presence he sent them running and spoke with the local noblewoman. The two struck up an excellent friendship and she helped him to set up his playhouse. As yet unknown to Marius, Phoebe was dissembling; she was in fact Phoebe of Jerbiton, and the local covenants answer to Marius' spying.

The Diedne Warmonger

Sylventra spoke with Malina about the letter, and found Malina had gathered an arcane connection and information on Thomas ex Miscellanea - that he was in fact a member of House Diedne, and one who wished to destroy the order and make a new one in its place. Worried, she asked Sylventra, a potent combat wizard, to help her against the potent Diedne. Sylventra was caught, and revealed her own Diedne alliance. Shocked, but still caring for her sister, Malina asked Sylventra to deal with the problem to prove her alliance to the Order.

Sylventra agreed to do so and gathered the arcane connection, and began setting about learning spells and recruiting folks to help her find Thomas ex Miscellanea.


Ignacio's Grove

Kratos and Archimedes found an ancient vinter's vinyard. An ancient master of his art, Ignacio could turn his few golden grapes into a bottle of wine so incredible that it fetched such a fortune that it would keep him and his aged family for a year, but his age did not allow him to thrive or prosper. The old vintner spoke with the two magi and the magi agreed to help him rebuild his farm and supply labour, so long as they could purchase the bottle of wine.


Passed without note.



Come to the Dark side, we have cookies

Sylventra tracked down and spoke with Thomas ex Miscellanea, the only active Diedne member. He told her about what he had been doing the past ten years; unlike any of the others, he had tracked down and learned the ancient mysteries of the Diedne. He had befriended and begun to worship the dragons. Sylventra was at first not convinced, but when she saw the power of a dragon to reduce a mountain to rubble soon gave into temptation to find powerful magics and see House Diedne gain a major resurgence.

Finding her 'beloved' sister, she offered up a queen of vis and the still beating heart of her sister, summoned a great dragon which reduced Coeris to the ground.



Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea!

Yvonne, Kratos, Adelaide and Sparrow went journeying under the sea after finding rumours of sunken naval battles. They fought some drowned men before being fooled by an illusion which turned out to be a vastly poisonous giant squid made out of coral. After an epic battle involving near death for everyone involved, and Kratos climbing inside the monsters mouth, they got out of there after recovering what they wanted the entire time; the bones of ghosts of the sailors.


Cult Time

Yvonne gave the ghosts of the ship to Abileria, who assisted Yvonne in learning the mystery of Spirit Binding. With her familiar now controlling Yvonne to appear dedicated to the cult, it went off without a hitch.



Jeremie the Poisoner, once Ralf Pygott's apothecary, was rumoured to be within Sir Gillard's group of hedge magi. Paolo asked Sir Adelmar to look into it, but exactly what occured is not known.




Other than minor matters, Tribunal was uneventful. The various difficulties across the Order caused the Tourney to be put off, but Tribunal itself was still held. Perpetua, returned from Twilight, and Aegyptus had yet to resolve the difficulty with being Primus.

Two major matters occurred, however; the issue of the King of England forming his own Order of magi, and a new Tribunal being formed in the Kingdom of Andorra. The new tribunal was voted in the negative, at least for now; but after much debate the magi voted that instead of allowing the hedge magi to gain control of the King's ear, that they instead would go to the King and organize some method of becoming the advisers in place of the hedge magi without giving up their own independence.

Marius of Jerbiton was requested by Tribunal to attend this duty.



Gathering of Twelve Years









Grand Tribunal