Novgorod Tribunal

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The following details are for the players of the game, and are not designed to be historical.


The Novgorod Tribunal involves modern day Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia up to the Urals. There is a question of ownership of the Cuman lands and to the south.


Hermetically the tribunal is small and isolated from the Order at large, and even from each other. Many of its covenants are so far away that they have hundreds of miles between them, and may only receive word from other covenants once a year. Historically the Tribunal has been plagued by issues with mundane interference between wizards and princes, with several covenants going into deep winter or disappearing entirely due to becoming involved with local events.

There are no formal structures outside the code among magi, other than what they choose to uphold - and with only two members of House Guernicus, whom are respected as repositories of law but not as having the capability to uphold the law.

The Peripheral code in the Novgorod Tribunal favors

- Avoidance of mundanes

- Subterfuge in dealing with mundanes

The Tribunal meets next in 1207.