Covenant Inhabitants

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Persons of Note

These are the companions, confidants and those who deal with the magi very frequently and who live at the covenant.

Protected Guests & Companions



The Turb (Fighting Grogs)

4 fighting men assigned as shield grogs. They are not a trained group.

The following fighting grogs are not a trained group, and are gifted from Leczyca.

The Turb require their 3-year update in 1212


Custos are senior or important covenfolk, who interact with the magi on a (semi) regular basis.


Specialists without Character Sheets

Name Age Profession Personality Traits Ability
Alcydides 213 Headmaster Stern +3, Traditional +1 Teaching: Artes Liberales, Ancient Greek, Latin - Cap 6) Teaching 6 (Artes Liberales)(Artes Lib 16xp single, 13xp multi. Ancient Greek 15xp single, 12 xp multi)
Diagoras 223 Mystic Philosopher Worried +3, Thoughtful +2 Teaching: Magic Lore, Faerie Lore - Cap 4 Teaching 5 (Faerie Lore)(Magic Lore 14xp single, 11xp multi. Faerie Lore 15xp single, 12xp single)
Gallas 219 Natural Philosopher Jealous +3, Hates Alcydides +5 Teaching: Philosophiae, Lore (Roman Empire), Civil and Canon Law - Cap 5 Teaching 5 (Lore Roman Empire) (Philosophiae 14xp single, 11xp multi. Lore Roman 15xp single, 12xp multi. Civil and Canon Law 14xp single, 11xp multi)
Demetrious 150 Lanista Strict +5, Driven (Win the Gladiatoria) +5 Teaching: Single Weapon, Great Weapon, Athletics, Brawl - Cap 6 Teaching 5 (Single Weapon)
Agnetha 65 Potions Brewer Iron Willed + 2, Soft Hearted + 1 Healing 6


The remaining covenfolk have little to do with the magi. They ensure the covenant operates smoothly and correctly.

12 servants and labourers.

  • Mr. Fettucini, the covenfolk steward. (Loyal + 3, Happy + 1)

Former Members & Apprentice Alumni